UKIP's surge as Tories suffer across West Midlands

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats today took a battering in the local council elections as voters turned to UKIP.

UKIP's Malcolm Gwinnett celebrates his Wolverhampton win, with Craig Winyard, Tracey Jukes, Barry Hodgson, David Mackintosh and Iain Mackintosh.

Across 62 councils nationally the Tories lost 95 seats and control of nine authorities overnight, while Labour gained 97 seats and UKIP took 83. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats lost 51 seats.

Overall in the Black Country and Staffordshire, UKIP won 15 seats in four areas, with the Tories ending the night 12 seats down.

In Wolverhampton, which finished counting at around 2pm on Friday, UKIP held on to its only councillor - Malcolm Gwinnett - and finished second in 17 out of 19 other contests.

Tory Barry Findlay watches the count, while Jacqui Sweetman celebrates Labour's good showing
Mary Bateman wins for Labour in Wednesfield North

Labour increased its control on the city council by three seats, taking them off the Tories in Wednesfield South, Wednesfield North and Bushbury North, the seat previously held by retiring Conservative group leader Councillor Neville Patten.

The count at Wolverhampton's Civic Hall this morning.

Party leader Nigel Farage declared today: “The UKIP fox is in the Westminster hen house.”

The Tories lost Walsall – the last of the four Black Country boroughs under their control – although Labour fell one seat short of a majority due to gains made by UKIP.

The Conservative coalition with the Liberal Democrats was reduced to 24 councillors but Conservative leader Mike Bird said the ‘door was open’ to a deal with UKIP, even though it would still fall short.

At a glance:

  • UKIP has come second in various wards in Sandwell and Cannock Chase, with Tories pushed into third
  • UKIP won a seat in Sandwell while the Tories lost one of their three to Labour.
  • Walsall Council looks set to be taken over by a minority Labour administration after the party took half of the seats.
  • The Tories were hoping to regain ground lost in Dudley two years ago, when the party was ousted by Labour.
  • Cannock Chase's Labour leader George Adamson has held his seat despite UKIP's surge.
  • Wolverhampton's Labour party has increased its majority, while the Tories were reduced to 11.
  • In Wyre Forest the Conservatives are a minority administration.

“The doors are always open to talk to anybody who we can form an alliance with to actually have common policies. It’s the people of Walsall that matter.”

In many parts of the West Midlands the Conservatives had to accept third place while Labour councillors in the Black Country faced a nail-biting night as the Eurosceptics came close to winning their seats too.

Labour gained two seats in Walsall – Rushall-Shelfield and St Matthews – giving it 30 councillors but it remains one short of the majority it needs to be certain of getting all its plans approved. Deputy leader of the Labour Group Councillor Sean Coughlan said: “It puts us in a position where we can form an administration.”

Conservatives had to accept third place while Labour councillors in the Black Country faced a nail-biting night as the Eurosceptics came close to winning their seats too.

Liz Hazell celebrates with husband Darren at the Walsall elections.

Nigel Farage’s party won three seats in Walsall, with husband and wife UKIP candidates Darren and Liz Hazell both taking seats in the Short Heath and Willenhall North wards, while UKIP made another gain in Brownhills, with Stephen Craddock.

Mrs Hazell said it had been a 10-year battle ‘but we got there’ as she pledged to work for the residents.

The overall makeup of Walsall Council is now 21 Conservatives, 30 Labour, three Liberal Democrats, three UKIP, two independents and one Democrat Labour.

Louise Harrison celebrates with Adrian Andrew in Walsall

Sandwell Labour leader Darren Cooper, meanwhile, declared the Conservatives to be ‘toast’ as the party lost two of their three remaining councillors while UKIP came second in some wards including Great Bridge and Oldbury.

The first black female councillor in the council’s history, Labour’s Jacqui Taylor, was also elected, winning the Greets Green and Lyng ward.

Overall in the Black Country and Staffordshire, UKIP won 15 seats in four areas, with the Tories ending the night 12 seats down.

In Sandwell’s Wednesbury North ward, where the Tories had one of their three seats, Labour candidate Tony Meehan won with 1,512 votes, UKIP took 880 and the incumbent Conservatives were reduced to just 381.

Sandwell 20 JS23
Councillors celebrate holding all the Wednesbury seats. Pictured L-R: Peter Hughes, Pam Hughes, Elaine Costigan, Tony Meehan, Bob Lloyd and Olwen Jones at the Sandwell Council elections being counted at Tipton Sports Academy.

The Conservatives also lost a seat in Charlemont with Grove Vale to Labour.

But UKIP won a seat from Labour in Sandwell’s Princes End ward.

