Birmingham Airport: HS2 will cause aeroplanes to be at higher risk of crashes

Aeroplanes will be at higher risk of crashes due to bird strikes because of the high-speed rail line HS2, officials have warned.

Birmingham Airport bosses are worried that large ponds built close to a proposed new station serving the airport would attract an influx of geese and other birds.

Although the airport is in favour of HS2 – which will see it just 38 minutes from London – they are petitioning against the scheme to obtain several changes to the £50bn plans.

“Bird strike, when birds get into the engines of aircraft, is a serious, if not fundamental, issue for safe and efficient operation of the airport,” the petition states.

“Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent annually on ensuring that bird strike does not happen. If bird strike does happen, the results can be catastrophic, leading to, at worst, aircraft crashes and loss of life.

“In this regard your Petitioner has significant concerns relating to the large number of ponds that are proposed at the Interchange Station.

“Various types of gull and waterfowl such as Canada geese and other geese species will be particularly attracted to the ponds potentially bringing them more frequently into conflict with aircraft.”

A committee of six backbench MPs will shortly begin the process of considering 1,925 petitions from people or organisations directly affected by the London to Birmingham phase of the planned £50 billion line.

David Winstanley, chief operating officer for Birmingham Airport, said:

“The intention of our petition is to ensure that the proposals maximise the economic benefits, are compatible with the future interests of the airport.”

David Meechan, HS2 spokesman said: “Birmingham Airport will be at the heart of a new north-south rail network that will free up much needed capacity on Britain’s crowded railways.”

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Comments for: "Birmingham Airport: HS2 will cause aeroplanes to be at higher risk of crashes"


Answer is simples, don't build any ponds. It's not rocket science.

I should become an adviser.

W C Boggs

To coin a phrase: "Now they tell us".


Wait until the thing comes of its rails, Hs2 totally stupid idea, From london to birmingham in 38 minutes whats that going to do? solve?Help? Total crack pots.


And exactly what are the alternatives?? HS2 has done itself no favours by a second rate PR campaign that hasn't demonstrated why exactly it is needed and it has led to people such as yourself quite literally just spouting the single fact that it will result in a fast time from London Euston to Birmingham. There is zero capacity on the WCML and associated freight networks now (in fact some routes have negative reserve capacity). Rail passenger journeys have grown by around a third over the last decade and are continuing to rise at record levels. The ONLY alternative is four years of disruption every single weekend on the WCML at more or less the same cost and no better service at the end of it than we get now. Those who claim otherwise probably never have to travel regularly on Britain's unreliable and overcrowded railways.


Oh i do believe london now wants to be separate from the north, They you go, Scrapped! no excuses!

The Voice of Reason

Cancel the new railway because a decorative duck pond may cause bird strikes at the airport. More straw-grabbing from the NIMBY brigade.


Why oh why have all the people in the north and midlands moaned for years about the affluence of London and the south east when now they have the opportunity to level things out they don't want it?

I suspect they are worried about not having anything to moan about.

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