Chance to have say online over council tax change

People can have their say on plans to dramatically increase the amount of council tax paid by thousands of people on benefits.

An online consultation has been launched by Wolverhampton City Council, which wants 12,000 households to pay more towards their rates following government cuts to grants.

Some low-income families could end up paying £100 a year more.

The city council wants to get people’s views about plans to cut the assistance given to people on low incomes – known as Council Tax Reduction – by 10 per cent. Since the original cut came into effect in 2012 the council said the maximum support a low income household would get towards their council tax would be 88 per cent of the total bill.

Now it plans to reduce that support by a further 10 per cent, meaning the new maximum figure for Council Tax Reduction would be 78 per cent of the total bill.

People can complete the confidential survey online via:

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Roadshows are at Central Library on September 9 from 9am-1pm, Wednesfield Market on September 16 from 9am-1pm, Bilston Market on September 18 from 9am to 1pm, Wolverhampton Market on September 23 from 9am to 1pm and Tettenhall Library on September 25 from 10am to 1pm.

The consultation is open until October 31.

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Comments for: "Chance to have say online over council tax change"

inity and beyond

Someone has to pay MPs ludicrous expenses and the ones without a decent income are the easiest targets are they not.

Putza Shiftin

No! Honest tax payers are the easiest targets because we contribute a significant proportion of our income to pay for people who in many cases choose not to work. We also pay into our pensions and NI unlike the spongers whose lifestyles we are forced to fund.


They are only doing this to help them to increase the amount paid by those on benefit. Most people seem to agree that people on benefit should pay more council tax, The council just want to appear to be following peoples' wishes. you can tell the election is coming.

inity and beyond

The trouble is Markie those on benefits are on benefits because their wages are too low to allow them a decent existance. The workshy are a different matter, they should be stripped of benefits if they fail to look for work. It's the wish of the public that welfare be reformed because they have been conditioned to believe that life on benefits is wonderful but if the truth was widely available in the press there wouldn't be such an outcry. While we all attack those on benefits we aren't paying attention to westminster and the outrageous expenses bill we are all contributing to. You don't see an MP with a grace in favour mansion paying bedroom tax for the 10 bedrooms when they only need 1. It's one rule for the workers and no rules for govt spongers.


There are hundreds of reasons why people are on benefits and some are genuine and deserving reasons.

What gets up peoples noses are the people who defraud the system, use benefits as a lifestyle choice and feign illness, injury or fake a marital separation to cheat the system.

The MP's expenses system has been revised and is reasonable bearing in mind their need to have two bases, Westminster and their constituency, and the money spent on that is a drop in the ocean compared to the waste in the benefits system. How many MP's have 10 bedroom grace and favour mansions?

Putza Shiftin

Nobody should get benefits without some sort of contribution to society whether that is voluntary work or community service. Too many people have no intention of finding work and us tax payers fund their chosen lifestyle. If these people want exemption from council tax they should earn it by cleaning the streets or working in some capacity that might help them find permanent work.


Wouldn't work, they are too busy making babies!


Punish the few worthy for the numerous unworthy. That sounds like the coalitions view on matters.

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