£50million blow for Wolves and Villa

Wolves and Aston Villa lost a total of more than £50 million in a year, new figures revealed today.

But West Bromwich Albion made a profit of £6.2m, the only club in the West Midlands to be in the black for the year.

Wolves’ loss in 2012-13 was a direct consequence of their relegation from the Premier League which saw their revenue drop 47 per cent to £32.1m.

Villa’s loss of £24m was the second highest in the Premier League in 2012-13, although their revenue of £81.7m increased by two per cent.

Their hit was the second highest in the division because they did not benefit from player transfers. In the previous financial year the claret and blues sold Ashley Young to Manchester United for around £17m and Stewart Downing to Liverpool for £20m.

Football finance experts Deloitte’s Annual Review of Football Finance revealed that Albion was one of only 13 clubs in the top flight to show an operating profit.

Their income – up to £69.7m – showed the biggest increase in the area, up to five per cent. Meanwhile, Walsall’s turnover was £4.8m.

The income of Premier League clubs ranged from Manchester United with £363m to Wigan with £58m, while the average salary for a player in the top flight was £1.6m.

And in the recent 2013-14 season, Premier League clubs’ revenues broke the £3bn mark, with the new broadcast deal meaning each club earns around an extra £25m per season.

Dan Jones, head of Deloitte’s sports team, said: “The entry of BT Sport into the market to compete with BSkyB has applied huge upward pressure to broadcast revenue – from the 2013-14 season onwards each domestic live game on average generates broadcast revenue of £6.5m.”

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Comments for: "£50million blow for Wolves and Villa"

funny old world

Wolves are a bigger club than little old baggies, see they've even got a bigger debt.


"Wolves ....they've even got a bigger debt."

Actually not. These are trading figures for, in effect, the season before last. Obviously, Wolves' parachute payment reductions will hit hard in following seasons, while West Birmingham can pocket £60 million for going nowhere and disappointing their supporters yet again. If Wolves get promotion to the PL, we'll be in the same boat. It's just the way things are.

Kev in Mallorca


Go away and tot up who's had the most disappointing seasons?



Which begs the question...."why is the man running the club still in a job?"


Another halfwitted comment but to be expected from yourself.


not to worried it was all planned for, any way we are still the 3 greatest team of all time and that will never change


Well there you go,poor season,but premier survival and in the black well done again JP


Great club you got there only ambition to stay were you are constantly fighting for survival no ambition what's so ever.

Kev in Mallorca


At least we survived!


We Only Need One Half!

and whts your clubs ambition Bazrat? because what ever it is, your failing at it, miserably, need I remind you youve finished behind us for four consecutive years now (and will again for the 5th year running next year!)

Just saying.


Least we have ambition if we fail it is not for the want of trying,your lot have no ambition look back at your history not a lot to say about that heh.

We Only Need One Half!

So your finally admitting your not as good as us and your ambition is to try and be better than us, is that right Bazrat ;-)


What are you completely delusional youve achieved nothing,survival is nothing without the thaught of better times,you have not got anything to look forward to.

We Only Need One Half!

We've got another season in the Best League in the World Bazrat, you know the one you dream of seeing Wolves back in, a chance at Europe, and unseen riches never before seen in football, financial stability, world wide profile, and prestige, what you got to look forward too? eh? avoiding the drop again will be some achievement for you.

Oh, and we are on M.O.T.D. each week! ;-p

See, I'm not the one who's delusional!


The E and D will do well to put a positive spin for the Wolves and a negative spin for the Albion on this report!! (I'm sure they'll do their best, though)

The Voice of Reason

This is a bit of a non-story really isn't it? Anyone who has ever been associated with, seen or even heard of Wolves could've told you we lost money as a consequence of relegation.

Kev in Mallorca


Jackett the Hat dow know!


Nippy Lobo

In the 3 years before we were relegated, we spent £36m net on transfers. Two comments: 1) Morgan cannot be blamed for not spending; and 2) we ended up with a team that was trash, so clearly it was Moxey and McCarthy who misspent that money.

In that 3-year period that net spending was said to be the 6th highest in the Premier League, but we finished 20th. A gigantic failure!

Let's hope we can make up for it with some marvellous successes from now on!