It is the party’s first ever seat on Sandwell Council after the group made some extraordinary advances in the borough’s elections.

UKIP won the Princes End ward from Labour, and came second in each of the other 15 seats in which it posted candidates.

Ukip supporters at Sandwell Council's count, where the party has won Princes End
Ukip supporters at Sandwell Council's count, where the party has won Princes End

New UKIP Councillor Philip Garrett, 31, said: “Our foot is in the door now, so now we push on.

“This was our first stab ever in Sandwell, the effort has been monumental.”

The night was otherwise a huge success for the ruling Labour group, which gained a gross total of three councillors, winning all but one of the available 24 wards, and now holding 70 of the 72 seats on Sandwell Council.

Conversely yesterday’s elections were a disaster for the local Conservatives, who failed to field a candidate in West Bromwich Central.

Emma Wimlett of UKIP looks on at the Local Election Count at Stourbridge Town Hall
Emma Wimlett of UKIP looks on at the Local Election Count at Stourbridge Town Hall

In Dudley, UKIP gained seven seats – the most seats on the night. Labour ended up as winners as they saw their lead on the authority stretch to 20 councillors. Labour now has a total of 40 seats compared with 20 held by the Conservatives, nine by UKIP, two by independent councillors and one by the Green Party.

Labour lost two councillors, including cabinet member for culture Tracy Wood, who missed out in Upper Gornal to UKIP’s Dean Perks.

It had also been a tough night for council leader David Sparks, who held on by 104 votes against UKIP in his Quarry Bank seat, despite it having previously been solidly Labour.

Counting at Dudley Town Hall tonight
Counting at Dudley Town Hall last night

Bill Etheridge, UKIP’s new councillor in Sedgley, is also a candidate in the European elections. He beat Conservative Tina Westwood to the Sedgley seat.

“The momentum is with us,” he said.

His wife Star won the Coseley East seat, beating Labour’s Sue Ridney.

Other UKIP candidates to win seats were Roger Scott-Dow in Gornal, Paul Brothwood in Wordsley, Paul Bradley in Amblecote and Stuart Henley in Halesowen North.

In Cannock Chase, Labour has remained in control, with a majority of 25 seats. The opposition party has, however, now switched from Tory to UKIP with the eurosceptic party coming away from the count with a total of six seats due to a surprise switch this morning by Tory Councillor Jodie Jones to independent.

The Conservatives, which were formally the opposition party, now have just five seats.

Today's results have left the Cannock Lib Dems with three seats, while the independents, including Councillor Jones, have merely two.

Cannock Chase UKIP party leader Alan Dean said: “This is a special moment for us. We got together a few of us in September to form the branch.

“We had 34 members but have grown to more than 100, and now find ourselves level pegging with the Conservatives.

“I’m very proud of our team.

“The people of Cannock Chase have spoken and we will look to build from here.”

The Local Elections count and results, Cannock Leisure Centre, Stafford Road, Cannock.
The Local Elections count and results, Cannock Leisure Centre, Stafford Road, Cannock.

Cannock Chase’s Labour leader George Adamson held onto his seat in Hednesford with a majority of 189 over UKIP.

It is in stark contrast to 2010 when he beat the Tories by just four votes.

Labour won the popular vote with 7,015. UKIP ran a close second polling 6,661 while the Tories were a distant third with 4,777.

With the General Election one year away Cannock Chase has been blown wide open.

Wyre Count 16 JAH 23.JPG
The count at The Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre today

David Cameron said he was proud of the Tory election campaign, ‘whatever the results’, in an email to supporters.

With the Lib Dems suffering a further erosion in their local government powerbase and a potential wipeout of their MEPs, business secretary Vince Cable said: “I think both Labour and the Conservatives will find it difficult. But we’re in Government, we take a kicking for the things the Government does that are unpopular.”

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Comments for: "UKIP's surge as Tories suffer across West Midlands"


No surprise Labour gained in certain Sandwell wards. This has always been the way with key demographics.


Watching live coverage. Looks like main three parties - and the 'impartial(!)' BBC - STILL don't realise that no amount of anti-UKIP propaganda can pull the wool over people's eyes..


Wow. I hope no-one who lives in Sedgely who voted UKIP works for Tata. Once we are "divorced" from the EU, the likes of Toyota, Nissan, ARM and Tata will no longer get their tax breaks from the EU. They didn't come here for the weather you know. They will end up in Holland, Poland and France. Well done UKIP voters. That's over a million more unemployed you have voted for.

Whilst we are at it, I hope none of you are poorly. UKIP's plans for the national health system don't make for pretty reading.

