Tear gas and stun grenades in Brazil hours before World Cup starts

Protesters and Brazilian police have clashed in Sao Paulo, just hours before the first World Cup match was to be played in the city.

The protest, which involved about 100 people, was tiny in comparison to last year's wave of demonstrations that sent a million people into the streets on a single night.

At least four other protests were called for in Sao Paulo, along with demonstrations in Rio and at least another five cities.

TV images showed Sao Paulo police unleashing tear gas and stun grenades on the protesters as they moved to block a main road leading to the stadium where the opening match will be played, with Brazil taking on Croatia.

The protesters were chanting "there won't be a cup".

Two CNN journalists were injured in the clash, the network said on its website.

One of the journalists had her hand injured by a tear gas canister.

The protesters had tried to block a road leading to the stadium where the opening ceremony was taking place tonight.

Other protests are planned across Brazil cities over the expense of hosting the tournament.

In Rio de Janeiro striking airport workers  blocked a road outside the airport, demanding a wage rise plus a World Cup bonus, while striking teachers also staged a rally in the city centre, further disrupting traffic.


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