100 pupils sent home for having wrong shoes

One hundred pupils were sent home on their first day back at school for wearing the wrong shoes.

Lewis Guthrie, aged 12, with his shoes that the school say are not accepted. He was sent home.
Lewis Guthrie, aged 12, with his shoes that the school say are not accepted. He was sent home.

Parents outside the gates of The Coseley School yesterday told of their anger and frustration at the move, as dozens of children had to wait to be collected.

They say they were not made aware of a new policy stating children had to wear black, leather shoes until they received a text message the night before, although the school insists it told people twice last term.

Have your children been sent home from school or been in trouble in a uniform crackdown? Leave your comments below.

Parents were also angry that they received a text from the school at just before 10am to inform them their children had been sent home, with many having to change plans or leave work to pick up pupils.

Karen Glear, from Rainbow Street, Coseley, received a text at 9.51am while she was in the doctor's surgery after her daughter Caitlin, 14, was sent home for wearing black canvas trainers.

She said: "My daughter made her own way home, but there were children walking around the street. That's what really gets me."

Another parent, 30-year-old Stephanie Kirby, from Tipton, said she received no text message but happened to be in Coseley when she saw children walking around outside.

The Coseley School.
The Coseley School.

She was outside the school, but did not know where her 13-year-old son Levi was, and had no way to contact him.

She said: "I was in Coseley at Subway and I saw lots of kids. I asked them what they were doing and they said they had been sent home.

"He doesn't have a phone on him and I don't know where he is. He has to have medication and I didn't know if he'd had it.

"I've told them I'm going to put in a complaint."

School children be made to wear school uniform? Is it more trouble than it is worth? Leave your comments below.

Another couple, John and Lucy Morris, were picking up their friends' children as well as their daughter Chloe, 12, as their friends were at work.

But the school insists it made thorough checks before sending any pupils home, and where parents asked for children to be kept in school teachers did so.

The text received by parents yesterday morning reads: "Dear Parent/Guardian. Our uniform policy clearly states that black leather shoes need to be worn. Your child is in inappropriate footwear today, therefore we are sending them home.

"Please can you arrange for correct footwear to be worn before they return."

It was signed off by headteacher Kirsty Westhead-Jones.

Other parents outside the school gates yesterday said the first they knew about the new policy on shoes was from another text, sent to them the night before.

Emma and David Guthrie, from the Rainbow estate in Coseley, bought a £20 pair of black trainers for their son Lewis, 12, from Sports Direct a week before the start of term.

Mrs Guthrie, 35, was at home when she was told Lewis had not been allowed into school.

She said: "We had a text about the shoes on Monday, but it's no good telling us the day before.

"I think it's disgraceful. They are black formal shoes that he's got now, and what have they got to do with him looking at a black board, reading and writing?

"I'm not going out and buying any more, I'm putting my foot down and he's wearing them. Why should I pay out again when there's nothing wrong with his current pair?

"If they reimburse us then fair enough."

But the school has said it has told parents and pupils on a number of previous occasions.

Mrs Westhead-Jones said: “We have improved our uniform by asking parents not to send their children in trainers, which we hope will bring a sense of pride amongst students and reflect the very high educational standards we have in school.

“We informed parents by letter twice last term, as well as sharing the proposals with pupils during assembly. We also reminded parents via text this week about the new arrangements and thankfully the vast majority share our enthusiasm for the very best school environment and standards of learning.

“Unfortunately, around 100 pupils attended school without the correct footwear and we contacted their parents before sending the children home to change.

"I have offered to meet all parents individually to discuss the new arrangements with them.”

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Comments for: "100 pupils sent home for having wrong shoes"


The last 2 years the kids have been able to wear these type of shoes as long as they are plan black! Apparently they sent out a letter at the end of term which majority of the kids didn't receive as they were on activity week or work experience and to send a text the day before they go back when parents have already brought there child's shoes is a disgrace! They should have sent out a text clearly stating this at the end of term but didn't! Personally if they are plain black what difference should it make it's the kids learning that's important not the fact of the shoe type!


As to the fact regarding the school contacting parents I wasn't contacted or even sent as text to say my daughter was being sent home!


Well done Coseley School.


Children and parents in todays society are only too willing to avoid and break the rules. Unfortunately this is a harsh lesson some parents, however, the rules are the rules and parents should accept some responsibility instead of blaming the school.

