Wolves are promoted to the Championship

Wolves have been promoted to the Championship after beating Crewe Alexandra 2-0.

Fans 8 PM 12
Fans celebrate after Wolves win promotion.

Kenny Jackett has guided his side to promotion after picking up 93 points in League One this season.

Tim Nash was at the game and had this to say after the final whistle

Midfielder Kevin McDonald scored shortly before half-time to give Wolves the lead at the break. Dave Edwards added the second of the day in the 66th minute to seal promotion for Wolves.

Promotion sees Wolves return to the Championship at the first time of asking.

See a small collection of your 'Wolves selfies' below

The club picked up 28 wins on their way to promotion including a record-breaking nine-game consecutive winning streak.

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Comments for: "Wolves are promoted to the Championship"


Well done everybody! Thoroughly deserved, onwards and upwards! UTW.


Hear hear bilodave!!!!

Just wondering any thoughts on who we need next season? Obviously a stronger midfield once again and another striker? UTMW


Fantastic!!!! Shame gone, pride restored! Well done Kenny and everyone who wore a shirt this season. Never ever has a Wolves team performed so consistently at the level they were playing, not even the great team of the 50s. What a platform we have for next season! Always great to be a Wolves fan, just feels even greater right now.


Let's al have a disco, let's all have a disco la la la la...

Lobo para siempre

Just brilliant! Now for the title! Well done everyone at WWFC, team, management, fans.

Mountain Wolf

Such a proud day. The players, the fans - and Kenny Jackett - congratulations to you all. I don't have the words to express my gratitude.

Farmer Ted

Well done Wolves, well done Kenny Jackett and his background boys.

Now let's finish the job. Win the title and beat the points record.

tipton wolf

I'm on the beer now...cheers Kenny and the boys!


Well done, lads - now lets go for the title. 6 more points should do it.

Old Wulfrunian

Congratulations to my beloved Wolves and everyone connected with the club for gaining promotion at the first time of asking. Such a change after the heartache of the last two seasons but that's all forgotten now as far as I'm concerned. Six points from the last four games, barring Brenford overturning a big goal difference in our favour, is all we need to land us the title.

Onwards and upwards!!!!!!!!


Statos Boring Brother







Well done KJ for building a team to make us happy again and silencing the doubters and doom merchants who were moaning when we were grinding out wins. KJ did a nice steady job, took a look at what was available, used some of it but made careful, sensible buys where necessary and didn't splurge the cash.

Well done to the 2 MM's for supporting KJ and also staying out of the limelight.

Well done to the players who have played as a team with no prima donnas, have worked hard for each other and made it a pleasure to watch Wolves again. Special thanks to the defence as our promotion has been built on 24 clean sheets.

Well done to those in the academy who have supplied some of the foundations for this year's team and KJ has obviously been happy to use the youngsters supplied.

I still can't believe it and keep getting a nagging feel that there's still something to go wrong like the league suddenly finding out that the Wolves didn't register Steve Bull correctly in the 1980's, docking us 99 points and relegating us the conference. Just call it Wolfism

Never mind, I might have a pint (or six) tonight.

Old Wulfrunian

And I'm sure Len will be doing likewise! I may even have a couple of pints myself!!


Ha - I have already started! Cheers everybody... :-)


And well done all you supporters who followed our Wolves week in and week out through the rain hail sleet and snow. This makes it all worth while.


Absolutely delighted. Well done, Kenny and the squad - Kevin Thelwall, Joe Gallen and everybody behind the scenes. You have made us proud this season. Football became fun again. Congratulations also to all the fans who went to the games and got behind the lads - you were an important part of it too. Fantastic - UTW.


And with Brentford losing can the title be too far away ?

grumppy grandad

What a great day for all Wolves fans keep it going to the end of the season and bring on the championship


The plus points,

well done Kenny J and the team for promotion today, glad to see we have a decent young and hungry bunch. Finally restoring SOME pride.

the minus points,

how the hell did it come to this, back to back relegations, 5 managers in just over a year, prima donna cry baby over paid players, hopefully we can carry on building and learn where we went wrong.

u t w


I am speechless with elation - what a fabulous season this has been - I am so proud for Wolverhampton Wanderers and for everything that Mr Jackett has done to transform the club. Now the title!


When Kenny was first appointed i wasn't to happy,he wasn't my first choice.I did say though,that if and when we got promoted i would come back on and hold my hand up and apologise for doubting his ability.Well here i am,i cant thank him enough for the job he has done,getting my Babbies back to the championship.He has done it with a dignity and a calming way,clearing the decks of all the over paid premadonners that were only after the pound notes not the shirt.Well done also to everyone one of the those players,you have done yourselves and the fans proud.Onwards and upwards.THANK YOU AGAIN "KING KENNY".


