Speed cameras back in Black Country a year after switch off

Speed cameras are back in the Black Country – a year after they were switched off.

Dudley Council has unveiled five new cameras – and will pay the £15,000 bill for installation and maintenance.

The cameras are positioned in Stourbridge, Gornal Wood, Quarry Bank and Halesowen. It comes after fixed speed cameras in the West Midlands were turned off last year in a cost-cutting move.

But today, council chiefs said they had put new cameras in place in response to ‘long-standing requests’ from communities.

One of the new cameras is on a 50mph stretch of the Manor Way dual carriageway in Halesowen, where Tipton motorcyclist Nick Foster died in a crash last June.

John Millar, Dudley Council’s director for urban environment, said: “The new units at Thorns Road, Quarry Bank; Manor Way, Halesowen; Coopers Bank Road, Gornal Wood; Oldnall Road, Stourbridge and Grange Road, Stourbridge, are in response to long-standing requests from the community for speeding deterrents.

“The units cost around £3,000 each to install and maintain set against 2014 Department for Transport figures which show the average cost of a serious accident is more than £210,000.”

He said West Midlands Police would continue to deal with enforcement. The cameras were all introduced within the past two weeks.

There are 305 cameras across the West Midlands. Last April, the 73 remaining active cameras were switched off by the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership.

The decision was made after West Midlands Police said it could no longer afford the £1m a year running costs due to budget cuts. Instead, the number of mobile van cameras on the region’s roads doubled to four.

But concerns continued to be raised about the speed of drivers in areas such as Manor Way. Members from Halesowen Athletics and Cycling Club voiced worries over the dangers of trying to pull out and cross the road.

Insp Dez Lambert, from Dudley Police, today

said: “We have long been aware of the speed of some motorists coming down Manor Way from the motorway. If the new camera reduces casualties on the road we, of course, welcome it.”

Sgt Martin Hall, of Halesowen North neighbourhood team, regularly runs speed checks on the road, catching drivers going at speeds of up to 82mph on a 40mph stretch.

He said: “We have already noticed the speed camera helping to reduce the speed of cars on the road.”

Walsall and Sandwell councils have no current plans to install their own cameras.

The move by Dudley Council comes as Birmingham and Solihull councils draw up a trial scheme for 12 fixed cameras.

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Comments for: "Speed cameras back in Black Country a year after switch off"


I'm pretty sure you wont need a speed Camera on Manor way. You can barely get over 5mph on it.

What's the worst that can happen !

Just a revenue raising scheme.

Keep milking the motorist.

Dudley council can find money for this, but cannot afford to put improvements / traffic lights on the Cinder Bank island at the top of Peatree Lane, where accidents and near misses occur multiple times per day.

Councils don't want to cut speeding, they want the money so that they can squander that on more fancy follies.

Ask the council for information about accidents numbers at a spot where cameras are installed and they cannot provide it.


They can't afford to repair potholes,but they can implement speed cameras.

One saves lives,one brings in revenue.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

With you there Goughy too!

Mrs Ivy Trellis

"But today, council chiefs said they had put new cameras in place in response to ‘long-standing requests’ from communities."

Precisely, which 'Communities,' from where, and under what assessment? Who 'Specifically' made the decision to reactivate the old ones, and install new ones? - Or does this mean another tiresome FOI Request? - Resulting in delayed and redacted information, due to 'Commercial Implications?' - 'Because the Police wanted it back in place,' is the most probable answer! Not to mention a 'Profit Making Revenue Stream' that can be sub-contracted.

"The decision was made after West Midlands Police said it could no longer afford the £1m a year running costs due to budget cuts. Instead, the number of mobile van cameras on the region’s roads doubled to four."

Ah Ha! - The Police were using the old cameras and getting the film developed at 'Boots!' (That is what you are supposed to believe.) In other countries, you get an SMS Message a few seconds after you have been caught on Camera!

Part of the "£1m a year running costs" would be for the regular 'Calibration' of the cameras. Without proof of Recommended Calibration Intervals, all Prosecutions from such cameras are invalid!

And why do they need this 'Second Layer' of Surveillance? Most vehicles passing through Urban Areas in the UK are monitored using ANPR Cameras. The old 'GATSO Speed Cameras' are almost redundant! - Probably there, to allay fears that 'Constant Monitoring' and 'ANPR' are the stuff of 'Conspiracy Theorists' and do not exist! - Think again!

It should be reassuring to note that various divisions of the 'Police Force' (It has become more of a 'Military Force' rather than being a 'Service') are communicating, collaborating, and coordinating with each other! - But, not to prevent Crime, more to do with 'Revenue!'

As a member of Halesowen Athletics & Cycling Club based on Manor Way I absolutely applaud this decision.

Manor Way is an extremely dangerous stretch of road that resembles a race track at the best of times. You take your life into your own hands trying to cross it or cycle along it. The accident stats from the road over the last few years makes pretty grim reading.

Every time there has been a speed trap put on the road by the police they have caught a fair few breaking the limit (read the court circulars), so hopefully a permanent solution such as this will resolve the problem once and for all, and to make those who feel they can speed along Manor Way - think again!


Here we go again, people moaning these are only generators of revenue.

Wrong, they only generate revenue by fining the drivers who break the law by exceeding the roads speed limit. Therefore, if every driver didn't break the speed limit these cameras wouldn't generate any revenue. There are certain roads were drivers constantly exceed the speed limit and Manor Way is one of those. If you look at old magistrate cases there are numerous instances of people being fined on that particular road.

It's quite simple, follow the speed limit and you've no need to worry.


If you don't want to be fined for speeding the answer is under your foot. There are numerous signs informing people of the speed limit and that there are camera's so can't see what makes people so against them. I qualified many years ago and having worked in A&E for more years than I care to remember my message is simple try dealing with the consequences of speeding you might just change your mind.


If speed cameras worked then there would be zero revenue from them..When you consider this news article


It is clear road safety is not on the agenda, just purely making more money out of the citizens who register their cars.

No one wants any one to be in an accident, but maybe get the police back on the streets instead of a yellow box.

Maybe we should all send a FOI request for the minutes of all these meeting with the self appointed community leaders who wanted these devices, as I very much doubt they hold any water..

Dudley council being it's usual backhanded self...

W C Boggs

There are so many illegal number plates around now (my neighbour is sporting one) that I doubt the effectiveness of speed cameras anyway.


And foreign plates, that may not (be careful) be registered in this country so they can do what speed they like, and park where they like without getting done !


As already said, it only makes money for councils if you are a speeder. Simple don't really: don't speed


I don't care what anyone says they are there for money and no other reason, vehicles equals cash cows ! The reason they are putting them back on even though they said "it wasn't affordable" to update the old one's is the cash has stopped rolling in simple ! May I add I don't condone speeding just sensible driving in the right areas.


Speed cameras have always been,and always will be just another revenue earner,they are a total waste of time as they only monitor a small section of the road,drivers just slow down for that small patch of tarmac,then speed up again,average speed cameras are far more efficient,but this constant war on the motorist has got out of hand.

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