Like I wrote some time back. McMuppet was a disaster. He spent the best part of £50 mill on rubbish and look where we ended up.


Totally agree his scouting network were a joke.

Kev in Mallorca

He's me thinkin' The Wolves were the 3rd most successful club in all the country, now if ony o'could remember who said it, om sure his name began with J?



You can look back with pride at what your club might have achieved,we can look back at what our club did achieve with a greater deal of pride.

Kev in Mallorca


Double dip relegation. 1-5,eventually med it to the Fourth Division,saved from extinction by the Council and had to except donations from whip rounds on Baggies coaches too pay the tea lady.



Short memory heh even shorter than the trip around your trophy cabinet.


kev in majorca, it was actually said by dr ian mchale director of the centre for sporting excellence @ salford university thats in manchestoh lol

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah but that assesment was rubbish.

Is he still laughing Kev?

Kev in Mallorca

Two n'arf

Dow know about 'im but it was hilarious yesterday on our boards, I even forgid 'em fu talkin' to The Dingles, if ony LATKA had turned up it would've bin the icin' on the cake.

We'a yo bin?


We Only Need One Half!

Alrite mate, oh I got put on the naughty step for a while, so I couldn't be arsed after, truth be told, I have been waiting for a article actually worth commenting on that wasn't just made up of conjecture and opinions, too easy for the E&D to negatively spin.

Well they cor spin this one con they!

p.s. do you think we will get a 24 page, pull out and keep, commemorative, full colour, soccer special on how we became the best run club in the area?

Or does that only happen for the Wulfies?

Baggie Kev the baker(retired)

Its interesting that the dogheads blame Moxey and Mccartney for the rubbish team they produced rather than Morgan(and rightly so)where as at the Albion if the pie bought at half time isn't hot enough or there's chewing gum still stuck under the seat from the previous match its Peace to blame, he doesn't care etc .... I say well done JP !

Lucky Man

My God...there are some comedians on here!!!

johnwaynessaddle "not to worried it was all planned for, any way we are still the 3 greatest team of all time and that will never change"

So, you think Wolves come JUST behind Real Madrid, 1955-1960......and Brazil, 1958-70...three world cups....? DREAM ON!!!!! Whatever you're on, get to the doctor's straight away.....it's making you hallucinate!!!!


What in hells name your on mate are we facing the brink like Leeds/Portsmouth etc did,be thankful the rest of us are more positive.


It should be simple - If a player is in a team that is relegated - then his wages should go down in accordance with the new league they are in. If they get promoted - then the wages should go up.

If they perform past a certain round in the cup - then they should get a bonus. If they go out in the first couple of rounds then they should lose money.

There is no way the misfits should have continued to receive Premiership money - while they couldnt even get in the team in Division 1. Sure I think if the player is injured etc then they should be supported - but at the rate of the division they are in.

We Only Need One Half!

"It should be simple - If a player is in a team that is relegated - then his wages should go down in accordance with the new league they are in. If they get promoted - then the wages should go up."

wolfie5, but that IS what happens at all the well run clubs.


Nope you got that wrong most decent players will not have that clause in there contract.

We Only Need One Half!

WHAT????? like what Roger Johnson never!!!! lolol


Take a tablet old boy and chill out,actually come to think about just try to remember your glory years.

We Only Need One Half!

Ah come on now Bazrat, admit it, GOTCHA!


Ah, big whup.....you'll just go into receivership again and not pay the debts. Wolves really are everything that is wrong with football in a neat little package.


Your an idiot but well suited for sandwell town.

We Only Need One Half!

See Bazrat, me thinks it you with the short memory, eh?

Sandwell Town, five years and counting of besting a mossive club!


Yes 5years of survival well done,now what another 5 years of doing nothing.

We Only Need One Half!

8th, 10th, and 11th finishes, remind me Bazrat, wolves highest Prem finish was.......?

and you accuse other people of having short memories, gees!


lucky man did you not see the article, released 28th May superd reading have a gander

We Only Need One Half!

Yes Johnboy, super read? super crap! like I said it was a rubbish assessment, how can you base over 100 years of history on a 10 year window, what about time in top flight, top flight points amassed, least relegations, I could go on,

But seeing you insist!

