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The people want honesty, truth and an IDENTITY. All across Europe they are fed up with the EU. British people are unemployed because of this uncontrolled influx. The Politicians stood and watched. NOW watch them panic as they lose THEIR jobs !



When Clegg made the mistake of challenging Nigel Farage to a debate on Europe he said that voters should ''read the small print'' when it came to promises about an EU referendum.

Voters have now replied in letters written in large bold print to Clegg and every other elitist politician who is out of touch with the electorate, the writing is on the wall for them all to take heed of.

Uncontrolled mass immigration is unsustainable and we are not prepared to see our jobs taken by low paid migrant labour, we will not watch silently as our standard of living is forced downward through high costs and low wages, we will not stand by and see social cohesion undermined and we demand to regain control of our own borders.

We have long been regarded as a tolerant welcoming people, the insulting smears from the political elite with the help of the media has not gone unnoticed. Our tolerance has been stretched to the absolute limit, we will no longer tolerate being ignored, lied to and our mandate being disregarded.

UKIP have given the erstwhile silent majority a voice which must be heard.


Divid Cameron says that they have got to work harder, but will not say what he wants to renegotiate. I believe a good %age of the people could tell him what to renegotiate and that would be returning to the original principles of a free trade area. We want control of our borders, we want to be able to get rid of criminals that were not born in this country, just 2 examples. If Labour are not careful they will suffer the same fate as the Lib/Dems, with their keep the status quo with Europe policy. If Scotland does vote to go Independent it will be more difficult for Labour to form a Government, leaving little or no opposition to the right wing of the Conservatives and UKIP, not a good situation.


Cyril And Aynuck make very good points as this European experiment has started to derail throughout other member states. I can see no reason why I can have a say in local council elections can have a say in a general election but who among the mainstream parties can I vote for that offers me a voice in Europe ? Labour under Milliband won't consider a referendum the Tories are wishy washy re a renegotiation and the lib deems just want further integration into this monster. The sheer arrogance of these people who claim to represent what's in my best interest yet at the same time not listening is staggering beyond belief.


I agree Graham, but what is really funny is that a right of centre party may be the start of us returning to the Common Market, but in France it is the extreme left doing the same.

The other thing is that UKIP is pulling the Conservatives to just right of centre while the LibDems have moved to the left more while Labour is going back to the far left they they used to occupy, by red Ed. We now have a vacancy in the middle ground.

I too

Cyril, Aynuck, Graham what are you on? Disaffected Tories one and all. No strength of conviction and swayed by racist views of too many immigrants and flooded UK. There is plenty of room for new homes still. Look at the maps.

The majority of the country's MEPs before this last vote were Tory - fact.

The majority now are UKIP -fact

Labour increased its number of MEPs -fact

Tory disaffected turncoats voted for UKIP -fact else Tory would have got the same MEPs -fact

Labour voters do not chop and change their beliefs. Like Thatcher they are not for turning, unlike your fickle Tory voters.

This is as commonplace as farage drinking Beer, Tories are subject to fears that they will lose the Real election next May so it is a shot across the Tory bows. A warning that is all.

Come the real election they will sway back to their roots.

Socialists in in Spain, Italy and Greece all show that UKIP is not unique.

Thank goodness the important parties with thinkers and real policies will control the European future.


I too you ask what am I on ? Over 100 grand a year as to my being a disaffected Tory better get your crystal ball serviced as I have never voted Tory in my life. I would also reiterate I am not and never have been racist. It's not a crime to want a say in the future of my own country.

its a vote to say were fed up of all the promises made when the mp,s tory or labour want your vote and when in power do none of things promised in there manifesto . border control , Britain being run from abroad , unable to deport illegals till after long court ruling costing millions , TIME TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY , CAN UKIP DELIVER only one way to find out give a shot in next election

I too

Of course it is a protest vote.

The facts prove it.

What a lot of UKIP wingers we have on here.

No real policies just headline bites - the floods, the floods, the uncontrolled flow, jobs being taken...... what utter twaddle and scaremongering.

Lets all blame the foreigners for taking all our benefits too, why don't you? You racists and closet tory voters forgot that one.

No UKIP support in London? I wonder why

And UKIP don't want your vote? Blankety blank?

take control of our country? Are you suggesting a civil war? an uprising? EDL like?

Give the UKIP a try? And when they fail and ruin us? What then vote for another party and another and another. EDL, BNP etc do doubt. You want the UKIP to be the fall guys for you.

No policies, no hope. End of UKIP protest votes. Tories running scared.

Data proves it. Don't forget the UKIP MEps have a voice BUT no control. So why would you hope they could control this country?

Has Nigel got some links or beliefs from a moustached German? Ummmmmmm, I wonder.

He does like Putin who has been compared to Hitler.

Vote UKIP = more than likely a Vote for Hitler type Fascist, Racist and Jew Haters?

Graham? If you are on so much then you must be a really unhappy person to be concerned with UKIP and the EU. It has not been the EU that has taken jobs abroad has it? Companies have taken jobs abroad.


Yes I do enjoy that income and am very happy with my life and choices.

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