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What a fantastic idea - the day before all the kids go back to school. They couldn't have planned it any better!!

tag 1946

what about the blue badge holders , park outside wolverhampton and hope you get to the shops before you drop to the floor , and hope some one helps , with no problum or cost to wolverhampton council .

ex wolverhampton

Well done,Wolverhampton...another way to keep visitors out of town ! Looks like i'll be thinking twice about visiting the theatre in the evening . I've already stopped shopping in Wolverhampton......and ,no, there is no bus after 5pm from where i live.


Brilliant idea,two of the busiest stopping points in the City have at a stroke been rendered effectively useless. Many people including myself frequently caught buses either outside Bilston Street Police Station or opposite the Multi Story car park in Garrick Street thanks to the 'Genius' who thought this idea up we now have to go to the Bus Station. I'm sure this will be appreciated by many people with heavy shopping and those who have difficulty in walking.


Well well well you couldnt make it up. It was only the other day they were talking about congestion charges, now theyve changed chopped and upset what little access motorists had into town. They say things come in 3's so I cant wait to see what the 3rd braindead idea will be. Will the last shopper out of Wolverhampton please turn the light off!!!


What is in Princes Street that requires it to be traffic free, I cannot think of a shop, but then I guess the Council has a budget to make changes to the roads so they need to spend the £1.6 million rather than save it, perish the thought. Another idea in the melting pot is to put traffic calming measures on Tinacre Hill and have 20mph speed limits on Perton Road, Perton Brook Vale, Boundary Way and others, total waste of money, but that's what the money they get from Council Tax and Taxes in General is for, to spend regardless of the benefit to the community or lack of benefit.

Ricky Tee

And please don't forget that Bilston Road will have the metro tracks being dug up and re-laid starting September too!... and when all the city centre is finished being pedestrianised they will have to dig it up again for the metro extension! Clueless council strike again.