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Confusion.? the C in CENTRO stands for confused, this lot of mega paid councilors couldn't " plan" a booze up if you gave them a bottle.

This should have always gone to Wolves Low level, they designed a complete dogs dinner using useless imported trams

that break down in heavy rain when it should have been taken back to heavy rail with normal train stock from the network

We now have

Trams to big for stations

Stations closed

What a complete mess , but they will press on throwing away more tax money, trying to get it work

The Government has got to close CENTRO so we can have a sensible transport system

PJW Holland

Indeed. They do not even have to take the trams via Low Level, although it is probably the best route. They can be diverted along Walsall Street (or parallel to it) and then pass beneath existing arches beneath the mainline to emerge at the station, then along Lichfield Street to Queen Square...

Not exactly brain surgery is it?


I fail to see the need for the Trams to be routed to the bus and railway stations which are only a couple of minutes walk away, all it will do is slow down the departures of the buses leaving the bus station and cause more traffic jams in pipers row, at the projected cost of £30 million it is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers money.


Didn't the original proposal for the Wolverhampton extension involve trams going to the station via Market Street and Lichfield Street? This would have been more sensible, which no doubt is why it won't be done this way!


I don't know why they can't continue down Dudley Street or Market Street before looping back eliminating this crazy situation. Or just say that the trams terminate at the bus station and get rid of St Georges.


Typical centro spend all the money on the birmingham end and then argue about which stop at the wolverhampton end they want the the tram to stop.


Wasn't it Centro who carried out public consultation of the new bus station only to alter many services from terminating there causing commuters (who linked from the bus station to the train station) to walk across town. They didn't seem to listen much back then?

PJW Holland

It is the wrong route. Gottit?

If they alter the route the problems go away. Brum has not intention of letting Wolverhampton have a viable City Centre tram service. That is the real story.

PJW Holland

no rather than not... dyslexic keyboard.


As people are less inclined to walk these days the most appealing terminus for the tram would be as close as possible to the MANDER Centre, so why not Cleveland street or even market st outside M&S ... Ideally Lichfield st by art gallery or queens sq but this would incur a greater cost . The general consensus is our city is on the decline that's why people choose the merry hill centre ( the extra fuel cost is off set by the free parking which WTON cannot offer) so our city needs to make a statement to the disillusioned


What happened to the loop idea? From St George's down to the railway station via Market street and bus station then round the loop to the Royal again and back to Birmingham. The land was cleared ready for this by the railway station ages ago.


I'd rather see neither happen, save there money and put it towards the long overdue services to merry hill and walsall.

The Voice of Reason

The Metro is of no use to the majority of people who live in or around the city. This is a waste of money.