I’m a victim like those in Stafford Hospital, says disgraced Chris Huhne

Disgraced ex-minister Chris Huhne sparked outrage today when he compared failings in the legal profession with those at Stafford Hospital.

The former Lib Dem MP and energy secretary was jailed last year for perverting the course of justice after getting his ex-wife Vicky Pryce to take his speeding points.

Constance Briscoe, a judge and friend of his wife, was convicted last week of three counts of intending to pervert the course of justice relating to the probe into Huhne.

He blames Briscoe for the end of his career and his jailing because she had been in contact with the press about the speeding points story. She was jailed for lying to police investigating the allegations.

He said Briscoe was widely described in the legal profession as ‘mad, bad and dangerous’ but no-one spoke out.

“There is a touch here of the Stafford Hospital and Bristol Royal Infirmary where the doctors closed ranks and did not blow the whistle on one of their own,” Mr Huhne added.

But Stafford Hospital campaigner Cheryl Porter today described Mr Huhne’s remarks as ‘ludicrous’ .

“For Chris Huhne to come along and compare our situation to his own, is ludicrous and absurd. It is ridiculous, outrageous and uncalled for. The people of Stafford and surrounding areas are asking how long can this go on for? They are tired of being labelled.”

The Huhne comments, in a column for The Guardian, have been widely ridiculed.

NHS whistleblower Gary Walker, who lifted the lid on a separate hospital scandal, said: “To compare what he went through with Mid Staffs is misplaced and deeply offensive.

“What happened to him is nothing to do with patients suffering and dying.”

Huhne faces a legal hearing today in which he is trying to have his £110,000 bill for costs in the case reduced to £20,000 on the basis that Briscoe’s evidence unfairly extended the proceedings.

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Comments for: "I’m a victim like those in Stafford Hospital, says disgraced Chris Huhne"

funny old world

What a parasite. It's always someone else's fault Is there no ends to which the bulk of our politicians will stoop.


Pompous liar using the failings of the NHS to try and excuse his own actions


His dishonesty in the first place created this mess. Take some responsibility you wimp!


The more you hear from this guy one realises what a pompous fool he really is . .


The analogy with Stafford Hospital is preposterous. There should'nt have been a case at all if he had simply owned up to the speeding offence in the first place. Everything that followed was of his own making.

The troubling thing for me, is that this man was cabinet minister in the coalition government. No wonder people have such a poor regard for politicians.

Truro Wolf

"A victim", He's nothing but a law dodging parasite, he got off light simply because of who he is and who he knows!!!

We are definitely not all the same in the eyes of the law take a look at the murderers Adams & McGuinness for example!!!!!!!!


Mr Huhne was a cheat and lied to the police. At Stafford Hospital professional staff were under pressure from the administration to achieve more than they were capable of doing and let the standards slip. They were also punished, some of them lost their professional qualifications and will have difficulty finding work again, unlike Huhne who will be protected by his peers. I wonder how much the Guardian pays home to write a column???


I started to dislike him when the Liberals lost the vote on changing the voting system when he threw his dummy out the pram.

What I have seen since has only made me think worse of him.

I listened to him on Radio 5 live yesterday morning. What a pathetic excuse for his crime and his failure to confess his guilt at an earlier stage. He only pleaded guilty when he did because he had been advised he would lose the case and he wanted to minimise his sentence.

No doubt now he wants to get back in the Liberal "elite" I hope he does, they deserve him.


No Mr Huhne your not a victim your a liar that's the difference.


Why should the public in Stafford & Cannock hospitals & around Staffordshire have to suffer & also co-operate with politicians who also cannot be honest with their own working people in hospitals like the health secretary & this selfish energy secretary at the time the NHS administration happened on Stafford hospital & who is also just lying to much in public & in the press & local newspapers & when they commit a crime doing a full time job carelessly & also selfishly & stupidly & forgetting & also putting all the safety matters for working people & staff in Stafford hospital & Cannock hospital under pressure everyday & also making people lifestyle's more harder to find a 24hour emergency department & also letting health standards in our health service also deteriorate to much & disgusting & making national headlines every week & what was his responsibility for what he was only doing normally to be doing as an MP more wisely & sensibly & should he find another job!