Illegal immigrant found on top of lorry cab on M6

An illegal immigrant has been found stowed away on top of a lorry cab by police after the driver heard noises.

Police stopped the lorry on the M6 northbound between junction six at Spaghetti Junction and junction seven for Great Barr.

Officers found the man this evening after reporting that the lorry driver had heard 'strange noises' and called in police.

Members of the Central Motorway Police Group tweeted to say the person had been hiding above the drivers cab when he was found at around 7pm.

Further details on the person's condition have yet to be revealed.

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Comments for: "Illegal immigrant found on top of lorry cab on M6"


If only it was as simple as sticking them on the ferry straight back to Calais. The others will soon get the point that they are risking their lives to only to end up back where they started.