Russell Brand at The Hawthorns for West Brom v West Ham

Actor and comedian Russell Brand caused a stir when he appeared at The Hawthorns. But it was away day misery for the West Ham fan as he saw his team beaten by West Brom.

Earlier the star had tweeted:

Among reaction on Twitter, one supporter said:

While another said:




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Comments for: "Russell Brand at The Hawthorns for West Brom v West Ham "

Ronnie Allen

Thanks for the 3 points you prat. Katy Perry don't miss you at all.


Did he ring up first ?

or get in free?

or was he disenchanted West Ham's political on field performance?

and will he vote/ I mean watch them again ?

Is he worth this press time? NO



A total idiot who has made millions talking drivel! Speaks volumes about those who actually think he's funny!

King Jeffs Left Boot

Spot on corfu


He just likes to be outrageous to be noticed. I agree he is a brainless moron who would like to be famous.


A thoroughly disgusting creature,


Actor & comedian? Cactus Man.. Prick!


Syd little was funnier.


Cutting. But true.


I am Wolves through and through but I was so pleased that WBA won to spoil this pathetic little man's day. Has he got a tour or concert coming up ? Just wonder why he had crawled from under his stone to get some publicity.


Seems everyone hates this bloke. How does he manage to stay in "entertainment"?