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It should not be necessary to SEEK to deport any offender who was not born in this country it should be automatic and appeals should be made only after they have been returned home and not using legal aid which the law abiding majority pay for in their taxes


So, why are they still in this country and no doubts claiming every handout going at the cost of the taxpayer? We've got enough of our own freeloading scumbags without importing more, send em back where they came from!


Yet more foreign criminals coming to our shores. Why is deportation not automatic for these people? Furthermore, why are these people being allowed to serve their sentences in nice UK prisons, with 3 meals a day, at a cost to the British taxpayer of 10's of thousands of pounds a year? As Romania is part of Europe, why the hell are they not being deported back to their own country to serve their sentence?


A few things that really puzzle me and also make me pretty angry:-

1. Why should we let anyone into this country if they haven't got a written job offer? Unemployment is high enough as it is.

2. Why should we let anyone in if they can't provide proof that they have a fixed abode when they get here? Why allow anyone in if it's obvious they are effectively homeless?

3. If they aren't claiming benefits and have no paid work then what are they doing for money? Maybe we should insist on providing proof that they have access to sufficient funds as they attempt to enter the country?

4. Why imprison them here when they it's easier and cheaper to return them to their own country?

I'm flabbergasted that even though our country is in deep debt, the mandarins in London and our European cousins concoct ridiculous laws that will obviously cause massive issues.

I despair.


Agree with above comments, however when I posted comments on here regarding the latest influx of Eastern Europeans coming here which where months ago, I was accused of being racist, Higher unemployment, higher crime rates, bigger draws on the National health were an obvious ending to all this. We need to shut the doors now. Most of the Eastern European countries operate in gangs and they are bringing that culture here with them. Great Britain must be no ARE the biggest suckers in the developed world ! The next trick for the government is to squeeze the housing benefit so low that immigrants will not be able to afford or be kept to rent in London, they don't want em down there, so they will be sent north for cheaper rents, watch this space


Middley I don't think you are racist I believe you have posted what many people believe to be true. I was in Poland last year and our guide said she found it amusing that many of their riff raff ( her words) go to the UK which helps get rid of a problem in their land, she thought it ludicrous that a country provides houses and money and all you have to do is turn up.


Eight months, out after around three, bet they won't do that again.......