Bully306, what an excellent comment. And I like you, didn't want KJ, as our new mangaer. But I've admired and liked, everything he's said and done so far. So like you I will hold my hand up, and gladly admit I was well wrong. UTW:

Jackett the Hat

I was sick of guessing who the next appointment was gonna be, so I did a bit of homework. I found out that the only positive comments were awarded to Steve Mc'Claren and as Millwall called him, Puffa Jackett. There was a journo (forgot his name) who couldn't speak highly enough of Kenny's attitude and methods, he listed players and up and coming managers ready to make their mark, Kenny was first on the list !

His work at Man City with the kids was what got the grapevine buzzin and he carried this on at Swansea with young uns that were comfortable on the ball and knew the job that was asked of them.

Thanks Kevin Thelwell for spotting what we needed, your efforts have not gone unnoticed, the confidence with other Wolves fans is that King Kenny can make dreams a reality, you can take massive credit for that.


Wonderful Wolves, great result for the club and the fans,now just need to finish the job and go up as champions. Congratulations to Kenny Jacket for restoring the pride back into the club and ending the misery of the past two seasons. well done me babbies.


28 wins

9 consecutive wins

23 clean sheets

scored 74

conceded 25

6 more points to be champions. utw.


Makes great reading nik..


Chillo Wolf

Delighted and so proud to be a Wolves fan


Fantastic and thoroughly deserved. Well done to all at our club and that, of course, includes the fans.




Nik, there are so many records being broken you forgot to mention the 14 away wins.....but you are forgiven just TOO many to remember.

Also when we get 30,000 on Friday (and probably against Carlisle as well) the Tesco Baggies will have to wait a long long time to beat that, i.e. in an all seater stadium. Lets be honest they struggle to sell out in the Premier so there's no need for them EVER to have to expand the ground.

Well that's the carrot dangled lets see if they bite.....



Not allowed to bite. Wolverhampton express and star delete all posts slightly only slightly making fun of all you wolves fans. So i will instead congratulate Wolves on finishing in their lowest position for years. Forty seventh out of ninety two league clubs a tremendous and wholly unexpected acheivment up against such giants as Crewe, Oldham, Stevenage et al.

The Flying Winger

Great result, another accomplished display, pride restored to a club and it's fans.

The team and supporters earned this together, led by a manager who knows what he is doing.

What a task faced us at the start of the season, every challenge was met by Jackett and overcome.

He managed what many thought impossible, building the relationship with the supporters.

Delighted for McDonald that he scored a goal that will bemembered for years to come, what can you say about Edwards he seems a different player and capable of scoring goals in the new set up.

Lastly the much maligned Moxey & Morgan kept to the background and let Jackett get on with it, they must be happy tonight.

What a day in prospect for all on Good Friday, aptly named!

brierley hill wolf

Well Done KJ and all the players what a fantastic turnaround for a club in disarray and free fall to gaining promotion at first attempt, thank you for putting a smile back on our faces and making Saturdays happy days again after two years of hell !!!!

Silver Wolf

What a great day! Well played one and all.


Congratulations to everyone connected with WWFC. Now let's go for the title. UTW:

Wolves for life

Congratulations to Kenny Jackett and all at Wolves. You have given us our pride back. I believe KJ should be given Manager of the Year taking into account who he inherited and the sheer number of changes he made in the playing staff. He gelled them into a team who have displayed excellent passing football, mended the relationship with fans who responded in thousands.

I have followed my beloved team for 62 years and the sheer scale of his achievement is as good as it ever has been. After two awful seasons I feel proud to be associated with WWFC.

I am looking forward to the Sponsor's Lunch on Monday with relish.

Just one more request please, CHAMPIONS.


GET IN !!!


Amazing love it at last can go to work and give sandwell rovers some stick


Wolves beat Crewe. Albion draw with Tottenham. Exactly what are you going to say, as i am sure every Albion fan is only dreaming of a role reversal.

Bruce, Trinidad

Thanks a million Kenny. You cleared out the "stars", kept the foot soldiers (Edwards, Stearman, Elokibi), brought forward the promising youngsters (who were being kept back by the "stars") and made some great acquisitions. Now get us back into the Premier and show us how to stay there (presumably not by hanging on to players past their sell by date).


well its done so why not give some of the youth players a go in the remaining games Don"t care about the title,

Sir Billy Quiet

You might not care but the players that worked all season to win the league do.........glad your not a manager!


