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PJW Holland


His constituency is a part of the original Wolverhampton which was excluded from the borough by a series of gerrymandering boundary reviews. His constituency curves in a narrow strip around 75% of the City's boundaries... because of its contrived nature. It was created to ensure a Conservative safe seat and for no other purpose.

You pays your money and you takes your chances. If that constituency were included in the borough then its people would have been consulted. They chose to parcel themselves outside the consulting area. This is the consequence.


To use a boundary decision made decades ago as a reason for supporting the exclusion of residents who have been left with inadequate is pathetic and myopic. As a South Staffs resident born after the boundary change was made, I'm not exactly sure how you think I could have influenced this idiotic decision.

In terms of "paying my money and having my choice - I wish I had more "choice" in the use of the 51% of my income taken from me in tax to pay, in part, for a failing, wasteful and dangerous healthcare system in the locality. Since you believe I have no right to a say in the provision of healthcare, i don't think I particularly want to continue paying for it.

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