No Midland Metro trams in Wolverhampton city centre for five months

Trams will not travel to or from Wolverhampton city centre for five months, it was revealed today, leading to warnings of major disruptions for commuters.

New trams are coming to the Black Country
New trams are coming to the Black Country

Passengers will be forced to use buses for part of their journey while work is carried out on a section of the tram route in the city.

Tram tracks embedded in the A41 Bilston Road will be renovated as part of the £5 million project.

The main St George’s stop in Wolverhampton will be closed off and refurbished.

It will mean passengers travelling into the city will have get off at Priestfield and travel around two miles on buses. Buses will also be laid on for people travelling away from Wolverhampton. Work starts next month and finishes in November.

The project was announced by Transport Minister Baroness Kramer in March, who said the line was ‘really important to the local economy’. The St George’s platform will also be extended as part of the work so that it can accommodate a new Spanish-built fleet of Urbos 3 trams.

Bosses at Centro said The Royal stop – which falls in between the St George’s and Priestfield stations – would reopen at some point between July and November, but St George’s will remain closed for the full five months of work.

National Express buses will accept and sell tram tickets to Priestfield and The Royal during the disruption.

Centro spokesman Peter Cameron said: “The work will be carried out in two stages and will require the Metro system to be closed between Priestfield and St George’s. The first phase will take place at The Royal and once completed this will allow us to run trams to the stop while the second phase of work leading up to St George’s is carried out.

“The replacement will see a £5m upgrade to the existing rails as well as preparing the platforms for the arrival of the new fleet of trams.

“We have been reminding passengers that work to upgrade the Midland Metro tracks along the Bilston Road will be taking place later this year.

“Preparatory work will begin in the summer and we will be announcing the specific dates of the closure later in the year.”

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Comments for: "No Midland Metro trams in Wolverhampton city centre for five months"

PJW Holland

The wrong route hence the problems.

This route should never have been used. The original railway formation provided a route to the City Centre that would have been far easier to maintain and significantly less expensive.

Wolverhampton Council decided in 1948 that trams should not be run on the roads. Only an external unaccountable body reversed this local law. The route used is hazardous and has led to deaths.

Transport policy needs to revert to local control. The safer, more viable, route is still available.


Totally agree.

I came off my bike cause the wheel fell in the gap between track and road a few years ago. Was not impressed. least those exiting Ettingshall Road by the New Inn chinese will not have to wait long for the lights to change.

PJW Holland

My paternal grandmother had a similar accident many years ago before Wolverhampton abolished trams (for very good reason) She was crippled and spent the rest of her life in a chair.

Up to that point she had been a lively person who cycled everywhere.

Trams and traffic do not mix.


A good idea would be when the tram extention is built for the trams to carry on coming into Wolverhampton on the route now but when leaving build the line along the old rail line and join up at Priestfield stop.


Leaflet issued on metro yesterday are wrong and have been withdrawn and on a positive note shuttle bus to Hilton to join metro


The French bought trains that were too wide, now we have trams that are too long. ;)


mike. your right, I heard exactly the same some fool has purchased trams to big for stations so they are now throwing even more hard earned tax money to put this Labour mess right

PJW Holland

Croydon bought its trams and laid the rails and hey presto... The trams could not negotiate the corners. They had to rip the lot up and rebuild completely.

I too

When new metro's were ordered they new they were going to be longer.

I well remember saying that platforms would have to be updated to accomodate the new.

Nothing new in the world MIke.j

Anyone would realise that longer metros would require longer platforms, Ivor.

Thems that bought em ay that thick!

Who would want to go to Low Level to catch a metro, PJ?

PJW Holland

Why do you suppose I think the line should terminate there? The proper solution was to pass the line beneath High Level and along the route of Lichfield Street to Queen Square. This would have achieved everything the new proposals are seeking to achieve more efficiently and providing a connection for Monmore Green (which used to have a railway station).

Then a Wednesfield link could use the same underpass. Simples.