Well done paul, yet another well thought out comment !!!

A small tip... Try harder!!


Farmer Ted

You've seen how the manager works

You've seen how hard the players have worked

They have the title and a record points haul within their grasp

You've seen a number of young players break through and another, Eusebio is on the brink.

If you think anybody at Molineux is going to toss that away just because you don't care you seriously need to get a grip.

The youngsters will get their chance when they're good and ready.

You need to think a little more clearly.


You're a couple of clowns short of a circus to come out out with nonsense like that pal.

allpo wolves

well done boys u make us pround already on my sixth can utw

Mountain Wolf

Now then ..... about those scary beards.

Well done and deserved.I love the Wolves.xxxxx

Hong Kong Pete

"KING KENNY J" give him the keys to the city of Wolverhampton, he has with his squad and everybody else involved including every loyal supporter transformed this club, Wolverhampton Wanderers are now half way back to where they should be.

The achievement has made all loyal supporters no matter where they live and who follow Wolves all over the world and the people of Wolverhampton to be very proud once again of their football team.

If any manager should get manager of the year Mr Kenny Jackett should be top of the list

Sir Billy Quiet

Proud to be a Wolves fan. Let's get past 100 points win the title.

This season will be remembered for many years'............


well what a day so proud of the lads ,wish I could buy you all a drink ,will be trying a couple myself tonignt,CHEERS OLD WOLF


So pleased tonight.. Can't wait for Friday..

"Proud to be a Wolves Fan"



Well done lads what more can you say .

Congrats to everyone involved. great win and a great season and everyone playing their part. Can anyone tell me how much this team has cost the club in transfer frees??????


well done lads, nicely done great to cross over the line, now lets set our sights on that title :) KJ and the whole backroom team great job, lets keep pushing next season could be interesting, bring it on


Now the title.

Dougan is king...

Stearmans overhead kick

Well done Kenny and the team ! Very proud tonight .How the bloomin hell did you pull that off after the shambles of the past two years? Few beers, And a cigar tonight, Grandson and myself have a smile a mile wide .As a treat going to let him stop up to let him see the Boggies throw it away yet again,


Celebrating here in Corfu! Marvellous and fully deserved. Mythos and Ouzos all round.


Ditto Marbella


Jackett the Hat

Ditto Bilston

Wolves ay we....


Congrats to all the lads and everyone involved this season. Enjoy it boys, wish I was in Wolvo tonight but will be having a few bevies across the pond. Glory Glory Wolverhampton. I'd love a pint of Banks!!!!!!


"And the Wolves go marching ON ON ON"



Bloody awesome! Great work KJ and well done lads, definitely pride restored in our club. Onwards and upwards.



congratulations to the team Kenny Jackett and all involved at the club on a job well done.

realistically, no less than we should expect but we have plenty of time now to strengthen for a hopefully consecutive promotion push. genuinely excited for next season

chris h

The objective this season was promotion and this has been achieved. Since that rough patch in Dec the form and performances have been outstanding. We have also played some good football, whilst having a robust defence. Just look how many more points we have amassed compared to Peterborough, who would have thought that after they beat us last Autumn. Kenny Jackett has proved to be a very popular and astute first team coach/ manager. Long may it continue and hopefully we can build on this and get back to the Premier sooner rather than later.


Well said chris... Next objective is to win the league...



Well Done Wolves! A fantastic response to a rough period in the history of the club. Here's to the future that looks very promising indeed.


A simply fantastic day out. Kenny Jackett's revolution has given us back our club, our pride and our connection with a group of players who have earned our respect and admiration.

The party on the pitch was fab! I don't think Dicko and Sako wanted to leave! So much to be happy about right now.

Great year to start taking my lad to games. Trouble is he thinks it's always like this!


Absolutely fantastic.

KJ in the early part of the season kept tinkering, which annoyed me bur he was sorting the wheat from the chaff and I was impatient and all credit to the man for having a long sighted view of matters.

A back four of immeasurable strength with Batth a central defender of class. This lad will play for England in the next five years, so much so that I have asked William Hill to give me odds on this fact.

Can you believe that they have given me 10-1 on him playing a game for England

10-1 can you believe those odds?

What it means is that he is a stone bank certainty for this recognition.

We are there, in the Championship. Just a division below the golden league.

Can we make the next step? It is a big ask.

it is nice to see that KJ is having talks with Keith Treadwell with regard to strengthening the team for a push for promotion to the Premiership.

A left bacx, a central midfield destroyer and two strikers of quality

Not a lot to ask for but we can do it.

