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If Tesco had any sense, they'd have bought the vacant Sainsbury store in St Georges and have had that up and running in a matter of weeks.

That they chose not to speaks volumes.

Kickbacks from Wton Council no doubt is key as to why they're messing around with the pointless "hospital" site.


It's sainsburys who HAVE the sense, I know they are keeping st George's site as they do not want a competitor moving into a ready made store with town centre car park, think about it


Tesco - every little hurts ! Sainsburys retail figures are holding up beter than Tesco who have lost their way. At least this development may improve the rundown and shabby local area. We all have a choice where we shop. I choose to shop locally where we still have some excellent and friendly family run small businesses and people know me.


You are so right. Family run butchers, bakers, fishmongers and greengrocers are cheaper and better than the supermarkets, but the problem is the lack of suitable free parking and the fact that they are not open for trade so long.

Eddie S

Promises promises promises! We've heard it all before,going all the way back to 1990's & the Raglan St site; I'd put my money on this being yet more spin,encouraged by the useless & vindictive council ( charges to drive in town,that you own,anyone?):

I can't see the current large supermarkets in the centre surviving, let alone one more @ 30% bigger again than the new Sainsbury's, can u?

Ed Banger

Question is will Tesco actually stick to their word this time.

PJW Holland

Well moaning minnies you have a problem. This is good news.

Once this development is complete Wolverhampton will be the only City Centre I know which has each of the major supermarkets offering very substantial stores within a short walk of it and each other. Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Asda an perhaps soon also Morrison's? Given that most people do most of their day to day shopping in such stores Wolverhampton will once again offer the best choice for shopping in the Midlands. With Debenhams adding to the City Centre offering I suspect this will be the beginning of a renaissance for this traditional regional centre.


I agree it is good news. The problem is that the supermarkets sell almost everything and because of their volume of sales can undercut surrounding shops on big ticket items.

In France they protect their town centre small traders by not allowing the supermarkets to sell certain items, for example only tabacs can sell tobacco products.

PJW Holland

You have a point but the answer is for small traders to adapt.

Close to me there is a huge Sainsbury's. It has been open a number of years. Now it is complemented by a parade of other stores. All of those belong to chains but why not to small traders?

Supermarkets are not interested in products that sell only in small volumes. There is plenty of business to be had there delivering goods that the discerning choose rather than the "masses".


You want to walk from Asda to Waitrose?


Another supermarket in Wolverhampton???? Come on do we really need another one after all the new sainsburys sainsburys bentley bridge etc etc etc I dont think its needed!!!!!

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