Debenhams heads to Wolverhampton's Mander Centre

Debenhams is to open a three-level department store in Wolverhampton under a £30 million redevelopment of the Mander Centre, it can be revealed today.

An artist’s impression of how the redevelopment of Wolverhampton’s Mander Centre could look with Debenhams located in the centre.

The retail giant will anchor a long-awaited revamp of the shopping centre, trading from a new 93,000 sq ft store that will connect the lower mall, upper mall and car park levels.

It is scheduled to open in 2017. At the same time, owners Delancey say there will be a ‘substantial configuration of much of the centre’ creating 10 other large retail units, including three large stores of between 17,000 sq ft and 26,000 sq ft.

Further works will be carried out to including new escalators, as well as lifts to the car park. The department store will take over the unit occupied by Home Living and before that, TJ Hughes. Existing traders such as BHS, Boots, New Look, HMV, JD, Waterstones, Starbucks and Costa, as well as Deichmann and The Entertainer, will continue to trade as normal during the proposed works.

Steve Burgin, director of retail asset management at Delancey, said: “The introduction of Debenhams to Wolverhampton and the Mander Centre is the first step in the regeneration of the city centre that will encourage other major retail brands to invest in the city and allow Wolverhampton to regain its status as the retail capital of the Black Country.”

Gareth Dougherty, acquisitions manager at Debenhams, said: “We are delighted to bring Debenhams and its Designers to Wolverhampton. Alongside robust growth in our multi-channel offering, we believe combining the refurbishment exercise with a new Debenhams department store will greatly enhance the shopping experience for the people of Wolverhampton.”

Debenhams has been interested in Wolverhampton for years but has never before confirmed that it would open a store. It was originally considered as the flagship for the £300 million Summer Row shopping centre project, which was scrapped in 2011.

The city council’s regeneration boss Councillor Peter Bilson said: “This is a great opportunity for Wolverhampton.”

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Comments for: "Debenhams heads to Wolverhampton's Mander Centre"


Typically once again the artist's impression does not really represent a multi-cultural Wolverhampton

What a joke!


Is that what it is supposed to represent? There are few, if any children in the artists picture, but does that mean it's not a child friendly place?


Too many smart, thin and good looking ones as well. Nowt like the town I walk through.


Why is whenever an artist impression is released this is the first comment that comes out. Don't people have anything better to do than moan about who appears on a picture someone has done.


Great news and long overdue, now keep it going

PJW Holland

Probably the worst kept secret in the City's history but good new all the same. Let us hope a big name takes on Sainsbury's old store when it closes, although I would prefer a multiplex cinema and playhouse were developed there.

PJW Holland

Probably the worst kept secret in the City's history but good new all the same. Let us hope a big name takes on Sainsbury's old store when it closes, although I would prefer a multiplex cinema and playhouse were developed there.


I wouldn't get too excited; a lot can happen in three years and we all remember the Summer Row debarcle.

I just noticed the fake shop names too lol, very subtle.


Love the way they've added quality shops such as "M&H" and "Topship"!


How can Wolverhampton be 'The Retail Capital of The Black Country, when Wolverhampton City including The Mander Centre are not in The Black Country?


Correct..It was only ever parts of the south that were in the Black country. If anything the Merryhill Centre is closer to the capital than Wolverhampton will ever be.


In all fairness a reconfiguration is all that this centre needs. Simply building a new shopping centres when demand is low was only ever going to move shops from one place to another rather than actually improve things. Look what happened to the pallasades and pavilion in Brum as soon as the bull ring opened. The shops quickly turned into the tatty shops like the ones the bullring replaced in the first place.


This is wonderful news for Wolverhampton; my home town, which I left many years ago to live and work in London and eventually retire to Bath. I still take an active interest in my home town and wish it well. Good luck to Debenham's in Wolves and to HS2 too, which will bring immense prosperity to the local region. I hope to see the redevelopment of Wolverhampton Station. Please aim to get private investment into that project. And don't forget Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, which requires tender love and support, as well as extra funding to keep the arts well and truly alive in a multi cultural city......

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