Homes for Sandwell estate are built in a day

Timber-framed homes changing the face of a Sandwell estate are taking just ONE day to build.

Sandwell homes
The timber-framed homes that are to take shape in Beacon View Road, West Bromwich, and which can be built in a single day say developers.

They are being built on the site of a former block of council-owned maisonettes in Beacon View Road, Charlemont Farm, West Bromwich.

The £4 million development of 34 homes is nearing completion with the properties expected to be ready for families to move in next month.

They are assembled from timber panels which are constructed at a factory in Walsall where insulation and double-glazed windows are fitted.

The individual panels are then transported to the building site where they are lowered into place by a crane and the pieces are slotted together.

The whole process takes a handful of workers just a day to complete.

The homes are part rent-part buy, with families paying £67,500 for 50 per cent ownership.

Developer behind the scheme, the Accord Group is working with Sandwell Council and the Homes and Communities Agency.

Alan Yates, executive director of regeneration for the Accord Group, said: “There are a number of benefits to building timber homes, including significantly less carbon in both manufacture and in use .

“The off-site manufacture process also reduces costs and potential for defects. Higher levels of insulation and greater air tightness combined with a whole house ventilation system with heat recovery, produces a warm and comfortable home.”

He added: “We are really proud to play our part in the regeneration of this area by building new, affordable and modern housing.”

“This is an exciting project with really high-quality design which has been commended by leading architectural review panel MADE (Midlands Architecture and the Designed Environment).”

The development is made up of 12 two-bedroom apartments, four two-bedroom houses, eight three-bedroom houses and four four-bedroom houses.

It will also include six two-bedroom houses and four three-bedroom houses for first-time buyers.

The former maisonettes became difficult to let and were subsequently demolished. The site was then left overgrown with trees and became a magnet for fly-tipping.

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Comments for: "Homes for Sandwell estate are built in a day"


They look like "exciting" garden sheds and I hope they last longer than these other Labour wonder homes


Look like Prisoner of War sheds.


Where in the name of everything did the reference to Labour come from?


Having been to the development I can confirm its actually a very nicely designed development and far nicer than many of the new housing developments.

I have also been inside one of them and they look nice.

Will they last? Who knows.


Building societies are often reluctant to give large loans on these properties, I suspect because they too are worried about the building's life span. That probably why they are part buy part rent.

Insurance costs will probably be higher also.

Old Bill

I hear you can buy one from any major garden centre!

Seriously, I do feel sorry for the residents there, reading that link above my concern is also heavy rain, when they cut away a 300ft embankment to get more of these little sheds in

If you vote for fools don't be surprised when foolish things happen


If these claims are valid, I think they deserve a follow-up article. But you see, this is one of those moments in history just before election - there just HAS to be jobs, HAS to be housing, and money just HAS to be seemingly falling from the trees whilst politicians are falling over themselves to make it looks as though they are listening. Then, after the election, it's back to business as usual..perhaps then we would see such an article.


"The former maisonettes became difficult to let and were subsequently demolished. The site was then left overgrown with trees and became a magnet for fly-tipping." That doesn't mean to say it cannot be filled with a properly-maintained grass area, just like they have elsewhere in Europe. We are already over-grown with urban sprawl, don't you think, and England's population is growing due to immigration as well as people selfishly reproducing in the name of their religion/culture/lifestyle. Then we have the problem of slum landlords - this does next to nothing in so far as addressing these pertinent issues. I'd also like to see inside these dwellings, not just outside - and where are the prices?

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