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It is a shame that when people are arrested and successfully charged with offences that contribute to awful child abuse that, the most that some of them get is some pathetic community service; (cast your minds back to a PE teacher found guilty of over 90000 pieces of child abuse material in his home yet avoided any form of custodial sentence) how is this making things better for the children involved?

With (what can only be described as not fit for purpose) legislation and failing children's services (Birmingham for example), this country simply does not do enough to make it easy to quickly remove these people from the vicinity of children and prevent them from causing even more harm.


Most child abuse is committed by family members, usually parents. Yet, as rmp says, community service is the usual pathetic sentence.

Most offences are committed by low intelligence parents and as low intelligence people tend to have more children there is, therefore, a larger number of children at risk. Even after conviction the family is kept together and the parents are allowed to produce even more children. As intelligence has been proven to be, almost exclusively hereditary the risk of the problem getting worse as each generation goes by is plain to see.

We really need to look at how our child protection services work. Birmingham's failing childrens services are well known but the failings are nationwide.

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