CCTV and barriers to be used by police in West Midlands boy racer crackdown

A crackdown on boy racers using CCTV cameras and barriers has moved a step closer to reality after being backed by a police and crime commissioner.

West Midlands police and crime commissioner Bob Jones
West Midlands police and crime commissioner Bob Jones

Bob Jones, the commissioner for the West Midlands, has pledged to support the crackdown in Moxley, where there have been complaints of cars tearing through a supermarket car park and surrounding roads.

Now the plans will go before council bosses in the hope the measures will be put in place soon. Residents say that car drivers are congregating every Sunday night near the Aldi store, in Burns Road, Moxley, and driving at high speeds along the Black Country Route.

Last month police were out in force in an operation to raise awareness of the issue and to deter suspected boy racers from causing a nuisance.

And councillors have been calling for action to be taken. They want 24-hour cameras installed and a barrier blocking access.

The plans were drawn up by ward councillor Doug James to bring together supermarket bosses, the police and council. After visiting the site where races take place, Bob Jones said: “This sort of initiative works on so many levels and will help save lives of local people and even the boy racers who, whatever they think, simply don’t have the skills to control cars at high speed on public roads.

“It is cost efficient because it shares the limited spend across a number of authorities and most importantly it gets the local community involved, addresses their fears and reinforces the need for road safety. “

Councillor James said he had faced problems getting the issue to be addressed as drivers congregate on part of the A463 Black Country Route, which crosses three council areas. He said:“It’s great that Bob Jones has given his backing. It shows that the police at the highest level are taking this issue seriously. For months local residents have rightly complained of these late night ‘race’ events but nothing is getting done. I want Walsall Council to work with Aldi to help erect a barrier which will stop drivers meeting on the car park when the store is closed.”

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Comments for: "CCTV and barriers to be used by police in West Midlands boy racer crackdown"


So the head of the West Midlands Police supports a councillor (Labour) in asking a council to put in CCTV and Barriers eh?

Bob I will break this to you gently, its the Police who arrest people for breaking the law, cameras are not as good as a good old Cop, you should know, your the boss.

Whoops , I forgot it will soon be election time and if the council says no it will be all over the election leaflets.


Funny how so many of these speed cameras are placed in such a way as to pounce upon the unwary driver, and yet, the boy racers described here - and pose significantly greater risk to human life - can get away with it. Further, complaints have been coming in for months.. why make promises now? That's right: there's an election coming up. This is a weekly occurrence, however it only seems to matter doing the weeks prior to an election. As for the idiot racers themselves, I'd stop at nothing short of banning them for driving for 6 months - for starters. Catch the bus, walk or cycle. They have such scant regard for others then I have scant regard for their wishes, their interests, and their feelings. Off the roads you go.


I wonder how many Labour Leaflets Bob will be on this year?

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