Citing the article at the bottom of the page (link), where it states "Based on the period from 1951-61 when Wolves won the League three times and the FA Cup, Cullis’s great side comes out behind ONLY Manchester United from 1992-2002 and Liverpool from 1979-89."

So, in a ten year period Wolves won the league title 3 times and a F.A. Cup, and that ONLY puts them behind Man Utd 1992-2002, and Liverpool 1979-89 does it, umm? ok, Johnboy, explain this then-

Arsenal, won league 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938 (5 times) and F.A. Cup 1930, 1936, (2 times) thats was in 7 years!

Villa, won league 1894, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, (5 times) and F.A. Cup 1887, 1895, 1897, (3 times) that was in 6 years!

Sunderland, won league 1892, 1893, 1895, 1902, (4 times) in 10 year period.

Everton, won league 1928, 1932, 1939, F.A. Cup 1933 in 5 year period.

Newcastle, won league 1905, 1907, 1909, F.A. Cup 1910 in 5 year period.

Huddersfield, won league 1924, 1925, 1926, F.A. Cup 1922 in 3 year period.

So you tell me, how does that make you the 3rd best, ONLY behind Liverpool and Man Utd? Like I said, crap article.



Post war but you seam to have missed sandwell town off your list ?.

We Only Need One Half!

lolol, cant believe you moaning about pre war when bigging up summat from the 50's lol, most people on here weren't even born lol, that's because I dont believe in picking ten years windows Bazrat, after all, if I did, and you will appreciate this seeing how you want to keep it 'current' (lol) the last ten years we would be way above you, surely you can see that.

Did the article say Post War by the way? have the foolishly boasting wulfies who I have just made look like idiots say Post War, no, they all said all time didn't they?

Here's one for you Bazrat, 5 professional teams in the West Midlands, yet wolves have only spent longer in the Prem than the mighty Walsall, why is that do you think?


Its not West Brom fans making ridiculous claims , and by the way Sandwell is not and has never been a town, though the coal seam that defines the black country runs through it (I've included this fact to demonstrate the correct usage of the word 'seam')

West Brom's record stands up well besides Wolves ... more seasons in the top flight, on average we have finished higher in the league and head to head its no contest (all of these facts include results from your purple patch in the 50's)


The Notts Forest team that won the European Cup in 1979 & 1980 may have a claim ...


tell me jim bob in the prem for 5 years, thats around 300 mill, give or take 10 mill, weres your money gone ??? you certainly do not spend on that anderson shelter of a stadium, training facilities, still on the perry barr playing fields are they, and you certainly dont spend it on players, no wonder jp has that laurel and hardy grin, no hard feelings

We Only Need One Half!

Well Johnboy, we pay all our bills for starters, we owe no one, we dont have to look over our shoulder for the next bailiff visit, became an established Prem team (5 consecutive seasons and counting dont you know, can you even imagine?) and we've money in the bank, thats where our money went

Now, you tell me, where's all your money from 4 seasons in the Prem, a sugar daddy's handout, and a whip round for a charity case from the local M.B.C., plus the parachute handouts we chipped into for you these past two seasons gone that your over 30 million in the red again, and lets be honest, next years figures will be even worse.


p.s. Where's 1877, Jackett, etc, every time I ve looked lately you couldn't get em off, what a matter? E&D finally found a story they cant spin for you lol


So how is it possible for any Premiership or ex-Premiership club to make a loss?

Didn't even Cardiff City receive over 60 million quid in TV payments last season?

60 million quid - I repeat.

And don't the parachute payments go on and on so Wolves for instance are millions ahead of anyone else in League One?

And people wonder why they won it?

And didn't Walsall make a profit - they always do?

And aren't they in the West Midlands?

Always more questions than answers....


Premiership teams make a loss because to compete and stay in the league you have to pay the transfer fees and wages for the best players ... it doesn't matter if you have £60million to spend if everyone else has £100million; you're more than likely going to get relegated at some point UNLESS you're very wise with how you spend the £60mil. You need very shrewd men behind the scenes to do this; JP/Dan Ashworth did it, and hopefully JP is putting the club back on track after last season's troubles.