And I hope none of you are pregnant. They plan to remove mandatory maternity pay.

I do hope you are not planning on putting your eldest through university either, unless you are really well off.

Or indeed I hope you can afford the 31% income tax. Unless you are of course, a corporation where your tax will be slashed.

Reinstating of bankers' bonuses? Ooops. you missed that too.

And notice, I didn't once mention the extreme-right company they choose to keep in Europe.

Or a single mention of the unpleasantness of the characters that make up their candidates.

Well done UKIP voters. Pat yourself on the back. You are on the right track if destroying our country is what you had in mind

funny old world

Thank you, I had a nice malt as well as patting myself on the back. What a load of scaremongering.


Think you will find it was more about the candidate than the party in Sedgley.

Former Tory Bill Etheridge is very popular around the village,and the people there feel they will be better served than the outgoing Tina Westwood.


I'm not a Ukip voter, although best of luck to them. But your comments are just ill informed twaddle. We are one of the EU's biggest employers. If we pull out it would be bad for them. They depend on us for jobs. Why do you think everyone comes over here? We pull out and that's a big smack in the face for the EU and that is without others who will follow once one country like ours has done it. Stop listening to the media Andy Woggle, and like funny old worlds says...Scaremongering!

The Voice of Reason

Did you get all of that from the latest Labour propaganda leaflet?


He forgot to mention Liebour's supporting of Paedos rights - they should have none.

My belief is kids should have the right to play outdoors without being kidnapped etc. Anyone who interferes with that right should be jailed indefinitely or hung!


You are talking absolute rubbish!

We leave the EU we can scrap all that EU red tape - which means it will be better for businesses to come here.

Look at Switzerland - not being in the EU has no detrimental effect on that country.

The country can look outwardly then and seek to do far more business with countries outside the EU with no interference from the EU.

And don't slander UKIP supporters - you could lose your house etc when you get sued!


Probably need to calm down a little bit there woggle. Who would you prefer Labour who want to overspend on the public services and get us into the mess we are barely out of? Or the Conservatives who are too posh and right wing and all about business and there banker pals? Or the Lib-dems who... what do they do again? They are all useless; only difference is UKIP are something new and people fancy a change.


if you fancy a change, why vote for people who have positioned themselves between the tories and the bnp?


stevedave, how would you suggest we get a change then ? Trust any of the 3 main parties ? UKIP will get us a referendum on the EU. If the people then vote to come out, we come out. If they vote to stay in, we stay in. SIMPLES ! squeak !


But they have got to get a majority in parliament first, Cyril, and I can't see that happening.


Bearing in mind the time of the comment, I would guess you were at the Town Hall and things didn't go the way you wanted personally, hence the hogwash and utter tripe you have written. Maybe you were part of the Labour team in Sedgley?

It's called democracy Andy, if you don't like it, do something about it, being bitter isn't a positive way to start.


Not sure that business will leave this country just because we leave the EU, because a large number of Companies have already gone during the reign of Blair and Brown despite us being a full EU member. Many of them went to former East European countries, Poland being one of those countries, but since they became part of the EU with all the unnecessary controls and legislation the new country of preference is Turkey which is not a member. The biggest incentive for industry is a motivated, flexible, efficient, literate and numerate workforce, who are prepared to accept change together with a competitive taxation regime. If these conditions exist it does not really matter who governs the country. I think you will also find that no organisation will transfer its operations to France whilst they have the present Socialist Government, most private companies are anxious to get away and are doing so.

Margaret Hamilton

Everything this guy says is correct. Forget the bigotry, it's the other policies that are really scary.


Margaret Not sure everything you say is correct though, remember when you said the we have the lowest minimum wage in Europe, when a little research would have shown just how wrong you were. Bankers bonuses are interesting, wasn't it during the Blair/Brown years that the big bonuses were paid and it was acceptable because the banks profits were funding the Government whilst they allowed industry in the West Midlands to collapse. Where do you get your information from? We are not the only country with a strong anti EU party, France has Marine La Penn who is expected to get a big share of the vote, in Holland they have a real unpleasant party that is anti immigration, that is doing well. Even Germany has seen the rise of the right and a non white person would be well advised to keep away from the Ukraine and other ex Soviet countries. UKIP is not against immigration but it is for sustainable immigration and this would stop over crowded schools, stop the price of houses going up at an ever increasing rate and stop employers taking advantage of an over supply of people who want to work and which results in them being able to pay low wages.

