Girl screams during Ice Bucket Challenge and dislocates jaw

Isabelle Roberts is just one of millions of people to take on the ice bucket challenge - but her attempt landed her in hospital after she screamed so hard she dislocated her jaw.

An Ice Bucket Challenge going wrong
An Ice Bucket Challenge going wrong

Her video has gone viral, being shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook, after the challenge went wrong on Tuesday evening.

Miss Roberts, from Tipton, was taken to the accident and emergency room at Russells Hall Hospital to get it put back in place after her jaw dislocated.

She said: "The water was so cold so I screamed but as I did it my jaw just started to stick.

"I tried to close my mouth but it would not close, it was locked, and then I came to the realisation that something was up.

"Then my mom and sister came to the realisation and they started wetting themselves, but I had to be rushed to A&E."

The video shows her step-father, John Kelley, pouring the water over her near their house in Wordsley.

The 20-year-old, who works at Swarovski and BHS in Merry Hill, had been at the house for her mother's birthday before deciding to take on the challenge.

She screams twice after the water is poured over her, before realising that something is wrong.

As she approaches the camera, the extent of the dislocation can be seen.

Two doctors managed to click her jaw back into place, but not before she became the talk of the hospital.

Her mother, Joanna Kelley, said: "We were in the waiting room and everyone was laughing; they thought it was hilarious.

"The two doctors who put it back in place had heard about her before they saw her, and then when we went up to X-ray they were already laughing about it as well."

Miss Roberts added: "Everyone has been saying it is really funny and it has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

"As soon as it was clicked back into place it felt fine. It could have been a lot worse I guess.

"The next morning when I woke up it was a bit sore but other than that it has been fine.

"I've been told I've got to only have liquid food for two weeks though."

Mrs Kelley added: "I think people should know that it can be quite dangerous."

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