It is about time we start to reinstate some respect, standards and an acceptable level of discipline, this is exactly that in its lowest form and something society sadly lacks.

We need to improve respect, responsibility and discipline in society, bottom to top and top to bottom, this starts at home.

Maybe this is the military in me !


I think a quick march around the playground could be pushing it a bit...

John Smith

Sorry you are wrong my children (all three of them are well mannered,well behaved and have respect for others) it is NOT military training it is normal practices in my house the school are a joke,unorganized,and liars I have received no communication of the school ( the excuse now of the head herself is they changed there format of communication during the holiday and they have experienced some gliches


Draconian times beckon.


Rules are rules: However try and find decent leather, laceup shoes for with a good grippy sole for less than £20.

At the age of 13, I was already a size 13, and had to wear workmens boots with steel toe caps. Because they were cheaper than normal school shoes, and the only sort in my size.

Our eldest who starts school today, is already a size 9. He's gone to school with Army issue boots from Cadet Direct, as they look like shoes when his trousers are pulled over them and they were the only sort we could find in his size for a reasonable price.

do lallytap

Those shoes the lad is showing are NOT trainers you numpty.

The Education should fine each and every one of those pupils for being out of school and the SCHOOL should pay the fine,

Teach the kids, that is what WE are paying for.

Sack the person or persons who decided this and employ someone who is not wrapped up in their own self importance.

Many of those kids sent home must have been their first time at the school, full of nerves and excitment all rolled into one and now THIS....what a disgrace.

It needs ALL of the parents involved to stick together on this crap and ALL of them go to the school and ALL of them should send their kids in the exact same shoes they were sent in yesterday....They will soon backtrack because their attendance levels will drop through the floor affecting their status


Sorry Do Lallytap but they're clearly trainers. I can see the Adidas logo and name in the heal area and Adidas do not make shoes. School rules are school rules and if they state formal smart lace up leather shoes must be worn then this is what the children should wear.


From the School's web-site Uniform section:


-Black blazer

-Black trousers – not jeans

-Plain White shirt – with buttons at the top to be worn with the school tie.

School tie – refer to notes below.

Black pullover, plain – V neck (not mixed colours).

Black, grey or white socks

Plain black shoes.

Says nothing about Leather or lace up


Would these be acceptable? They're plain black, they're leather, they're lace up, they're made by Adidas



And they aren't shoes either!


Boycott the school because the parents could not follow instructions? What kind of message does that send? If you are in the wrong just dig your heels in and hope other people change the rules for you.

Parents were sent a letter and then reminded. I never got sent home from school for wearing incorrect uniform.......because my parents dressed me in the correct uniform.

The Voice of Reason

Good. You should go to school dressed as if you mean business, not in a pair of plimsolls.

do lallytap

"Sorry, don't get paid until the end of the month so I will buy a pair then....Now, what do you want me to do with my child in the meantime".....Thats what I would say


Good luck with childcare then.


I would say "you should have thought about that when you had the letter over 6 weeks (and two pay packets) ago!"


Because people like you would ALWAYS find a reason to not by the shoes. You would think it clever to say next month..."boiler broke" and then in November "tax cock up" and then in December "christmas".

No, I am sorry, the school have it right.

do lallytap

Nope the school has it wrong, you can't have school policy in one school to say Black leather shoes and the school down the road saying those shoes are OK.

Childrens education MUST NOT be dictated to by a tyrant who makes the rules up to suit her


School could lend them a pair, for the short term.


Fair play to the school for making a stand. We all have to adhere to certain dress codes throughout life. Why do certain parents think they can ignore the rules (the school stated that they were given plenty of notice). Majority of the children turned up in correct footwear and probably weren't happy about what they were wearing but responsible parents teach them to toe the line!

Saddler in Sweden...

But why the rule in the first place???

Because leather black shoes promote better learning?!?


Making a stand?

Some parents tried just that re time off during term time, in many cases justified, oh hang on a sec...they were threatened with jail?

Also a bit odd considering thousands of kids have left school without reams of qualifications to become successful business owners or entrepreneurs and the like....not least decent, law-abiding and respectable citizens.


It's incredulous to think that a small percentage of parents have stated that they were only told of the uniform policy the night before the start of the new term. Were they not aware of the two notifications by way of letters, which included images of the new uniform policy, at least a couple of weeks before the end of the previous term. Maybe the notices intended for them were simply lost in the post!

