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Lets get it straight ... fines will be handed out to certain people but not to others ... I could make a list of those groups who won't be fined, but rather than be accused of being all sorts I won't bother. Great idea if it would be equally enforced, but it won't be.


Very interesting. So does that mean that our role model footballers might one day be fined for spitting and snotting all over the pitch for 90 minutes on matchdays.

The youngsters see this behaviour regularly at matches and on the TV and think that spitting and snotting is acceptable and a great thing to do.


Then the kids won't follow suit.

I too

Yes Jimbo just as I stated last time the idea was promoted.

trouble is you will get people saying footballers have to run around and cough up things doing exercise.

Typical unthinking comments of the nerdowell people on here who do not understand that people copy actions they see by (in)famous people!

Thems thatdo not think do not understand the concept.

Good to see most of the vitriolic comments of racists, homophobes and moaners have been removed. But no doubt they will be back.............. Lets see if they rise to the meat.

Mountain Wolf

It is still not necessary for footballers to spit and snot. You don't see ballet dancers doing it and their work rate can be phenomenal.


No ban in Smethwick..Handsworth..West Brom? I regularly see people spitting in those towns; in Smethwick in particular, it was disgusting sight and one had to regularly dodge people openly - and loudly - spitting into one's path. Absolutely disgusting. Would also be interested to see just how this is going to be enforced or whether it's just Cannock council looking for attention..


Sorry but no, I cant see sandwell council introduce this into any of the towns you mentioned.... it would upset the minority groups and vulnerable people.


About time, only activity that is more obnoxious is people who allow their dogs to foul the streets or parks and do not clean it up. These 2 activities are most unhygienic and it does make you wonder about the state of the offenders home.


Spitting on a football pitch is not that bad, you dont actually see the product or stand on it.

Gob on the pavement is disgusting and needs to be stopped.