Black Country town in bid to get its own flag

A Black Country town is to begin a campaign to get its very own flag.

Councillors in Bilston will write to schools and Wolverhampton College to get students to design a flag that will represent the town.

It comes after neighbouring Willenhall launched its own symbol following a competition.

Now, councillor for Bilston East Bert Turner has revealed he wants the community to create a flag that will put Bilston on the map.

He said: "Bilston is a unique Black Country town and it deserves its own flag and it deserves to be recognised as something different.

"Willenhall, or 'Umpshire' as it's called around here, has its own history and rightly has a flag to recognise that.

"Bilston is 'God's country' and I will be writing to the schools in Bilston and to the college on Wellington Road to see if we can get a competition going for our own design.

"I'm sure the people at the Craft Gallery can get involved too.

"We've a proud history of the steelworks, mining and industry and this should not go unrecognised.

"It''s something I'm going to do."

More recently the popularity of the flag of the Black Country has seen it flown across the world from the World Cup in Brazil to ex-pats living in Australia.

Organisers of this year's Black Country Day sold out of flags with 5,000 going off the shelves.

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Comments for: "Black Country town in bid to get its own flag"

antony j

will it be a pic of a curry?

The Voice of Reason

Might I recommend a silhouette of a pregnant teenager smoking a fag or picture of a benefits book?

Blue Boy

Maybe the benefit book is the passport

Blue Boy

Have Bilston councillors really got nothing better to do?


Typical that the trolls come out with comments that are not worth saying.

I hope you have a good competition with lots of great designs.

Goo on, Bilston!

Dave W.

What about a picture of Formcast Foundry in Shale Street belching out smoke and pollution , that's a true picture of Bilston .


I think I see where you're coming from. Hey Dave, Tipton could have put up some stiff competition to that, what with the Sigmacast/Triplex foundry belching out fumes into the atmosphere. Such was the extent of the smog that one could easily identify it on satellite imagery. Now long since gone and replaced with wonderful concrete sprawl. I think you'd need to order quite a few flags for that side in Bilston though, they'd be black and brown in no time (at least they'd blend in with the sky).


Each to their own I guess. I detest Bilston, and the surrounding areas. I couldn't wait to get away and every single person I know feels the same way. I'm trying to find something about the town that appeals, but I can't. It's not so much the place, it's the people; it's gone the same way Tipton, Dudley and West Bromwich has in recent years - indeed, it's got the point now where it's hard to tell the difference between them. But, if the people want a flag then it's upto them. That Black Country flag also gives me the creeps, it's horrible.

Perhaps that sounds a bit presumptuous - I meant to say some of the people, not all.

Jackett the Hat

Maybe it's cos Bilston folk have no time for stuck up snobs who prance about believing they should be strolling round Monte Carlo carrying a poodle.

Mind you, there are one or two who would rob that silver spoon out your gob, some would even drape that nasty flag over your smoking jacket.......oooooh how hideous.


Being critical of something doesn't automatically make you a snob. Further, I never suggested any desire to stroll round Monte Carlo, and indeed if that's your cup of tea dear then it's fine by me. Actually it's hard to find any constructive criticism from your comment to be honest, which seems to be mostly hate for the sake of it.

Not a politician

I think the Black Country flag is bostin'. I'm proud to fly it where I live.


This idea has already been proposed and discussed, so with respect to Bert and the other Councillors it's not your idea!


Some might suggest this is being done purely for political gain.

Jackett the Hat

On the flag should be a working mon with broad shoulders, it'd would describe a story my grandad used to tell me about Bilston carrying the rest of Wolverhampton in the war.

The Voice of Reason

That description of a rustic yokel warms the heart of any Wulfrunian from the east of the city, I'm sure. It'll look great next to the rusty syringe and the lozenge (Hall's - stolen from the pound shop of course).

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