The majority of parents had received plenty of notice and their kids have not been sent home, just a minority of those who felt the footwear they had purchased was suitable. School uniform policies have never really changed over the years, it's only because over time pupils attitudes towards fashion has been such that Nike 110's and other trend setting footwear are considered perfectly adequate to be worn at school.

It seems lost on those parents that the school is an academy steered towards business orientation, therefore business attire would be considered far more appropriate as opposed to the Adidas footwear depicted in the photograph.

The minority of parents had 6 weeks to sort out their kids footwear and they seem to have failed miserably at the detriment to their own children.


Full marks for the school insisting that a school uniform must be adhered to, with no exceptions.

In hindsight, maybe it would have been better to give the offending pupils a letter to take home, rather than not allowing them into school on their first day.

I appreciate school uniforms cost money and certain families aren't in a position to spend an awful lot on them. Therefore, maybe the school should try and think outside the box, they could contact a shoe maker or shoe retailer to arrange a contract for allowed school standard shoes at a reduced rate for parents?

As for the parents who want to disagree with the rules, maybe they are the ones who didn't adhere to rules themselves and aren't setting a good example to their children now? Mentioning no names but look above!


A good suggestion but I find plain black leather shoes are cheaper than trainers and readily avaliable.


I'm not convinced that parents 'didn't know' nor am I convinced that not knowing is a valid excuse - parents should always find out! My problem is the head teacher electing to send 100+ children home!

The school should have kept them in school (remember how important attendance is?!), and sent them all home with a stiff letter informing parents that they have until next Monday to get appropriate shoes!

The school has deliberately neglected attenuate and safeguarding to satisfy a dress code that can be corrected in a relatively short space of time. And this is a far more grievous act than having the wrong shoes! I hope that the Governors and OFSTED take a much closer look at this!


Why wasn't a letter drafted to forewarn parents again, as opposed to sending pupils home?

Considering the stance taken when pupils have time off during term time, this is surely sending out mixed messages to both children, parents/guardians alike..

Sadly yet another example of a draconian, stick as opposed to carrot approach..has somebody removed the words 'common' & 'sense' from the English dictionary?

Saddler in Sweden...

What a load of crap!!! I fail to see what the F'ing hell having a pair of " sensible black leather shoes" has to do with getting a decent education.

I attended Joseph Leckie comp. in Walsall almost 30 years ago and never comprehended the uniform stupidity then.

Now I live in Sweden with 2 children in school and I understand even less... No school uniform here, indeed, no shoes allowed in school, ( yup... The kids here go around school in socks ) and the classes are calm, and my kids actually learn stuff..

School uniforms are an unwelcome throwback to the past IMHO and would be better of removed altogether ... To send kids home on their first day of school due to their shoes being made of the the wrong material is scandalous, stupid, tastes unpleasantly of "little hitler"dom, and what about if they come from a strict vegan household??

@ gladimoutofthatcrap!!

Lee in Sweden.


I agree with the school. Students need to learn that rules are rules and need to be adhered to. That said, in my opinion the shoes/trainers the lad is holding up are suitable. They are plain black, have no logos or labels on the outside and look almost identical to the 'Bootleg' boys shoes currently sold by Clarks.

I think the rules need defining.. Any logos, stripes, coloured soles etc - fair enough. But can't see the problem with the above - just as I couldn't see the problem with my son's complete black, leather Converse that he insisted on having for his return to school...

Have you ever tried to get a hormonal, fashion conscious teenage boy into a pair of Clarks?!?!?


I fully agree with the school. I have 2 daughters who attend school (one just having gone up to high school), and am fed up of being responsible in terms of buying correct shool shoes (e.g. Clarks etc...) and paying a premium price, only to see school 'rules' flaunted with kids in trainers, canvas shoes/plimsoles/boots (e.g. knee length with heels (and not suitable in my view for young people at all)) - only to see the school do absolutely nothing about it!

About time the school took a stand - and good luck to them! Regardless if people had a letter or not etc... they should know at the end of the day a school uniform does not consist of trainers or any other type of footwear than a 'proper' shoe - and if they are too stupid to realise, or give into peer pressure from their kids (more likely), because "so and so has a pair of..." then tough, suck it up and now pay for a pair of shoes on top of whatve inappropriate footwear you deemed acceptable to send them in.

Rant over, off my soap box now!


How did losing an entire school day, the very first day back as well, successfully resolve the situation exactly?

