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Just put your rubbish in one of the other bins.


Cooper RESIGN,

Has your intellectually challenged administration considered thieves will target the old and infirm stealing their bins to order and leaving them to pick up the bill.

You have known about the losses since the wheelie launch years ago, ignored advice and continued with a failed system.



. So if your bin gets stolen as mine once was I may have to pay for someone else's crime, marvellous simply marvellous. All this will do is encourage people to steal other bins save paying for the one they have had stolen or encourage fly tipping. I suppose that there is a third alternative though if the recycle bin is nicked put everything in the general waste bin and sod recycling or shove it in my neighbours bin. I accept it costs money to replace but what are people paying council tax for and to cap it all the cheeky buggers are going to charge £5 delivery.


That's fine, provided you can buy a new wheelie bin from anywhere. If you HAVE to buy it from Sandwell, then that is a monopoly and illegal. Perhaps Walsall et al can turn a profit by selling them at a discount compared to Scamwell?

Ian James

Yet again SMBC are penalising the people. Surely this should be part of the cost for Serco? It is costing us ratepayers in Sandwell more money by the day. I wonder what 'frontline services' actually are in Sandwell?


Anyone like to remind these Council morons they work for you NOT the other way around.


I think if the council are so concerned about the theft of these bins they will not object to Sandwell residents chaining these bins to an anchor point on their properties and letting the bin collection men having a set of keys for every household to stop these bins being stolen because it seems we cannot leave them unsecured.

I think this is a proposal the council cannot turn down as residents will be taking active steps to help reduce the cost of replacing these bins.


They can buy me a new one out of the thousands per week on car park charges, including the new car park charges they are about to bring in ! If the bin men bought the bins back to where they are supposed to be after emptying them the amount of lost, stolen, broken bins would go down dramatically ! I saw the chap just barely drop our bin marginally on the gutter outside my house, that is not where I left it, I leave it at the end of my drive, handles facing road way out, so when he empties it, the rule should be put it back on my drive, handles facing towards the house. Foolish I guess that this was going to happen, years ago they used to go round the back of the neighbouring house to fetch ours, then bring it back when emptied, and it was the old type black one, oh the good old days !

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