Margaret Hamilton

Wrong Charlie, I queried why the minimum wage in our country (4th richest in the world are we?) was so low compared with other European countries. I've never mentioned bankers, not Blair or Brown, both of whom I have never supported because they are Tories. Just because as you point out that there are many other racist bigots in Europe does not mean to say that makes UKIP's nasty stance correct in any way. What I have said consistently is that the EU is the only entity which makes any attempt to give rights to workers, who have suffered greatly since Thatcher's emasculation (and New Labours continuation of) the Trade Union movement. Wages are low, life is cheap. Here's a place with verifiable sources, something UKIP don't seem to understand, which neatly and concisely summarises the unheard of (or ignored) other policies of UKIP, the so-called "Real alternative"

Oh, and please don't ever associate me with New Labour again thanks.


I have read some tripe on here at times but you andy.woggle have excelled in blinkered nonsense. Be honest, you made it all up did you not ?

The Voice of Reason

Well done to Bill Etheridge and his team. Good luck to them in ousting Ian Austin next year.


Well done to all the Labour voters in sandwell, after another year of a dictation by "Don Darren" and his cronies just waiting to blow even more of YOUR money on tin pot schemes and THEIR ideas !

What's the worst that can happen !

Isn't democracy a wonderful thing............Until people like andy.woggle don't get what they want.

These pages will be full of this type of anti UKIP comment today.

Remember when the BNP had a moment of glory a few years ago and the calls for it to be banned.

This is democracy in action, no matter how distasteful it may be to some, it is democracy.

If you don't like it, move to Iran or North Korea.

As for destroying the country, under what stone have you (andy.woggle) been living for the past few years not to see the destruction that the mainstream parties have caused.

The people have spoken, democracy is still alive !

BTW, I didn't vote for UKIP !


What&Amp well you should have with those views ! I did. Naughty I know, but who did you vote for ? I won't tell anyone else.

Now let's hope the useless incumbents in Wolverhampton Council get a good kick up the backside after letting down their electorate.


The electorate didn't seem to agree with you.


Really don't understand why people think voting for ukip is a good idea. If it's a vote to show the main 3 you don't trust them, either spoil your ballot or vote for the greens. There are enough loudmouth right wingers around in government as it is, we don't need any more loonies. But it seems people would rather vote for a party which makes a large percentage of the nation feel ashamed. I just don't get it, people are willingly siding with a man who compares nations to find the best quality immigrants, are people just ok with xenophobia now?

And don't be fooled into thinking they're an alternative, Farage is just Cameron in disguise, another member of the political class who doesn't really care what you want, he'll be rich either way.

Having said all that, if ukip manage to get something significant at the next general election I will gladly hand this country back to the 1950's and I'll be off, hopefully somewhere that hasn't got a bunch of nasty little racists in charge and a whole bunch of citizens regretting their decision.

Why don't you cast our votes for us, now that's your type of democracy


Democracy at its best Steve. Unlike you who probably jumps from Tory to labour and back to Tory every year depending on what is on offer. You should be careful how you bandy that word 'racist' around as well. Might get you into trouble one day, unless of course you know all of the party members personally. Do you? Be careful of slanderous remarks Steve!!

Hit him on the tail

Chuffed for UKIP. Let's hope they grow in strength and pick up seats in the general election. Maybe they will put pressure on the government sending 28 Billion of our money evey year to Pakistan! !


despite the Sedgley scaremongering, lets look at things in perspective, international companies did business in the UK before we were frog marched in to the EU by Ted Heath and will do so once again after we have left, the EU is not the only political body that can offer some form of tax break, Westminster can also offer the same to international companies once we have left the EU the workers rights we have via the EU will not end once we leave, they were designed by humans for the benefit of humanity and you do not need a continental quango to do that. what we will gain is our sovereign right to self determination, and the money we pay the EU will go directly into British coffers, we will still be able to travel and work in the EU after we have left, its all a matter of fair trade and friendly relations, we will also gain a level playing field on immigration and race relations as all overseas visitors to Britain from inside and outside of Europe will be treated the same. and think of the expense saved when the fanciful absurdity of EU elections are abolished once we have left the EU and not enjoyed by the few at the expense of the many like now


Whatever party you vote for in Sandwell it seems Labour always win. Many people have always voted Labour, so does this means if you stick a red rosette on a donkey it will be voted in???


That's probably because its a Labour supporting area. Do you have a problem with that? That is what is so great about our society. You can vote for who you want to!! Does the Donkey represent labour then? I suppose if you're In a Tory area you could put a rosette on a sheep and they would all vote the same way.


I think a donkey and a flock of sheep would probably do a better job


For the first time in years there has been a real alternative vote other than for Lib Lab Con and a lot of people have decided they are fed up with being told who they should vote for.

They are fed up with the EU imposing regulations on the people and elected parliament of this country that they would never ever vote for.

