West Bromwich Albion: Cash back if you're unhappy over Alan Irvine

West Bromwich Albion today offered season ticket refunds to fans left fuming by the choice of Alan Irvine as head coach.

West Brom fans were unhappy with the decision to appoint Alan Irvine
West Brom fans were unhappy with the decision to appoint Alan Irvine

The Baggies have written to 100 supporters who demanded refunds in the wake of Irvine’s appointment. And fans have been told they will get their money back if they confirm their request by July 3.

Albion have contacted the 100 people who sent letters or e-mailed the club between 6pm on June 14 – the day of Irvine’s appointment – and 6pm on June 21 to demand refunds.

They have told supporters that refunds will be given to anyone who follows up their initial request with a formal refund demand by letter or e-mail by midday on July 3.

The offer could apply to more than just 100 fans as some complainants wrote on behalf of relatives.

But it will not be extended to fans who did not request a refund in the first week after Irvine’s appointment.

The Baggies hope many fans will change their minds and the club has already received several follow-up e-mails retracting refund requests.

Express & Star Baggies columnist Neil Whitehouse, from Sedgley, said: “I think there was a knee-jerk reaction when the appointment was made and you have to admit it was a bit of a surprise.

“I would like to think most fans have settled down a bit and will give the bloke a chance.

“I think most genuine fans will stick with the club and stick with him – give him that chance.

“The reputation he has in the game seems a very good one, it was just not the name we had been expecting.

“If fans want their money back I suppose it is their prerogative but I think most of us are going to get behind him.”

Supporters reacted angrily to Irvine’s appointment after the club initially looked set to offer the head coach’s job to former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood.

Irvine’s only previous managerial experience came at Preston and Sheffield Wednesday, where he failed to make a major impact.

But the 55-year-old is a highly respected coach, having served as David Moyes’ assistant manager at Everton.

Adult season ticket prices at The Hawthorns start from £349.

What do you think Albion's decision to refund fans? Leave your comments below.

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Comments for: "West Bromwich Albion: Cash back if you're unhappy over Alan Irvine"


Did not renew and will not be.Off to support the Glassboys next season.

What's the worst that can happen !

I hope that we are told how many season ticket holders take up the option of a refund.

Web Storm Baloni

I'm sure that many fans who asked for a season ticket refund, angry though they were at Alan Irvine's appiontment, will actualy turn up to see the team anyway. I'm sure that those fans will want to go, just to see how the new head coach starts off in the new campaign... You can't be a Baggies fan and not be curious...?


Cracking PR by the Albion board, lets see how many carry through their threat, I suspect not many will

Boing boing Barry

Boing boing Barry

Well done baggies lets see how many take up the offer these people should relise what a great family club we surport

Captain Mardon International

Well at most only 100 people can apply, so it won't give a true reflection on those who want to now as they didn't write at the time. So it's a double bluff really.

Big G

As a wolves fan looking from the outside, I don't think there will be all that many. Signing Lescott was a real signal of intent and if some of the players mentioned come in, I really can't see you lot struggling.

Even though he's not got a big reputation, if he can attract the players of a certain calibre then you will do well.


they not real; fans anyway so better off without them


What makes a real fan?


someone who supports through 'thick and thin' and you don't have to be thick to do it. The club didn't double entrance prices or anything similar. A coach we had to have. We got one !

The Real Netherton Baggie


Good riddance.



? If you don't like the moaning where are you going to sit? It happens in every ground every week. After last season who wanted more of the same?


You mugs all taken in by JP rubbish thats been put out to the press.Dont moan when a new coach is wanted in january again


What I find astonishing is they paid up before knowing who the coach was and THEN played up after the appointment. When you pay as 'Carte Blanche' , it isn't usual to get a refund, so well done JP and The Board once more.

As we used to say in Great Bridge, "That'll show 'em, see if we care "

Boing boing Barry

Boing boing Barry

Hi it's no good any wolves fans who said they didn't won't Irving , turning up and asking for there season ticket money back JP will only pay out for the few so called baggies surporter Lol I hope they name and shame em COYB


I am sure the majority of wolves fans in whatever guise are chuffed to bits at the appointment.

Boing boing Barry

Sorry predicted text Irvine not Irving


Fickle so called supporters no club needs this type of following.


This might possibly be the most stupid thing I have ever read (and I've stuff on here for years.....).

So they want a refund cos they don't like the new manager ?

What if we change managers half wAy through the season and they don't like the new guy then ?

What happens if they like the manager but we keep losing?

What happens if we buy a player they don't like or sell their favorite ??

Never read such a load of ludicrous tosh in my life. May I be the first however to wish mr cooper and his family all the best with whichever band wagon they jump on next.


fickle, unrealistic fans who don know what bad times were at wba,.made me smile,

the protest outside the ground,.

100, thats all that turned up!

and when i read the average age ,16 to 35? what bad times have you lot seen?

infact you have seen the re groth of wba ,in the best position it has ever been debt free

don think you seen what i and a good many seen at wba.

less than 10,000 at a game, loosing up to 1,500 a week

nosediving into 3rd division .

a chairman trev the shed who ploughed wbamoney into his shed place to save it going bump,

never keeping a good player selling to the highest bidder,.not seeing a penny going back to the club

singing going down the brume road to see the empty spaces .

no you lot have seen nothing ,all will say if you don't like how wba runs instead of waving a sheet

booing and calling for jp to leave ,,.may i say if 1600 as you said was behind you,why not give up the sea on ticket

as some have don't buy a shirt ,if 1600 as was said in the paper do this then I'm sure jp will listen


Hear Hear!


May I say that I was very surprised by the Irinve appointment to say the least but to lambast the chap before we even start the season is ludicrous! Talk about putting our team on the back foot before we even start!

I for one will welcome Alan and hope he proves everyone wrong.... I feel bad for the fella. He's just got himself a job and really wants to succeed and people are calling for his head already,

Come on folks, let's get behind him and make our club proud!

Boing Boing!


yeah have to agree pretty harsh to knock the guy before he's even started, the problem is the Premier league is a sacking league, everyone's been sacked, and there is hardly any managers who want to step up to the plate now, that's the problem, not enough managers, sacked all the confidence out of them all.

Suprised you didnt go with chris hughton, sherwood or moyes. All experienced good managers.

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