Here we go! This one's for the fans

Kenny Jackett’s boys have been promoted to the Championship after beating Crewe Alexandra 2-0.

wolves promotion

So get in on the Wolves promotion party!

With Wolves going back into the Championship, The Express & Star launches our celebrations, bringing together fans to create an end of season to remember.

We’re offering prizes and prestige as we ask for your pictures, stories and messages of goodwill for the Molineux boys.

It couldn’t be simpler to take part – simply go online to

To kick off we’re asking readers to come up with an amusing slogan for a Wolves poster – a competition which is open to all, regardless of age or the team you support. The top poster ideas – be it designs sent in via Star Witness or simply a slogan – will then be uploaded on to and made available for download. The funniest poster idea or slogan will be awarded £50.

wolves fans

And with so many memorable moments from the 2013/2014 season we’re creating a gallery of matchday pictures. Send in your photos of yourself, your friends and family at games. Whether it’s you and your mates cheering on the boys at an away game, or simply waving the old gold scarf outside Molineux, we want to see them all.

Fans can also pen their tales of the season. Send us 300 words on what 2013/2014 has meant to you and the best story will win £100. Check out the Wolves Promotion section of for inspiration – where avid fans and reporters Adam Thompson and Tim Spiers tell their stories from the season.

You can also send us your selfies to help make a huge celebratory picture of Wolves fans, which will be compiled into a collage and made into the face of Kenny Jackett.

Express & Star Editor Keith Harrison said now is the time for fans to celebrate.

He said: “It doesn’t get much better than your team winning promotion – from any league. This is only the 10th promotion in Wolves’ illustrious history and you can sense the air of celebration around the place. Everyone knows Wolves fans are among the best in the country and what’s been great to see is the way they’ve stuck with their team in amazing numbers this season, although that’s what we’ve come to expect. For me, this season has seen the fans get their club back and what we want to do is celebrate that in style. We’d love to see fans’ pictures from the season and hear in their own words what this season has meant to them. No-one can argue that the Wolves crowd has had it rough in the last couple of years, but now is the time to party – this one’s for the fans.”

Your selfies

Send us your selfies, whether its you in your team shirt or celebrating as a goal goes in. Once we’ve got around 100 we’ll transform them into a mosaic of the main man himself, Kenny Jackett.

Your stories

What has this season meant to you? Is it the year that the boys in gold and black reclaimed the famous shirt for the fans led by the likes of Dicko and Sako? Send us 300 words and we’ll pay £100 for the best.

Your pictures

From the season opener against Preston to the mighty away win in front of thousands of travelling fans at MK Dons, there are plenty of highlights, so send us your pictures. The best will win £100.

Your posters

The top Wolves Promotion poster ideas – be it designs sent in via Star Witness or simply a slogan – will be uploaded on to and made available for download. The funniest poster idea or slogan will be awarded £50.

To find out how to get involved click here.

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Comments for: "Here we go! This one's for the fans"


Just like to say I love The Wolves and I for one have never lost faith, it's been great this season.


Well, sue, I have to say as an avid reader of our threads that your belief and support has never wavered over the years you have been posting. Out of interest, which stand do you sit in? When my wife and I were able to make the journey, we sat in the "Billy Quiet".


I sit in the Stan Cullis, have for years will try for years to come.


Good for you. Keep posting.

Wednesbury wolves

Sue, have lost faith a few times this season, so well done for keeping the faith all season, it's time to celebrate now, for the next 3 wks, and all unite as one, well done sue, even though we rarely see eye to eye.


Perhaps we have different views but we both love the same team. It's only friendly banter...United we are!

Jackett the Hat

This is our love and we smashed that division....


Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

After watching the Rotherham tripe last night, wolves should have won this league by a farming-country mile. Opposition, Rotherham made a joke of the word. Never mind, you can look forward to some real competition next season, especially as your loan players will be back in contention.



brilliant picture of our very own danny(rikki) baath. epitomises everything about this season.

young, hungry,talented,fresh.

sleeping giant? no since 1959 we have been in a virtual coma, only sporadically blinking with two league cup wins and one f.a.cup win.

kenny jackett wants to play the game the right way. pass and move. not hoof ball.

we are now at the dawn of a new era. hopefully not another false one.

this is our love and it knows no division.



Congrats to Wolves, we all know you are up already, and let's have a derby in the Prem in 2 years time! But for the E+D to describe this as a 'glorious promotion' is a little too simpering don't you think? Do the same next season and I may agree then. All the best to yow lot anyway (until we meet again that is).



Mountain Wolf

I think you meant Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

You know you want us to go up! No winding us up today, superwestbrom!


zzzzzzzzzzzz, yes superwestbrom that is what a coma sounds like, you should




May I suggest you check the meaning of SUPER before associating it with anything to do with West Brom!!!!!