Yes, any uniform is just that and if say one gets away with breaking the rules then this could be deemed as unfair by others.

Yet having 100 kids effectively free to roam about..Let alone possible inconvenience to parents/guardians etc. responsible?


Because for once, the minority did not spoil it for the majority of kids who have parents, who, having brought them into the world put them first ahead of fags, drink, holidays etc... And we're prepared, if necessary to make the sacrifice of a luxury or 2 (or more) to actually invest in their children/the future... But I guess there are so many that breed won't even grasp that concept!


I bet it won't happen again! And if it does, or there are people who don't go back, good riddance! They won't spoil it for the rest of the hard working parents (or parents who make sacrifices) or their kids!

do lallytap

Do the shoes make them learn better.

I would be fully behind the parents who refuse to buy the leather shoes, simply get them to turn up every morning, on time, smartly dressed and with those smart black shoes that kid is showing....turn up day in day out, you are not refusing to send them to school they are refusing to teach the child.

Jumped up head teacher who is wrapped up in her own self importance and weak jellyfish people like most of the above are like dead fish going with the flow.

This is what is wrong with this country, people too weak to say NO....If you demand the child wears leather shoes, YOU (the school) supply them.

The next schools closest don't have a problem so why discriminate because there is a dumb head of school who really should be put out to graze.

A 100 kids....DISGUSTING !!!


No, but it teaches one thing - to the inconsiderate parents and their offspring - DISCIPLINE!!! And if you don't like it, don't go to school, become a nothing, end up on Jeremy Kyle and make me happy and convince me that going to work, day in, day out and earning a grind, no matter how tough life seems, from watching that (or Shameless) reminds me how good my life actually is!

How do you expect these kids to grow up, get a job when, if invited for an interview they think it is ok to turn up in a t-shirt, trainers with their a**e hanging out of their jeans to even be taken seriously?

Despite the day and age we live in, get real!!!


My son attends eact academy willenhall cause his shoes am not polishable hes got till monday to change them

do lallytap

My mother went to school years ago without any shoes...She done OK ?


Teachers could set a good example by wearing black formal shoes and smart formal wear as well.


My child attends this school, and has done for the last four years, he has always worn plain black pumps or Trainers......he goes to school to learn not to be turned away from his education! twice he has turned up for lessons only to be told to go home! My self and my husband did not recive a letter informing us of the dress code! We recived a text message the night before our son was due to go back to shool. He has plain black shoes which are half leather and half material which apparantly are not acceptable footwear.....well in my opinion they are! we have also been informed that his attendance for yesterday and today will be unauthorised! JOKE!!!!

do lallytap

How can it be unauthorised when THEY told him to go home.

They will class it as unauthorised so that it boosts their attendance up.

I would be demanding this dunce of a headmistress to be sacked immediately and kicked out with her croonies


The school did tell every one back in June

I was also told as i am a parent.

Its also on there website..



Not rocket science.

I do how ever disagree with the kids being sent home thats just dumb.

Also just point out this is the same school who change the style of the uniform every 2 yeard

do lallytap

"Also just point out this is the same school who change the style of the uniform every 2 years"....If YOU let it to.

I would certainly NOT keep changing the uniform every 2 years....NEVER EVER !

do lallytap

From the school website....


Black blazer

Black trousers – not jeans

Plain White shirt – with buttons at the top to be worn with the school tie.

School tie – refer to notes below.

Black pullover, plain – V neck (not mixed colours).

Black, grey or white socks

Plain black shoes

PLAIN BLACK SHOES.....To me those are plain black shoes made by Adidas....if the "Adidas" was missing off the back would that make them better...would that make the kid more clever ??

do lallytap

I have also looked in the "Letters sent home" section on the website....nothing in there or perhaps the teachers are more concerned about draconian rules than actually communicating to parents ?


This headmaster needs removing.

Fair enough the children may need to wear the correct footwear but sending them home is highly disruptive for the family and the child alike.

A follow up letter, text or email should be sent out to the parents of the said children but refusing to teach them is unbelievable.

You should be sacked immediately.

do lallytap

Yep, Spot on !

SHE MUST GO and her pension stopped.

It would be interesting to see how many pupils there are at this school, a 100 pupils must be a high percentage ?


