Amazon to expand and take on 350 workers in Staffordshire

Amazon today announced plans to double the capacity of its base in Staffordshire in moves that will create 350 jobs.

A view inside the Amazon building in Rugeley.
A view inside the Amazon building in Rugeley.

Bosses of the online retail giant have lodged plans with the council to expand the 700,000 sq ft centre in Rugeley.

If the scheme is approved a new entrance would be built and extra car parking spaces added at the site. A new roundabout would also be created as well as a new bus stop.

Interior alterations will be made inside so more items can be housed at the centre before they are sent out to customers.

Cannock Chase Council leader George Adamson today welcomed the news.

He said: "Amazon's proposal to invest further in Rugeley is to be warmly welcomed, together with the new jobs that would be created.

"This shows that Cannock Chase is an attractive place to invest and create jobs for local people."

Amazon opened its Rugeley centre in September 2011 and currently employs around 900 workers.

The firm's spokeswoman Melanie Etches said: "The planning application seeks permission to create a new entrance to the building and construct a new roundabout within the site to enhance traffic flow in and out of the centre.

"Additional car parking spaces are also proposed, plus a new bus stop on site.

"The interior of the building, which is already home to many millions of products, will be reconfigured in order to double its capacity."

Last month Amazon reported worldwide sales for January to March of £11.7 billion, with profits up by 32 per cent.

In 2013 Amazon created 15,000 temporary positions in the run up to Christmas and thousands of seasonal posts are created each year at the Rugeley centre.

The firm also took on 1,500 temporary workers in Rugeley last Christmas - 500 more posts than it did the previous year.

Amazon has more than 6,000 permanent employees in its UK offices, distribution centres and customer service centres.

It has recently bought a 210,000sq ft office in Central London to provide additional capacity.

The United States business is continuing to invest massively around the globe in infrastructure and technology including e-reader and tablet devices.

Amazon also has UK fulfilment centres in Doncaster, Dunfermline, Gourock, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Swansea Bay.

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Comments for: "Amazon to expand and take on 350 workers in Staffordshire"


After recent bad press about Amazon's working conditions (timed toilet breaks, punishments for talking and zero-hour contracts); one can only hope that this internationaL, multi-billion pound company now treats the people of Rugeley a little better than it apparently did in a recent Channel 4 documentary.


Not forgetting of course the large amounts of tax on its huge profits that it doesn't pay (not in the UK anyway....)


Don't forget the FACT that Amazon take on mostly free slaves from the dole queue too, and never take any on full time after they have USED them long enough, just like Poundland and other big companies

What's the worst that can happen !

For everyone slating Amazon, how many jobs have you created, low paid, zero hours or otherwise?

Do you use Amazon?

Regarding a Channel 4 documentary, would anyone watch it if it didn't focus on 'timed toilet breaks' etc.

Why would you need to time toilet breaks in the first place if a minority of people did not take advantage of a situation and spoil it for the others.

I too

Whatho? What are you burying your head in the sand for?

Just because you say things does not make them so for all of us. Pull your head out and see the world as it unfortunately is for those who have to suffer the abuse of big A.

Everyone tries to save spending more than they need BUT paying tax and fairer employment terms are necessary.

Abusing people is not really on, except if you are a manager of course.