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Whats the betting that there will be traffic cameras aimed at drivers looking at the advertising hoarding then fining them for careless driving, as they enter the gateway to desperation


Things like that have no place close to a motorway. They are designed to attract attention, in this instance, the attention of drivers travelling at up to 70mph. Such a distraction, is just an accident waiting to happen, but, as is usual, someone will have to die before the folly of such an ill thought out plan will be recognised.

Tim Buzaglo

This proposed development is a monstrosity. The developers say that they want to build a structure that will put Sandwell on the map and give its people something to be proud of.

Well instead of using a bit of creativity and building something like the angel of the north we are getting a canvas advertising hoarding that is almost as big as a football pitch.

Big businesses and Sandwell council intend to get additional revenue from advertising so they can compete with the other adjacent sign recently erected by Walsall council.

This development will blight local peoples lives and will be seen as a legacy of incompetence which we have come to expect from the idiots at Sandwell council who approve things like this, Remember the public.

Where are the local MP's and councillors who should be representing their constituents and have an interest in local issues. Unfortunately they don't even bother to go to the meetings when this development was unveiled.

Therefore I appeal to local people not to bury there heads in the sand but to oppose this monolith to corporate greed and environmental terrorism.

Martacus Redd

It's not a bad idea building something like this on the site, however the design featured awful

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