Sako will probably go but KJ did state that he has an adequate replacement in Bancessi. another Academy player who has fought his way through all the Academy matches to be recognised as a quality squad player.

I cannot get to the games now due to a chronic spinal nerve problem but whoever is sitting in the Billy Wright stand in my old seat please give the lads an extra cheer for me on Saturday.

If I can get over the op next month I will be there for a October match.

Come on lads please get thee title


I sincerely hope that your op is a success, Lesterwolf, and that the outcome will enable you to make visits to the Mol. I share your thoughts re. the Billy Wright stand - I too wonder who sits in the seat I regarded as my own for many years; I share your sentiments entirely. UTW.

Silver Wolf

All best wishes with your op, Lesterwolf, and if you make it back to the Mol by October I hope it's to see the team showing themselves to be a real force in the Championship.


Well done Wolves, back from the dead. Just hope lessons are learned and we are more Burnley than QPR next season. A top quality championship Striker, Midfielder and Centre Back (sorry Richard) should see us compete for at least play-offs next season. Just 3 quality players. Up the Wolves.


Like a lot of other fans, I was a bit underwhelmed at KJ's appointment but never has a great big piece of humble pie tasted so good! From the moment he walked into Molineux he seemed to "get" the Wolves and what the club and the fans are all about. More to the point, however, he knew what needed doing in terms of personnel and has gone about doing it in a measured, understated and hugely effective way.

I never missed a home match in the 1970s, but living in Canada now I have to read every report I can find. This season has made for much more enjoyable reading than in the recent past, of course, and it is so good to see some youngsters coming through. As we say in Canada: "Awesome".


When KJ was chosen as manager, I can't say I was ecstatic - not a detractor as such, just not my preferred choice. But just as we have all piled on (with ample justification) at numerous truly awful decisions made by management in recent yrs., so too must we give them credit and respect for their choice in hiring Kenneth Francis Jackett to guide this great and storied club into a new era.

KJ has brought pride back to this club faster than any of us dared hope less than 1 yr. ago. His man management, selection, signings, loanees and overall calm and level-headedness throughout this amazing season has been THE story of this revival.

Perhaps his brief was such that finding those 'diamonds in the rough' lurking in the academy was his only option after the profligate spending of the past few yrs. (at least on salaries if not actual talent) but find them he did and polish them he did.

I'm sure Jack the Hat and others will be swift to point out that this is tier 3 football and for sure, we're no Premier League outfit....yet. But winning is winning and the style in which we've done it this yr. bodes well for the future. And for the first time in many a season, that future looks more than promising; it looks achievable - and for that we have KJ to thank.

This team has done him and us proud and we'll not forget this run in a long, long time. Many will be here next season, some will grow into premier league players, some may falter but I have absolute faith in KJ's ability to tell which players will succeed at the higher levels and which need to move on. And when that time comes, if they seriously love this club, the board had better back him as required.

Premier league football will be a reality for this club again, if not next yr,. within two yrs., I believe. Only time will tell but in yrs. to come, I think history may well show Kenny Jackett to be one of the finest managers this club has ever seen.

Thank you Kenny and long may you reign.

Old Wulfrunian

Good post. Well thought out and presented.


Out of darkness cometh light, win the title guys for the fans fantastic support

The Real Bully Hoo.

Congratulations Wolves. Well done. Enjoy it.

Old Wulfrunian


It's the first time I've seen you over here and with such meaningful comments you're welcome any time!



Breath of fresh air, superb performance and alot of pride.

Would just like to make one request please. The notable abscenec of the doom merchants ie Psalm 23 have not been missed at all. Please feel free to keep away this season, your not required. Oh and lets all have a disco, lets all have a disco lalalalalala ohh lalalallala

Melbourne wolves

Very happy here in sunny Melbourne - let's go on and win the league.


great result and team this season we all go to games and the seating is great.but my thoughts and prayers are for the 96 that went to a footy game and was full of excitement and hopefully see there club win yet never returned home and even worse was blamed for the wrong doing by police trying to cover there backs.we rememeber all of the lost it could have been any of us at any club any team.


Congratulations to my beloved Wolves, well done to everybody involved in this great achievement. Looking forward to the next challenge.U.T.W.

spanish ray

Congratulations Wolves and a special congratulations to Kenny Jackett.What a great job in turning this club round wonderful ,now put the cream on and lets lift the title.


Brilliant achievement to bounce back to the Championship at the first attempt. Congratulations to all management, staff and supporters at Wolves.

