1,000 sign petition for Archie’s grave

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition in support of a family who face not being allowed to show a picture of their baby on his gravestone.

Amy Hopson, of Wednesfield, whose baby Archie Hobbs was still-born at New Cross Hospital last December
Amy Hopson, of Wednesfield, whose baby Archie Hobbs was still-born at New Cross Hospital last December

Amy Hopson and Warren Hobbs want to put a photograph of little Archie on full show on the memorial in Willenhall Lawn Cemetery.

But Walsall Council has raised concerns the photograph would upset mourners and it was proposed if an image of the baby, who was stillborn, was added it should be covered up most of the time.

Widespread support has now been given to the couple and a total 1,077 people have signed the petition in support of them being able to show the image.

It will now be handed into Walsall Council this week.

A plaque is currently in place ahead of the main gravestone being added in the coming weeks. It had been suggested that a small hinged door be attached so the family could see the picture when the visit.

But Miss Hopson said they cannot see why it should be covered up and had received a mass of support including from SANDS – the Stillbirth and neo-natal death charity. They are now hoping the council will soften the stance and allow the picture to be used.

The 24-year-old mother-of-one from Wednesfield said: “A lot of people are totally agreed they don’t find it distressing at all.

“They can’t see why you can’t have anything like that at the cemetery.

"A lot of people were disgusted.”

Baby Archie was stillborn at New Cross Hospital in December.

Speaking in February, Miss Hopson said they were already grieving the loss of their baby without the extra distress caused by the situation.

She insisted the photograph looks like a baby sleeping and having spoken to other parents no-one else found it distressing. It is the only picture they have of their son.

In a statement released at the time Walsall Council said unfortunately the family wanted to use a picture which it was felt may upset other visitors.

They said a compromise which would effectively see a small hinged door fixed over the image, so the family could see the picture when they visit and then cover it over the rest of the time.

This could then provide a satisfactory solution if practically possible.

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Comments for: "1,000 sign petition for Archie’s grave"

do lallytap

It may well look like a photo of a baby sleeping but to show the photo of a dead baby on the headstone, to me, is a deff NO !

Sorry but thats how I feel


Sorry lallytap, you have lost a baby at birth too have you, we dont want to upset YOU, do we, we are on about a photo on a grave in a cemetery next to other children that have passed away, not on aisle 6 in asda.

firstly, i feel so sorry for there loss, you should never have to bury a child, secondly, if it makes them feel better to see a photo of baby Archie when they visit, then who are you and the council to say no, disgusting attitude.


Lallytap, if u have lost 3 kids then i am too sorry for your loss, eveyone deals with things in different ways, if this is there way of helping them deal with this unimaginable loss, then i wouldn't complain, they never had tyr chance to take a photo of alfie alive.


Do Lallytap

I am one of the people who signed the petition and was well aware that the picture of Archie was a picture after he died, as it stated it on the top of the petition. I signed it as I believe that if this helps the family in some small way to come to terms with their loss then they should be allowed to have a small picture of their son. I have seen the photo of Archie and it actually looks like a small child asleep....


What a stupid decision. Why not publicise the name of the person who made it. If they knew it would be publicised they would think before the excercised their power in that way.

Wolverhampton Motorist

I feel very sad for Archie, and everyone else who has lost a child, it must be tough for a parent. The council have got it right though, and it's a hard choice to make. It is inappropriate to hang or mount pictures of dead children anywhere, I would not like to see this photo and would find it very distressing if people that I care about saw it too.

However sad something like this is, easing one single families grief by changing a well positioned stance that causes other families upset isn't the way forward - it's unfair, and Thehoffsleftsock, do lallytap is allowed to express a different view to yours without drawing your ire, just like Archie's family are entitled to theirs.

Counselling, love and care is the way forward.

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