Walsall peace rally planned calling for end to Gaza conflict

A peace rally calling for an end to the Gaza conflict will be held in Walsall town centre after councillors joined forces.

Gaza pic
Palestinians run for cover from Israeli soldiers during clashes near the West Bank town of Tulkarem (AP)

A cross-party group have also asked town hall chiefs to allow the Palestinian flag to be flown outside the Council House, in Lichfield Street, for a day in protest against the Israeli attacks.

The rally will be held at New Art Gallery Square tomorrow between 4pm and 6pm.

The event has been organised by the Walsall Coalition for Palestinian Rights.

Darlaston’s Labour councillor Doug James said: “We want the bombing stopped. Myself and Councillor Mohammed Arif from the Conservatives have asked for the flag to be flown.”

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Comments for: "Walsall peace rally planned calling for end to Gaza conflict"


Why are they planning to fly the Palestinian flag in Walsall? The only flags that should fly in Walsall are the Union flag and the Cross of St George. As much as I feel sympathy for the innocent victims of the Gaza conflict, I have no sympathy for Hamas who I believe are ultimately responsible for the carnage. I don't remember us flying the Rwandan flag when genocide was committed there or even the Stars and Stripes when 3,000 innocent people were murdered on 9/11. Why is the Palestinian conflict different? Not in my name!


I hope they will also protest strongly to get the lunatics in Hamas banned ! How would the protesters like to live amongst people intent on one outcome, TO DESTROY YOU !

PS: No, I am not Jewish, just seeing both sides.


Do two people constitute a "group" at Walsall council?


How will a rally end the conflict in Gaza, it is the avowed policy of Hamas, who control Gaza, to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and Israel keep taking action in an attempt to stop them firing rockets. How about a rally to stop the fighting in the Ukraine or what about a rally to stop the activities of ISIS in Iraq, they have been beheading captured soldiers just because they are Shia Muslims and not Sunni Muslims. We could have a rally to stop the war in Syria or even Libya where it seems that groups of Jihadists are fighting each other. It does not stop even then because we have conflict still in Afganistan which will get worse when the UN forces leave, Somalia has a civil war, South Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya have Jihadists fighting for power. Money does not seem to be in short supply all of these countries and groups have enough to buy armaments to enable them to wage war, where does it come from? Foreign Aid I expect.

May I make one more point ? It is the Councillors job to run WALSALL properly which does not, I feel sure, involve them in International affairs. That's what we have a Government in Westminster for !


I agree with all the comments so far. The only flags flying from the Walsall Council House should be the Union flag and the Cross of St. George. I don't know the history of the cause of the conflict and as horrific as the situation is peace protests will not have any effect whatsoever. I do not wish to see Walsall Council appear to take sides in the argument. No in my name, thank you very much.


there will be no such thing as a peaceful rally if the evidence from all the other peaceful rallies is taken into consideration ie Cardiff London all this is going to be is a vehicle for radical muslims to racialy abuse innocent by standers . and as for flying the Palestinian flag what a joke when people try to fly the union flag or the cross of st George they are called racist but by all means fly a flag of a country run by a terrorist government.


How right you all are. Hamas are the main cause of the trouble. I very much regret all of the deaths and injuries on both sides, but if Hamas were not tunneling and shelling, Israel, I am sure, would not have taken the action in retaliation that they have.


In addition George Galloway is anti Israel. Enough said!


Oh markie, how I am with you on that one. Galloway, a 2 faced slime ball if there ever was one !


Will there be a peace rally for the minorities and Christians in Iraq?


Fat chance.

The useful idiots only support anyone in conflict with Israel, it's a logical extension of their hatred of the USA.

Margaret Hamilton

However nasty Hamas are supposed to be, Israel's over-reaction is an international disgrace. Israel seem to be able to get away with anything, and they really do have an appalling record with the way they treat their neighbours. I support neither terrorism nor Zionism, and I'm not particularly sure what a rally in Walsall will achieve, apart from bringing a few bigots out of the woodwork. There's a huge rally in London today for the same cause, but I'm sure the BBC will manage not to mention it as usual.


I'm not saying that Israel is right in the extent of its retaliation. But this strong reaction has produced results in the past. Hamas would know how strong the response would be so perhaps they shouldn't have started shelling, especially from places "protected" by human shields.

The BBC, with its left wing bias, will probably report the rally if there is enough support for it.


Certainly will.

Well noted for pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli attitude amongst its staff:


The racist hypocrite Abbott to the fore.