Outrage as bags of rotting food dumped on traffic island in protest

A mound of rubbish has been dumped on a traffic island, sparking anger from residents.

Gill Grinyer takes a look at the dumped rubbish
Gill Grinyer takes a look at the dumped rubbish

Dozens of bags of rotting food and other items of household waste were abandoned on the island in Abney Avenue, Albrighton, after a waste collection service failed to show up at the weekend.

Some residents were so angry that they were threatening to push the mound into the road, blocking the traffic. Gill Ginyer, whose house overlooks the island, said the heap had continued to grow over the past few days as people turned the area into a dumping ground.

She said: “It’s terrible. It has been there since Saturday.

“There is food in there and all sorts, and with the warm weather we are going to have rats.”

The 51-year-old former nurse added: “I rang the council and they said they have received a number of calls, and they would get it sorted.

“Some of the neighbours have said they are going to push it all onto the road to stop the traffic.”

Chairman of Albrighton Parish Council, David Beechey, said a waste disposal vehicle failed to show up on Saturday. He said he had been in touch with Shropshire County Council, which had agreed to remove the waste today. He hit out at the people who had dumped the rubbish, saying it was nothing other than a criminal act.

“It seems that when the contractor didn’t turn up, people just dumped all their rubbish on the road, understandably enraging the residents of Abney Vvenue,” he said

“It’s nothing more than illegal fly-tipping. You would have thought that they would have had the common sense to realise that when the contractor did not show up, they would have to take their rubbish back with them, but instead they just dumped it.”

The dumped rubbish comes just days after a senior councillor warned how fly-tipping could be set to increase in Wolverhampton after council bosses reduced the opening hours of its two main tips.

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Comments for: "Outrage as bags of rotting food dumped on traffic island in protest"


Just because the bin men do not turn up it does not give people the right to start fly tipping where they feel like it.

They would have been justified to leave it on the footpath at the front of their house until the bin wagon turned up but slinging it on a traffic island is nothing short of disgraceful.

If People know who's dumped it they should report the tippers to the police.


Sadly, people from society's underclasses lack the intelligence to behave rationally when such things happen.

The tins of paint and broken bits of furniture in the photo makes one think that they have used it as an excuse to dump more than just household waste.

The council should have the bags searched for clues to the culprits' identities and prosecute them.

Even generally decent places like Albrighton have an element of scum within them.

Dave W.

Albrighton residents should be glad they don't live in Wolverhampton ..... Theres rubbish everywhere .


It's unfortunate that the residents chose this action, but the fault lies with the company who didn't collect the rubbish.

They should have an out of hours telephone number to ensure that customers can contact them when they have missed their collection so that they can come out the same day.

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