Complete justification of the club's policy to offload the expensive flops; trust in the club's development policy; and hire a properly qualified manager recommended by the club's football professionals rather than Liverpool FC old boys.

Kenny Jackett was proven as a safe pair of hands in the football league and has exceeded expectations with astute signings much more flexible tactics.

The goalkeeper and defence have been way too good for this level all season. Vital to the success has been the signing of a proper career left back and Captain with genuine leadership skills on the field, noticeably absent in recent years and a source of constant frustration for fans.

Looking forward to a settled club with great support competing successfully in the Championship.

Well done to all concerned!

Alan in Cyprus

Well done everyone, the fans especially. This is just the platform for the future, we need a bit more experience now for when we play those former premier League teams next season.


What a wonderful feeling- waking up to the sun shining, birds singing and that great realisation that Wolves are promoted.

A great day at Crewe yesterday, like nearly every other Wolves fan there I was on the pitch at FT.

Well done Kenny Jackett- you have restored some pride and cohesion to this Club and it's supporters.

Wolverhampton Wanderers- Form is temporary , Class is permanent.

Ronnie Allen

Fantastic news. Perhaps a bit early, but does anyone have news of the pie and pasty prices for next season? The older I get, you know how it is, I drink 5 pints and whizz 10, so I need to consider either getting them from Greggs before the match, or getting me normal half dozen chicken and mushroom and eatin em in the cludgie with a nice cold Guinness waiting for the kick off whistle.


Are you the same Ronnie Allen who appears on the Albion boards purporting to be an Albion fan. If so what you ashamed of?


Agreed Chris h. Never rest on your laurels. Great to see Robert Plant there, just a normal Wolves fan in the crowd.

The Voice

Well done lads - whatever happens next season, no matter how often we get beaten will will always remember the day we won the 3rd division.


Sorry to hear about your injuries ,which prevent your attendance Lesterwolf. One thing though; if you had been going, you would soon realise that we only need a left back as injury cover. Scott Golbourne is so complete a player, and so mature, that he leaves me in awe! When was the last time that Wolves fans never talked about the problem of the left back position? I can hardly remember. But they don't now.----------- At Crewe yesterday, once more, he was just so efficient. Never a showboater, but so good!!!!

Stafford wolf

Well done wolves.

Now just wish the chairman would match the commitment and hunger of the manager and playing staff.

1. Green light for phase 2 of redevelopment

2. Back manager for back to back promotions

9k away and 30k at home for league one football says it all.

Sort it Morgan show us you right for the club.


What a contrast from last year, we really are young and hungry, bring on the championship, at this rate won't be at all surprised if we are celebrating promotion to the premiership. Well done Kenny Jackett and his boys....WE ARE Wolverhampton and we are promoted......yeeepiee.

Ye Olde South Bank

Must admit that tears were welling in my eyes at the final whistle. Not with relief at promotion, though. No, it was just sheer, undiluted pride in our Head Coach and his honest, decent bunch of lads. It's been oh, so long since we've had a team that we can truly identify with, and a seeming cosmic eternity since the club and fanbase was united in the way it is today.

Boys, each and every one of you have done us proud on that field of play, this season. Not one of you let us down. To have a team that wears our beloved shirt with such pride speaks volumes for you all. Like us, you'll remember this season for the rest of your lives with great affection. However, if any of you should go on to love this great club even half as much as we fans do (or even the many, truly legendary players whose footsteps you walk in), well, only then will you know WHY Wolverhampton Wanderers FC is so very, very special to so many people around the world.

After all the pain, pride has finally been restored. Thanks for everything, Kenny. In my book, you practically deserve the Freedom of The City of Wolverhampton for your magnificent achievement of totally reshaping and rescuing a famous old club that was on its knees and sinking into oblivion. Immense credit goes to you, KJ.

Happy days are here again. Now take that deserved title!

== Wim Wolves, ay we ==


Well done Wolves. You made it look easy doing it with games to spare and you did get stronger as the season developed. A wonderful effort from a new sqaud that put into sharp perspective the weak and woeful players we had collected that got us 2 relegations running. Out with the old in with the new. Kenny Jackett deservee players so much credit for re-shaping the squad, giving our kids a chance and bombing out the failures. There must now be no way back for Doyle and Johnson and O'Hara, but will there be second chances for Doumbia and Boukahri? . Oh.........and one thing............continue to stay silent Morgan and Moxey. It has been re-freshing to hear your. We are a superbly supported club, with a special spirit and atmosphere. I am so happy for those wonderful Wolves fans. Congratulations to my boys, Wolverhampton Wanderers.


K J is my best friend

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