Walsall pupils achieve record results

Pupils in Walsall achieved record results in this year's SATS, education chiefs have revealed.

The number of 11-year-olds in the borough gaining a level four and above in reading, writing and mathematics in Key Stage 2 SATs tests, rose overall to 72 per cent this year - one per cent higher than last year.

Nationally, results showed a four per cent improvement.

Walsall's education chief, Councillor Barbara Cassidy said: "We're delighted to see that the hard work of our pupils and teachers and the support of school staff and parents and carers has paid off.

"Children should be very proud of themselves for the progress they have made. These results will surely boost their confidence as they prepare to start secondary school next week and give them a good foundation to build on as they progress through their learning journey."

In 2012 Walsall was amongst the worst in the country for primary school SATs results.

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Comments for: "Walsall pupils achieve record results"


I'll give it 2 years with Labour in control , then Walsall will be down at the bottom of the UK ranking

Labour just cant allow children to have an education, it loses them votes


I just don't understand how we can keep getting record results in education, when at 16 most are incapable of simple mental arithmatic. In 20 years of employing young people, the only ones that could add and subtract were Polish, Romanian or Ukrainian, and that included university students.

When I took my 11 plus, getting a pass in mental arithmetic was essential. That, with the ability to read and write are the three essentials that education should provide you with to succeed in life.

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