Work on £7.1m Wednesbury leisure centre and swimming pool set to begin

Preparation work has begun ahead of a project to build a £7.

1 million leisure centre and swimming pool in Wednesbury.

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Comments for: "Work on £7.1m Wednesbury leisure centre and swimming pool set to begin"


Direct from the Labour book of Business incompetence and just like West Broms beautiful Art deco Gala baths

1, Go find a good serviceable swimming bath with sauna and other excellent facilities

2, Bulldoze the lot flat

3, Borrow £millions that could have been used to support jobs, housing or shops

4, Spend £millions to build a little puddle

5, Tell the folk its wonderful and how lucky they are to have a little puddle and less facilities

5, Pay off the debt over the next 25 years

6, Hope the people are happy to have no jobs, no Houses and shops and will continue to vote Labour

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