That med me loff as much as loffing at Jack

chris h

10 promotions in our history and I have seen 8 of them. As the Smiths said about Mothers, some are bigger than others. I remember leaving the old John Ireland stand when we were close to promotion out of the fourth division. It was quite emotional, but not in a celebratory way, I remember thinking ' we have got our dignity back'. And I feel the same about this one. With all the resources available to the club, there was no way that we should have found ourselves in the third tier of English football . We are not there yet, but soon, probably today, we will be out of it and back playing the minimum standard of football that should be acceptable to a club like Wolves.Well done to Kenny Jackett , the players and the backroom staff. And well done to Steve Morgan, Jez Moxey and the Board. But this should be a time for only a little celebration, far better for us to build on this season's success with a renewed determination to take us back to playing football at the highest level possible.


only a little celebration chris? oh come on man, we dont get many chances to celebrate so go on, you know deep down you want to. utw.


Well said, chris h. Once we secure definite promotion we should celebrate - but as KJ has already said, the real celebration will be when we take the title. As for the future? - well as you rightly put it, we will have our dignity back and may be in the position to mount another assault on the PL. Whatever we think about that league, that has to be the aim once one is in the Championship.

Chillo Wolf

Go support someone else ...


Chillo that is totally uncalled for.

Chillo Wolf

Why Bilo? We are about to get promoted after a wonderful season. It's not KJ's fault that we find ourselves in this league. It's not the players fault either. These lads have worked their socks off all season and all you get from this fool is negativity. Nobody is saying that this is the pinnacle but credit is fully deserved.

Constantly knocking the board, at every stage this season. That's all you get from this guy.

It's a time for a big celebration Bilo, not a 'little celebration'


I agree with most of what you say Chillo, but Chris H is just a little more cautious and world weary I guess and that certainly doesn't mean he is not a true Wolves fan. Anyway let's hope we can celebrate promotion today and the title soon, KJ the players and the fans deserve both.

chris h

Bilo, Thanks for coming to my support,if only in a limited way. I don't think it is caution though, it is ambition. I want Wolves ,the team I have loyally supported for over 50 years, to be successful. The other thing you get as you get older is a huge dose of cynicism. Both in my previous working life and in following the Wolves, I have heard it all before from certain directors. I have got the T shirt. As for world weary, no mate I want that to go on and on.


Sorry Chris did not mean my support to sound limited. As for my phrase world weary I just meant as in your word cynicism not that you are tired of life, far from it mate. I appreciate both Chillo's and your contributions and don't like to see Wolves fans fall out on a day like today.

chris h

Chillo, Let's call it quits, bud. You go and celebrate what will be a momentous year for you and your family. I did the double in 1980 , we won the League Cup and that year my daughter was born. She is running the London Marathon tomorrow.

Wednesbury wolves

Calm down chillo, it's no good getting stressed bud, think of ur mrs and the bab, we all have our opinions mate, and all have one thing in common we want out team to do well, well we're now on the road to recovery, so let's enjoy it for the next 3 wks, then it will be time to sit back and see what Morgan allows kj to spend!!!! Until then let's all unite, and say well done the boys and kj, for getting us promoted, for which I said at start of season was minimum requirement, and a wembley appearance in paint trophy, but that was a failure!!! So hopefully now we can go on and claim the title, good luck to u and the mrs in August mate. And keep calm

Mountain Wolf

Love the Wolves.

Love the fans.

Kenny Jackett is a god.

Jack the Hat

To kick off we’re asking readers to come up with an amusing slogan for a Wolves poster :

There is only one amusing winner and that is ............... drum ................... roll ...................

( * Weamabigclubweam * ) !.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Jackass. At last you have seen the light.


And come next season when you lose a few I can see it now "clueless, Jackett out, out of his depth, but for now let's hear it for premier league here we come, champions league awaits blah blah blah.not so long ago many dingles described league one as a Mickey Mouse league.



oops caps lock stuck,momentarily.......just like the saddlers eh?


Good luck today from a Baggies fan. Hope we don't meet next season though, but hopefully in a few years when you reach the top flight & hopefully we will still be there.

Boing boing.


cheers ajfm, utw


Hooked one agen too easy


unlike your actual visits to the local cut,where yow dow catch nothin but a cold,eh?

Sedgley Slayer

This season could not have gone any better. Not only have we gained promotion, but we have found a great manager, a young, hungry and talented squad of players, and an excellent style of football.

Bring on next year!


P.S. 'superwestbrom' - If this is what you do on a Saturday for kicks, I feel sorry for you.


Great result! Promotion! New records!!! Well done Wolves, shame removed! Fantastic!!!


thankyou, kj,the players,the fans, the administration, bradford,sheff united.......aother clean sheet

6 points to be champions.

roll on friday. utw.


Brilliant result! We're up! Wolves did it in style! Still, job not done, so let's win the division outright.

For now, enjoy the celebrations long into the night!

We will have our challenges getting stuck-in at the Championship tier, but I am cautiously optimistic that Jackett will be shrewd in the transfer market, buying and selling, and by August we'll look the part.

Again, well done the Wolves!


billy wright boy

We are going up say we are going up


I just hope that Steve Morgan & the board have learned their lesson , and really back kj in the transfer market . I have to admit that when kj took over I was one of the negative ones. Although I did fully expect us to win promotion, I don't have the same faith / confidence he will do well in the championship. I really really hope that I am very wrong & we don't struggle next season but I do really fear for us .


Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

Well done Kenny Jackett and all of the team.

You have turned this club around and delivered first class performances in one season!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for coming through this season with such strength of character and hard work ethic.

I am so proud of my club.

Up the Wolves!