Residents of Cradley Heath fatal smash street in appeal for action

Angry residents have renewed calls to introduce more traffic-calming measures on a Cradley Heath road that was the scene of a fatal smash.

A woman died and five others were injured in the three-car collision on Waterfall Lane on Wednesday.

It emerged householders have been campaigning for safety features on the 1:7 gradient road, which rises steeply from the Perry Park Road junction to Holly Road, for more than a year.

Some improvements have been made but others are still to be carried out.

Residents say the main problems are caused by motorists who speed and the number of lorry drivers who use the road as a short cut.

Grandmother-of-two Jackie Lloyd launched a petition in January last year after a car lost control when it clipped the kerb and ended up in her driveway six feet from her front window.

She said the road needed traffic-calming measures because of the dangerous bend at the junction of Higgs Field Crescent, where the collision occurred, and the speeds at which some motorists drive, although there is no suggestion that speeding was involved in the latest accident.

Mrs Lloyd, 58, said: "I am so angry. Now someone has died. Nobody wanted this to happen but nobody is surprised.

"We are grateful that the council has done some work, like narrowing the entrance to the road, but they still have to put up signs diverting traffic away from the lane.

"Unfortunately this road was uses a diversion when Powke Lane was being resurfaced and some motorists have used it as a short cut ever since. It's become a rat run."

Neighbour Roger Thompson, 64, a self-employed painter and decorator, was one of the first on the scene following last week's crash.

He agreed that the volume of traffic had significantly increased since the Powke Road resurfacing, which brought in lorries travelling to and from the Waterfall trading estate at the top of the hill.

But he said. "It's been building up for years. I've lived here since 1984 and the number of incidents on the road has been getting much worse. The best solution would be to make it a one-way system."

Residents have got copies of plans drawn up by the council to improve the road but they are still waiting for all of them to be implemented.

Mrs Lloyd said: "We appreciate the council's actions so far but they haven't finished the job. If they want video evidence of speeding, I've got plenty of footage on my phone.

"It's frightening to watch mothers with pushchairs take their children to Highfields Primary along this road because of the traffic. If something is not done soon, it will be a child that's killed next."

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Comments for: "Residents of Cradley Heath fatal smash street in appeal for action"


what traffic calming measures gonna do nothing there's been no major accidents down there for donkeys years I used to live on grange road


Residents campaigning for traffic calming measures eh. Well I have a suggestion.... Double yellows for the length of the road.

This would improve visibility, and allow road users to stay within their own lane. This malarky about people using it as a 'short cut' making it dangerous is utter rubbish, it is a road, it is designed to be driven on, and people have a right to use it. When people use roads, they more often that not look for the quickest route. It makes sense to do so.

Essentially, what you are saying is that the road is dangerous because it is used. Well, remove the parked cars creating hazards, and sometimes double parked down the hill and around the bend, and you instantly have a safer road. If the residents want to moan about how dangerous the road is, maybe they should look at the impact to safety their own actions have. This problem has been created by the residents, not the people that use the road.


m8 if you saw how steep Waterfall Lane is I bet you wouldn't want your family on it when a car or lorry lost control coming down a 1 in 7 gradient which is what waterfall lane is, I suggest you get a brain cell because you obviously haven't thought about the stupid crass comment you have posted on here.


Was this the first Selfishly & Carelessly & dangerously Starsky & Hutch car accident being reported in Cradley Heath & also being on the news & in newspapers & in the press locally & with a poor road network not up standard & also requiring for a area more security & road ramps security giving priority with road traffic one direction & one way only if it was making a main street or a main road with traffic lights more safer only & correct speeds signs displayed as well & it could keep the traffic more under control & more quieter & more calmer & less speedier


Having lived on Waterfall lane back in the 60s right next to Jacks warehouse and irene and dons shop I can remember lots of accidents and some were pretty serious but never fatal, it has been coming for years and the council had promised to put traffic calming measures on waterfall lane even back then when I was a kid and still nothing has been done. What a shame it has taken Sandwell Council to maybe now do something about it.

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