Planners refuse to back plans to demolish landmark Black Country pub

A bid to demolish a landmark pub that was bought for £1.3 million on a gateway into the Black Country faces being thrown out after council planners refused to back the scheme.

The former King Arthur pub, at the junction of Priory Road and Birmingham New Road, Dudley.
The former King Arthur pub, at the junction of Priory Road and Birmingham New Road, Dudley.

Jahorina wants to flatten the King Arthur pub on the corner of Birmingham New Road and Priory Road, Dudley.

The developer believes the 1930s building does not have a viable future as a pub and the site would be better used as the site for a new store.

But planning officers at Dudley Council are recommending the proposals are refused by councillors, who will discuss the scheme next week.

They say the 'economic benefits' of a new business on the site 'do not outweigh the loss of a landmark locally listed building'.

Case officer Faisal Agha said: "The King Arthur public house is a local landmark occupying a gateway position into Dudley.

"The proposal to demolish it would result in the total loss of the significance of the heritage asset."

History enthusiasts have written to Dudley Council to lodge objections to the proposals.

The Twentieth Century Society says the building is of distinctive local importance and should be preserved.

George Blackham of Sedgley Local History Society said the pub was 'fine example of a road-house' and suggested it could be redeveloped while keeping the original facade.

"If the plans to demolish the King Arthur are rejected that would be welcome news and might pave the way for a more imaginative project," he said.

"My preferred option is to convert the present building into apartments with additional accommodation sympathetically added to the site.

"Of course the reopening as a public house would be the ideal solution, but this is unrealistic in the present financial climate."

Chairman of St John’s Church Preservation Group, which is working to restore the church in Kates Hill, Deb Brownlee has lodged an objection along with Christine Buckley, of All Saints Vicarage in Sedgley.

But there has also been letters of support for redevelopment of the site.

And Castle and Priory ward councillor Ken Finch has backed the site being used for a new purpose saying it was currently an ‘eyesore’ on an important entrance to the town.

The pub, built in 1939 by Dudley architects Webb and Gray, closed in 2012. English Heritage decided against listed status due to loss of original features.

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Comments for: "Planners refuse to back plans to demolish landmark Black Country pub"


Too many of our historical buildings have been lost already. I support the idea of conversion into apartments, especially as there is a national shortage of one and two bedroom properties and people are unable to pay the spare bedroom supplement or bedroom tax.


Do you really think it will be converted into social housing? To be cost effective it would need to sell to private buyers, so your idea is a non-starter.


Here we go again! It's the Hippodrome part two.

What is it with wanting to keep an eyesore like this public house? To convert it would be too costly and the rooms are not conducive with apartment conversion.

It's not an historical building, it's less than a hundred years old! Dudley castle is an historical building, the old Priory being another example of retaining historical history. But this redbrick building, along with the Hippodrome should be demolished and replaced with new modern design buildings to bring Dudley into the 21st Century.

Councillors......wake up and smell the coffee!


And rightly so.

Too many of these 'property companies' are trying to build poor quality low grade accommodation for maximum return in the short term.

Unfortunately I fear nothing will now happen to this building until it either falls down or mysteriously catches fire in the night.

Come on Council, as you know who owns it you can order them to tidy it up.


Sadly the days of Roadhouses have long passed and the King Arthur didn't make money as a restaurant. It's a pity that the developer can't convert the existing building into a supermarket with apartments above in the old upstairs rooms. This would leave the exterior intact while providing a resource that could be of some use to local residents.


Here's a novel idea, why not open it as a PUB?

With all the new houses being built on the Priory estate, the nearest current Pub, is The Caves. It could easily be a Free House,selling traditional Ales from across the Black Country & also selling Black Country Fayre ( Faggots, Grey Peas etc ) or perhaps a decent Balti house.

It would be a crying shame,to lose such an iconic building.


Why not a compromise, and say put a KFC one side and a McDonald's another, that way everyone is happy, especially the people of Dudley with their diets.


I wonder whether Mitchells & Butlers are aware that the property is available? The size, facilities and location are all a good fit for their Crown Carvery business profile. They operate the Toby Carvery at Burnt Tree but my experiences there mean that I will never go again whereas I have rarely been disappointed on my visits to Crown Carveries.

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