It must be even more worrying for Lab Lib Con that this has been a low turn out. If a significant amount of those who have stopped / not voted for years suddenly see UKIP as a party they can support it will make next years impending election very interesting indeed.

I too

Yes, well done UKIP and their supporters.

You have clearly identified where the bigots in this country are focussed. Lincolnshire! The heart of England.

Don't they use alot of foreign farming workers?

The probelm now is UKIP may have to think of some real policies to help the country get out of its mess.

Ideas so far:

Yes, we will trade with the World instead of the EU so that we do not have to allow foreigners into the country? Ummmmmm, but you end up trading with other foreign parts. Doh like foreigners, do you?

UKIP will stop mass immigration from EU. Ah, but there is no mass immigration and the EU may want to start sending back all the British Expatriates living there. Doh, we get back all the people who did not want to be in Britain. Nice one.

UKIP will ummmmm, make Britiain better and return to the Empire days when men were men and women are left in the kitchen. Forward thinking UKIP?

UKIP will have to think about real policies as we have never been in Parliament or in one where we wanted to progress into the future.

UKIP will allow Germans to come in coz they build good cars and his wife is German

Yes, you are right . Woggle.

Crell etc go back to your country estates and agree that the EU has benefitted farming, industry and finance.

The UK, with or without Scotland can not leave the EU because we are no longer the Empire UKIP seems to think we are. Realistic not unpatrotic!

Well done Wolverhampton people for strengthening Labour's hold against all the UKIP propaganda that it is your fault we are in debt!

We will give up thinking and become unimportant again

The Voice of Reason

I bet you were utterly foaming at the mouth when you picked up this morning's Grauniad and saw the result, weren't you?


Actually 'I too', I don't live on a "country estate" (far from it). I think you should just accept the fact an awful lot of people have clearly disagreed with your point of view.


Yes you can vote for who you want but part of the problem is people dont. In some wards less than 1 in 3 could be bothered to make the effort. Considering the sacrifices made in the past thats an appalling statistic. I do not see the logic in going to a polling station and spoiling your ballet paper....pathetic but i guess as you say its a choice. Seems to me there must be a lot of apathetic people out there happy to sign away their freedoms and their right to complain by not bothering to vote. And anyway have the Conservatives and Labour done a good job for working class people in this borough/country by allowing uncontrolled immigration? In my opinion no and a change is needed.

Margaret Hamilton

UKIP. More Thatcherite than Thatcher.


They're not that good!

Margaret Hamilton

I had to laugh when Farage said that UKIP were now Britain's fourth party. He should have said that UKIP were still Britain's fourth party!


Put things into perspective. UKIP's gains have been unprecedented - Labour, the Cons and the Lib-Dems have all suffered horrendous losses in many wards. Even the BBC and Huff Post have been stuck for words at times; even their seemingly obvious war against UKIP is falling apart at the seems. Even if UKIP represents a protest vote, it is a clear indicator of just how many people are sick to the back teeth of the main three.. "none of the above". And somehow, other than playing the numbers game like they always do, I fail to see how ANY of the main parties will be able to redeem themselves. The only thing they can do is admit defeat..going by Nick Clegg's will see that only once they're kicked out of office. It's like watching a ship heading for an ice-berg and the captains refusing to accept they screwed up, and that they're taking everyone down with them. History repeats itself again.


Unprecedented for UKIP maybe.

Of the seats contested, so far, they have 4.05% of them.


The results remove any doubt about this being unprecedented, irrespective of the reasons for voting or the overall number of seats. UKIP have already changed the dynamics of the next election considerably


The European Election 2014 results for the West Midlands region


Farage and UKIP party with no policy on any subject other than aniti Europe.The Coseley candidate backed by people who would not have been out of place on benefits street.

funny old world

What a bigot.

Margaret Hamilton

Here you go chum, here's your party, I think you'll find these are the bigots.


Care to elaborate on your preconceived notions regarding the people of Coseley?


I am so proud of wolverhampton and it's rejection of ukips's policy.

33, seats and only ONE, seat going to the unmentionables.


Iis that all labour got?

I too

Crellie what do you mean "There is an awful lot"? There is even more than that who did not vote for USKIP! Awfully sorry to tell you that dear sir, Whatho!

I did not say country side estate, I said country estate? So you live away from others, do you? Not on a small or large estate? in this country? You must be an overseas person then if you do not live in this country.

Worthless comments from outsider, please ignore Crellie. Generalisations that seem to make UKIP are much better supported than they really are.

The Empire has gone and will not ever return, even with the UKIP 'massive'

Move forward please Crell.

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