New barriers installed to deter boy racers

New barriers have been installed at a supermarket car park in a bid to stop it becoming a meeting point for hundreds of boy racers.

Paul and Chris Bott with the new barrier on the Moxley Aldi carpark to tackle the problem of boy racers
Paul and Chris Bott with the new barrier on the Moxley Aldi carpark to tackle the problem of boy racers

Complaints have been made about groups gathering at Aldi in Moxley at night and then racing along the Black Country New Road.

The store just off the High Street agreed to take action to stop motorists congregating at the car park.

It comes as police are looking to get an injunction to tackle car cruising in the Black Country.

There have been long-standing issues in Moxley, particularly on Sunday evenings after the store has shut, as the racers and crowds meet and gather at the island.

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Darlaston South Councillor Chris Bott, who has been pushing for action together with other local councillors and residents, said: "We welcome the barriers being installed.

"We've campaigned for several months with residents and police who have attended local meetings.

"The residents have been sick to death with the problems. It has been a nightmare with the boy racers congregating on the car park.

"It has been going on for about 18 months. There's hundreds of them that congregate in Moxley. They keep people up at night.

"We hope now that there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

Police have also been carrying out operations in the area.

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The final details of an injunction aimed at stopping car cruising in the streets of the Black Country are being drawn up.

All four Black Country councils are teaming up to apply to the High Court for an injunction which could see people who participate in or watch car cruising events jailed for up to two years.

Similar powers were brought into force in Cannock, near to Orbital and Linkway retail parks, to tackle the problem of boy racers.

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Comments for: "New barriers installed to deter boy racers "

the dog

So where is the nice new stop sign that was on the gate when it was put up, Your lucky that's all they have knicked.


Am I missing something here ?

Boy racers cause trouble for 18 months, yes 18 months

Police do nothing for 18 months? except for drink lots of cups of tea at meetings and flying a very nice helicopter at £2500/hour, just think you can see all the towns lights and stars and things, oh and cream with two sugars please.

meanwhile residents go through hell and pay loads of tax to get new gate and pay for the very nice helicopter keeping them awake at night.


Boy racers move away to cause trouble somewhere else

Police record it as a crime solved and have more tea

Fair play to the councillor, for doing a bit, but someone in the police needs the sack

did it not occur to a cop to arrest them ?

confiscate a car ?

or is it against their human rights? or are the free Fish & chips for offenders taking up to much funding?

what has happened to this country ?


The courts might be in for a rough ride trying to jail people for standing in a public place watching the world go by..

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