Takeaways face ban near Dudley schools

Hot food takeaways could be stopped from opening within a quarter of a mile of secondary schools in Dudley under new plans.

Dudley Council is also considering limiting the number of hot food takeaways in shopping parades and town centres to protect communities from litter, crime and parking problems.

Council officers are concerned about the impact on children’s health, due to the often high levels of fat and sugar in food.

The proposal to change the planning laws is part of the council’s development strategy, which will go out for a nine-week public consultation next month.

Outside of shopping centres and parades new hot food takeaways proposed within 1,300 ft from secondary schools would be ‘resisted’ under the planned policy.

Planning approval would only be granted for takeaways in retail classified areas, such as High Street in Dudley, when no more than five per cent of shops are takeaways.

And in town centres and shop parades no takeaways would be permitted next to one another.

Fish and chip shops, pizza and kebab shops, Chinese and Indian takeaways are classed as hot food takeaways. Restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are not.

Councillor Hilary Bills, cabinet member for the environment, said greater controls were needed on the opening of takeaways.

She unsuccessfully campaigned against a new pizza shop opening in the Hurst Green Shopping Centre in Halesowen last year.

She said: “We all know the connections with takeaways to the litter and rubbish which can be left. There does need to be some controls on new takeaways opening.

“But we all get hungry and desperate for a quick bite, we need to strike a balance on what we allow.” In the proposed new policy, officers

said a control on the number of hot food takeaways would help tackle obesity.

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Comments for: "Takeaways face ban near Dudley schools"


Better still don't give the kids the money to buy the rubbish, be a real parent and provide a lunch box.


Having seen the size of some councillors (and council officers), I'd say they've got a brass neck using concerns about children's health as means of justifying 'nanny state-ism'!!!!!


So you get litter from takeaway customers. Then the answer is don't allow people to try to work by providing a service. What rubbish! The answer is provide bins and prosecute those who do not use them.

So kids are unfit and use takeaways in school lunch breaks. The answer is don't open them near schools. Even more rubbish! The answer is educate the kids into healthy eating, and provide better school dinners. If that fails don't allow kids out of school until home time.

The planning laws are not there to influence choice. The planners always say that just because there are too many of anything that is not a valid reason for a planning objection. But it seems that this council is doing just that.

The nanny state rises again.

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