Hundreds of plants stolen from West Park

Hundreds of plants have been stolen from Wolverhampton's largest park, bosses have revealed.

WOLVERHAMPTON ALAN EVANS COPYRIGHT EXPRESS & STAR 27/08/14Flowers in West Park Wolverhampton which are being stolen. A sign in a flower bed.
A sign in a West Park flower bed.

The flower beds at West Park have been left decimated by the thefts which have taken place throughout the summer.

And there are worries that the beds will be left empty if the thefts continue with workers unable to replace the stolen plants due to budget cuts in the council's parks department.

Security has been stepped up at the park in a bid to catch the brazen thieves.

And signs have been erected in flower beds telling people that plant thefts at the park are reported to police.

WOLVERHAMPTON ALAN EVANS COPYRIGHT  EXPRESS & STAR  27/08/14 Flowers in West Park Wolverhampton which are being stolen.  Mark Stratfull from Street Scene Services in a flower bed with a sign warning people.. (5887999)
Mark Stratfull from Street Scene Services in a flower bed with a sign warning people

The council said it was a sad state of affairs that ‘selfish’ people were stealing plants for their own gain.

Spokesman Tim Clark said: “The thefts have been happening throughout the summer growing season and we estimate hundreds of plants have been taken.

“The beautiful displays our gardeners create at West Park are for the public to enjoy and it is sad to think selfish people are stealing plants for their own gain.

“The council is replacing plants where it can, but obviously our budgets are very stretched at the moment and this is not something we can do indefinitely.”

Mr Clark added: “The message to the thieves is that we are onto you – we know what time of day the offences are happening and security has been stepped up.

“We would appeal to the public to contact the police on ‘101’ with any information about who is committing these offences or to report any suspicious activity they witness in the park.”

West Park is considered to be one of the best, unspoilt examples of a Victorian park left in England.

The park covers roughly 43 acres in area.


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Comments for: "Hundreds of plants stolen from West Park"


What a wonderful country we now live in these days, their used to be a joke about people would even steal your false teeth if they were left lying around, it would probably happen these days. Has anyone counted the ducks and geese at the park recently I bet their numbers are diminishing.


Thieving scumbags. West Park is an oasis in the desert. I have enjoyed visiting there for over 5 decades of my life. A handful of mindless morons spoil things for the majority. Perhaps an entry system that bars scum and other assorted lowlife would be a solution ?

Dave W.

What about plants that are stolen from Hickman Park and the damage caused by yobos ?????? . The latest damage is to the newly refurbished shelter , yobs have attacked the benches in the shelter with a chain saw , a new rangers office built and not a park ranger in sight , the citizens of Bilston pay their share of council tax so why no park ranger to patrol the park ??? . Toilets never open , alcoholics urinating behind trees and in the new shelter , this shelter stinks like a public toilet as does the entire park . Weeds all over the park , areas of grass that are left uncut , graffiti , litter , vandalism , anti social behaviour , Wolverhampton council are letting this park revert back to what it was before the lottery grant which payed for the refurbishment , HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME .