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I was just about to say that! It's not like the cars will be traveling fast and a crematorium is hardly going to be an eyesore blot on the landscape. It's not like they are asking for a warehouse or a recycling plant.

And where else would you build something like that? When your in grief it's not like you want to cremate your loved ones on land that used to be a factory next to a tesco and a modern apparent block. You want somewhere peaceful and serene!

And let's not forget, those fortunate enough to enjoy views of the green belt and rolling landscape, once upon a time, the brick and concrete cubes you all live in were on someone else's green fields but your not bothered about that!


Fully agree with you.


As a resident close to the proposal of the crematorium it appears your comments about us are of a derogatory nature.

You appear to be completely unaware of the consequences & impact such a building has. Not only on the traffic and the wildlife. If you research the web you will find that contrary to your term of Fortunate! We become victims of the fallout of a minimum of 14 toxins from the crematorium.

We already suffer abuse from HGV & speeding vehicles.

This will not slow down the traffic but cause chaos!

And let's not forget We who enjoy the green belt have paid premiums to do so !And many of the buildings are conversions and have stood for more than a hundred years and of course we are bothered! about anything that has further impact!


I agree with the MP. Any incursion into green belt land should simply not happen. We have to stop destroying that which sustains us. I assume therefore that he has objected just as strongly, if not far more vocally, to the HS2 railway proposals, and can demonstrate that he has done. If so, thats great. If not, nimby hypocrite.

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