Good point dlt - and maybe you could take over and they'd have to put extra buses on to oxford and Cambridge when all the kids get places there once you've launched your educational master plan? Good schools have discipline, a purpose and a team ethic. That starts at home with sending kids to school dressed properly and in the right frame of mind to be educated and respect staff and fellow pupils - not slagging off the head teacher because she has a commitment, passion and vision for the school and each and every pupil in it.


That's a great way of hoping for educational failure.


Are you there dlt? You don't seem to have replied to my comment or told us if you're planning to take over and transform the educational prospects of the kids at this school


Surely the school should be fined for sending the kids home in the same way the parents would if they hadn't sent the kids in. One rule for the school and another for the patents. As long as the kids are in black shoes and the correct trousers/skirt, shirt, tie and blazer then they should be sat in class learning, the whole point of school. As a parent with children yet to start school this horrifies me. What's next??!!!


A uniform is a uniform,

Rules are there for a reason,

The army have uniforms that have appropriate footwear, builders have uniforms with appropriate footwear and footballers have uniforms with appropriate footwear even people in offices have uniforms.

Going to school in a pair of trainers is something that has never been acceptable and i'm pretty sure no school uniform code says "Yeah wear trainers, we don't really care what your kid looks like"

When I was at school our shoes were meant to last the whole year, I highly doubt that the trainers that the kid is holding up in the picture will last through rain, snow and ice and whatever abuse he will give to them over the course of the year.

I doubt he's going to polish his trainers to keep them in good condition!

If price is an issue then go to the army and navy store and get them a pair of smart black and hard wearing shoes that are cheap and going to last the year with being looked after.

Contrary to what kids believe, their life is not over if they don't have a pair of brand name shoes and maybe we should be setting this example to our children rather than kicking up a fuss because the children and parents of a small group of people will not conform to rules.

I would suggest that if the parents have an issue with the school rules then they should take their children out of the school and find them a different one.

People here seem to be missing the point, Yes 100 kids got sent home, but maybe 1500 more didn't!

If they change their policy now what sort of message does this change to the children and the parents that do follow the rules.

The head teacher was fully justified in what she's done and she should carry on as she started.


Nobody i think is suggesting changing any policy?

Let's for arguments sakes just say one kid turned up in trainers, and wasn't turned away. A gentle reminder can perhaps go a long way..

Sending kids home can increase the risk of building up resentment, cause friction not least burn relationship bridges etc. If a parent completely disagrees with uniform policy then that is an entirely different matter.

Maybe there was in some cases a genuine mix up, either way, we are all only human after all and are prone to making mistakes.

Many teachers are pretty fed up with all the box ticking, targets and the likes, instead of concentrating on what they do or know best.


I too

Good to see the extremists on here are taking their hard line.

Just like the headteacher did.

Seems like a co-ordinated attempt to get another day off school - 100 pupils bought the same "footwear".

Are they knock-offs from the local car boot/market? I wonder.

Look like trainers - use them for sports then. Oh black sole, not indoors then.


Obviously you don't get it! They didn't buy all the same footwear, they brought inappropriate footwear breaking the school's directive... See my other comments and feel free to comment on...

I too

Thompii - I was being what is often called tongue in cheek or sarcastic. about the hard liners who moan about children being sent home and missing education and the strong arm tactics of the head.

I fully support hard line by staff or heads.

Start early and you do not get revolts later

Having just seen a little miss pop person singing about breaking rules and not going to school will not help either.

I think you may have misinterpreted my tongue in cheek comments.


Do lallytap, do you have a personal agenda against this head teacher and the school? Reading all your comments, it certainly appears you have an 'axe to grind', please be more objective and less emotional.


It's a pity there are not more Heads that have the gumption to take drastic action. Too many of them are reluctant to take the hard line because of backlash like this!


school has 717 pupils



Thats 14%

do lallytap

So 14% of the school were turned away.

Will the teachers whe were supposed to teach them get a 14% reduction for their days pay ?

Woddy65...I do not have a personal agenda but i do have an interest shall we say.

To turn away 14% of your pupils to go home and some of them were on their first day, is an absolute disgrace and if any of the above lot can't see this then it saddens me.

They should have been allowed in school and sent home with a letter saying in 4 weeks time they won't be allowed those shoes.

Is / was this school under special measures by any chance ?

What happens if they turn up tomorrow and the day after, do you think it's right to send them home and not educate them ?

I too

Yes, of course.

