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Oh dearie me, the posh folks of Pelsall are being inconvenienced by traffic at their shiny new village centre and library so the council jumps to do something about it.

Meanwhile over in Bentley, where the library closed in 2006, there is still nothing.

The council's woeful website still claims "...A new community building is planned for Bentley; the new building will provide a new state of the art library and a new home for Bentley Beginnings Nursery on the site of the former library, neighbourhood office and toilet block on Queen Elizabeth Avenue."

A bit further down the page on the woeful website it says

Contact us:

Regeneration Development Team

3rd floor, Civic Centre

Darwall Street



Telephone 01922 654752


How about doing that people, and asking Nugent J what, if anything, they're doing to re-open Bentley Library?