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This council is so pathetic,

Perhaps the Secretary of State has followed Sandwell Councils famous new book.

"How to consult on the Public Art Building"


Agree Glenda. Pot calling the kettle black, what do the council consult the people of sandwell on, they just steam roller their most often than not million pound "cock up's" and then blame anyone bar themselves, mostly government cuts when they have had to shift money around to prop up such schemes with front line service money, however I do think it's disgusting for the residents of Wednesbury.


Dear Labour you may have missed a few points

It was due for completion in 2010 , When Labour were in Government

It was never started while Labour were in council and Government.

Great Bridge had a massive car park 8 years ago closed for a medical centre , that's still fenced off. Will this scrutiny board scrutinise that decision done by Labour and send that off to Government . No chance

But then I realised there's an election due

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