Poll: Are you put off using your mobile phone amid privacy scares?

After it was revealed that governments around the world have being using secret wires to listen to all conversations conducted on Vodaphone's networks, we want to know how that affects you.

Some 29 countries in Europe and beyond use the system to monitor phone conversations and track users through their mobile phones.

The company outlined the details in a report on the widespread use of secret surveillance by government agencies.

Vodafone revealed that direct-access wires or pipes were connected directly to its network

These can allow conversations to be listened to or recorded, or metadata - including the location of a device, the times and dates of communications and with whom communication was made - to be captured.

Are you put off using your mobile phone amid privacy scares? Vote in our poll and have your say in the comment box below.

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Comments for: "Poll: Are you put off using your mobile phone amid privacy scares?"


If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. I;m sure they will find my wifes phone calls to me for shopping lists on the way home very interesting.

On a more serious note the tracking function has helped the police solve serious crimes like rape and murder.


To be honest there is nothing i say on a phone that could lead to trouble, if you have something to hide then use a land line, anyone with a scanner can listen to a mobile or wireless handset phone conversation, been like that for years.