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£1.5 mill a drop in the ocean ! I will have it off you if you don't want it ! I say WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, Where I worked there was no sick pay for the first three days and then just a percentage, frozen pay rises,, again we were placed on short time for months, which means if there was work we had work if not it was three days or four, without lay off pay, then followed by annual redundancy programmes, NUFF SAID !


What did you do Middley?


Not sure if I mentioned the company name it would get printed, but it is a large steel tube company in Oldbury which is owned by ans Asian lord (yes in the house of lords) and worked on the shop floor, where the lucky one's where the people who was being made redundant because the one's left behind had to do the jobs of the one's gone for the same money. We also had to work with no heating during winter, may I add which have been the worst for years, curios why you ask, oldrocker


Been there and done that. Worked in the public sector as well and that was a breeze. The public sector is the best one to work in long term no matter what heart breaking stories you hear (If any) This is bad in Wolverhampton though. No one wants anyone to lose their jobs, but if they had a more compitent council this might not be happening.


Don't get me wrong StJoe, I am sorry for people who lose their jobs (the one's who want a job ) especially through someone else's mis management, and you tend to find the one's making the bad decisions don't get sacked, mater of fact they more than likely get a rise for reducing the cost's (peoples jobs) if they do get "moved on " it's like a government reshuffle, because they are crap at what they do . Mind you I have to say that in my 35 years working life I aint known many council jobs on offer so they can't be all that bad !


I spent over 30 years working in the public sector and am aware of the downside, like lower pay compared to outside equivalent jobs ouside, the volume of unpaid overtime and the violence and aggression from some of the unreasonable public.

I also spent over 20 years working the private sector and have seen the problems of working in an insecure job with little or no extra benefits like sick pay or pensions.

I feel the public sector do have benefits that are, in this day and age, over generous., and that they should be reduced. I would not use my car for 25p a mile. though, but there is no compulsion there.

I cannot understand why they would return to the higher benefits after 2 years. The whole thing needs looking at again as a fresh start.


They could save some money if the mayor ditched his big luxury limo and chauffeur and bought a smart car !

Ricky Tee

Two weeks today if you want a change!! #itsourwolverhampton

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