Too many left wing softees around. Tapper

Ooooh it will hurt their education. Nah, stop the confrontations early and you win the minds of those children who abide by regulations/advice. The rest have to follow

Laura smithxox

They said that they will keep sending them home until they get it right apparently I was one of those students who got to the gate and they stopped me and its my last year so its important that I get my education also the way the teachers were talking to the students was very disgusting so thats why my dad had a go at a teacher on the gate because the way he was talking to me they can't just change the rules the day before we go back and also the hea teacher phoned my mom and said that they had a new system put it and thats why most parents didn't get a text


They was under special measures until may i think this year.

only just came out.

Also friend of mine had to take her child out all together due to the school not tackling the bullying issues .

I hear this has been mentioned on radio WM

The child

At the end of the day, teachers moan when children don't turn up to school but then they send them home because of there shoes, surely they should be pushing kids to be in school and getting their grades rather than having a go and sending them home. Also the teachers should have the same rules, black uniform rather than the dresses and shorts I've seem them wear before, you can't expect children to wear the 'correct' uniform when you have teachers wearing the god damn rainbow! This country needs tougher rules but having coseley where they have to wear black leather shoes and a school about 10 minutes away being allowed to wear whatever they want it stupid, each head teacher should be made to enforce certain rules.


Ohh forgot to mention rumour floating around they also moaning about the girls colour of there bras??

John Smith

If there is the slightest notion that they are trying to look at my daughters bra colour I will be notifying the police its indecent


And if the school stipulate white shirt/blouse for girls and white bra, what's the problem exactly?


I agree with school uniforms, and I think that black shoes are more suitable. Buying the uniform is very expensive, though, so parents try to keep the costs down. Those Adidas trainers are very cheap, good value for money and cope with playground football without scuffing, whereas leather shoes scuff and look messy quite quickly.

Looking at the shoes in the picture, I would say they look OK, and someone would have to be quite pedantic to say otherwise.

I would be totally with the headteacher if the shoes were demonstrably not suitable, but they are clearly not.


Is forcing these children to wear leather shoes a priority, or what a school is surposed to be doing educating youngsters. If someone can give me factual evidence that leather shoes will improve my child's iq I'm all for it, but I doubt it very much. I think Coseley school have more important issues like bullying which my daughter was a victim of and we were forced to move her from the Coseley school because all that was said to her was to get on with it. So to the headmistress sort out more important issues because a pair of leather shoes is not going to make a bully an angel !!!!!!

Utter Shambles

I totally agree with the school its exactly why the discipline in society has disappeared. Nobody is saying you need to buy Clarkes shoes and you can pick up shoes for less than 2 packs of fags or booze which most of these whinging parents would no doubt prefer to send their benefits on. I would have also told the kid in the picture to not come back until his nails are cleaned!! some people have no pride

Utter Shambles



I sincerely hope that all of those who complain to the school are politely told "that's fine" and their children are subsequently re-located to another school - in Warwick (or some other further distance) - I would consider that poetic justice!


What was that thing you said about discipline again?


And from previous comments... The school has 700ish pupils, and 100 (or so) were sent home. So the other 600 or so kids/parents got he update? Funny that!

do lallytap

But 100 didn't....funny that ??

It's not on the website....Funny that ??

It's not in the "letters home" section....Funny that ??

The more I read the more I am siding with the parents....Funny that ??

NOT ALL kids who wear the shoes the boy is holding deserve the can, the wooden stick, National Service or kicking out of school and NOT ALL parents are smokers and on the dole....talk about generalisation.

You lot of "Experts" should be ashamed of yourself....You lot are just jealous because you have had your sad existence and these kids are starting their lives

the dog

You are do lally tapped!!!! A pair of leather shoes in aldi are £6.99 not even a packet of fags.


There in lies the problem.

In the eyes of the children, and their parents, those type aren't fashionable.

When in school, keeping up with the latest trends should be the least of their worries. It should be education first, second and last.

If all the children are wearing the same type of black leather shoe, what's the issue? None, plus if they learn how to polish them correctly, they will last a long time, thus saving money.


I couldn't help but notice that the media have stated that the school in Coseley, the Ace in Tipton and a further school in Birmingham have sent over 100 pupils home... each. I'm not certain how accurate that figure is or whether it's just a waiver of journalistic licence, but the figure does seem a little coincidental. I have also seen on various social media posts parents talking about "legal letters" they sent to the school's which has allowed their kids to continue wearing their current footwear until October. They see that as a victory, one in the eye against the establishment. It's merely a stay of execution, a chance to allow those parents who often throw spanners into the cogs of the system to purchase shoes that meet the schools criteria. It'll be interesting to see how many of those 100's actually conform or just carry on whingeing about it.

