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And pigs fly, the tooth fairy is real and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


And don't forget the Easter bunny


Woopy doo ! If the roads were looked after properly as they should be i.e PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE there would be no need for blitzing them. I don't know what councils are going to blame when global warming takes hold, we haven't had any snow and no severe frosts this winter but heavy rains so they blame that, why don't they introduce a system where if a pot hole is spotted by one of their employees whilst going round in their vans doing whatever (there is enough of them) they can report it, that would reduce them quickly oh sorry I forgot that's not their job ! P.S and the street lights which are stuck on !

Annie Bro

And the PRE-ELECTION 'good'news just keeps on coming! Timely or what?

I take it the one in Tettenhall High street, flagged up & reported to the Council two weeks ago,still not repaired ,despite it's dangerous state ( cyclists in particular), should not be mentioned for fear of being a called 'party pooper'!

What's the worst that can happen !

What the report should then say is that the day after they were fixed, the crumble mix they used had come out again and the hole needed to be fixed again.

The councils must have a good deal on crumble mix as Dudley and South Staffs use the same stuff.

Still, keeps them busy !!


Of course they were! If it says it on the paperwork it must be true, brilliant thing paper work.

PJW Holland

If they are so concerned about road safety why do they insist on constructing deliberate obstructions that distract driver attention from what he/she should be concentrating on. These obstructions are a major cause of potholes, by the way. They also cause damage to the suspension of the vehicles crossing them which results in accidents elsewhere.

Yes... sleeping policemen... humps. The dangerous illegal instrument of the pedestrian road planner.

Annie Bro

Again, wishing not to p. on the parade but, but.....

Me daughter works at West Park Hospital and tells the tail from last week of a crew from the council fixing a pothole by a BT box on the corner of Connaught Rd; They spent over 4hrs repairing a patch 8" wide by 36" long; three guys and a big pick-up truck(very new and clean btw! ) & full of expensive new gear; So that's wasteful enough, maybe £300.00 for that repair alone, but the best is yet to come, they spent the rest of the day,( 3hrs), sitting in the truck parked on Connaught Rd!

Imagine if a) they actually took 2hrs ( reasonable time) to fix a small void ( 0.225m2) instead of 4hrs, b) did not sit around doing nowt for 3 more hrs c) why 3 workers? One would be enough surely? The amount of repairs they could actually do; Me thinks the contracts rather favour the Contractor, don't you?

A least it wasn't what's called 'Pre-mix', bags of repair bitmac that lasts a few days at most before it degrades, which I suspect the gleeful headline of the article refers, not a proper repair at the rate of (example above) £1000/m"!


Where have my earlier comments gone ? I have noticed that sometimes the comments get posted then get removed, no wonder people have stopped commenting on these pages since you have changed the way you have to sign in and comment, DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKEN !

Annie Bro

Middley; welcome to the club!

I suspect those we critisize either have friends at our local rag to ' censor' critical posts &/or they have people monitoring the papers' websites & when they see something they don't like/is critical, they fill in the 'report abuse' form to get it removed, &/or gang up under pseudonyms to attack certain posts/posters?

I'm surprised you & others haven't noticed this behaviour before?


It's funny then that I seem to have to avoid around 3,328 potholes when riding my bike across the city.

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