I accept sending the kids home may have seemed a little harsh, hell even ill-advised, but if I was to turn up at work inappropriately dressed I too would have been sent away to rectify the issue. So, where some people think that it has nothing to do with academic education, they are probably right Instead it's a lesson in discipline, respect and the ability to follow simple instructions. It's a pity that the lessons were not attended by those who either couldn't be bothered or were not inclined.


Having read a lot of these comments I have to say some of you have a very scary idea of life. Can you handle persepctive, priority and importance ? People get jailed for their children no being in school. That is how important the uneducated Mr Gove and cronies saw education. Now think of some of the truthfully poorest parts of the world. I'm sorry if you can't handle it but "the wrong shoes" is one of the most pathetic reasons to deny willing children, an education.

Let's look at it another way. Let's say this is a rule of guidance and has no punishment. Now let's say the parent says "Oh my child won't be in today as they don't have white socks" and the school were crying (as they should be) about the child missing highly important education (this isn't really far from what is happening) you same people would be in uproar so infact the kids simply cannot win, if the situation fits.

And do you know the most pathetic part ? Not one person on the planet can give a valid reason for a child being FORCED to wear a uniform. The reasons given above in the report as weak. The puns made by a few people in response say it all.

The whole scenario is it's own analogy... it doesn't need one. So from now on, you are not allowed outside unless you have £15 trillion in the bank and your name is Phyllis oh and you must have had a sex change. Let's take pathetic to a whole new level.

No good reason here to deny the willing children, an education.


The 'shoes' in the picture which the boy is holding are obviously trainers and totally unsuitable to wear with school uniform.

Can't believe parents buy them and think they're going to be ok.


I think that the school is absolutely right to impose and enforce these uniform standards. I personally agree with the head teacher. Uniform is there for a reason. No, it doesn't affect a child looking at a white board nor does it affect their actual learning ability, what it does is prepare them for the wider world outside of the classroom. Uniform is there for several reasons. It's there to promote an impression of the school to the general public. If the pupils are smartly dressed, the public probable won't notice, if they aren't then the public really will notice! I have three girls at school and got quite irate myself at the seemingly non sensical uniform rules, until I realised that as an educational tool it was absolutely necessary. All pupils need to be dressed in a manner so that no one pupil could be singled out for not wearing the most up to date fashion. Plus, once these children are in the wider outside world, they will have had a good foundation in adhering to rules and regulations that follow you throughout life. I now work for a blue chip private medical company and I still have to adhere to a uniform, why? It promotes a professional image and that's exactly what this head mistress is striving to achieve. The Coseley School has gone through many rough years and to see someone trying to ensure that their teaching establishment is taken seriously should be supported by the parents.


An education is important, but wearing cool trainers is importanter


I'd stick with the education and spelling if I was you.

No such word as 'importanter' it is either 'more important' or 'has greater importance'.


You utter clown.


Learning good English was the importantist thing I ever done.


I agree that the school should be fined for sending children home, after all we're fined if we take them out for a holiday!

Whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!


People clearly are missing the point. The lad in the picture may very well be holding up black footwear but he is holding up Addidas branded foot wear - they don't make shoes. They make trainers. The policy clearly states shoes.

Second point our like to make is to the woman who was in the subway when she was worried about her son. For good sake use your brain.get off your backside walk 500 yards down the road to check if he is at school or call the school on your phone like any normal person would. The school would be able to tell her if get son was there and if he had taken his medication.

People need to understand that uniform is enforced for a reason. If people choose not to follow the rules they can expect more expense long-term. Gentle reminders do not work. As we can see here 100 students turned up in the wrong footwear. Therefore that would have been 100 gentle reminders then at least 100 follow ups. Not exactly an effective use of staff time.

A zero tolerance policy is the only way to go with uniform, makeup, hair colours, etc.

As someone who actually wants my children to learn to follow rules I lead by example. I am afraid to many people feel the rules should be changed because they kick up a fuss.

Discipline and standards are already hard enough to maintain in our schools without the parents working against them as well.

Get real here. Schools make the rules. Hundreds of parents managed to abide by them. I can't help but feel the ones that didn't might need a little more education themselves.