Two Wolverhampton tips to cut hours during the summer

Two recycling centres will be closed two days a week during the summer as part of a review of opening times as a cash-strapped council bids to cut its costs.

Queues at Shaw Road refuse tip in Wolverhampton.
Queues at Shaw Road refuse tip in Wolverhampton.

The centres in Wolverhampton will continue with their winter opening hours while council bosses decide on new opening times.

And there are fears that it will lead to job loses.

From October to March, the centres in Anchor Lane, Lanesfield and Shaw Road in Bushbury, cut back on opening hourse due to the dark winter nights and poor weather.

But it was announced today that those opening hours would continue throughout the summer as Wolverhampton City Council conduct a review.

The Lanesfield centre will close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while the Bushbury tip will close on Thursdays and Fridays.

Weekend opening times stay the same, but midweek, the centres will close at 6pm instead of 8pm.

Paul Brown, a spokesman for Wolverhampton City Council, said: “We are continuing to operate winter opening hours at the two household waste recycling centres while we complete a review of summer opening hours to ensure that they meet customer demand.”

The decision has been branded ludicrous by opposition councillors, who said it could lead to more fly-tipping in the city.

Bushbury North Councillor Neville Patten said: "My view on this is I don't see why they should shut for two days during the winter in the first place.

"If it stays that way people could lose their job.

"There are a lot of people, especially in my area, who were taking their rubbish to the tip during the winter but having to bring it back because it was closed.

"This is a council that has supposedly won awards for their recycling.

"They should have another look at what they are doing because there will be extra fly-tipping if this is the case."

Wendy Thompson, city councillor for Tettenhall Wightwick, said: "We have residents who do a lot of gardening and the tip is extremely useful.

"For people that are working it is going to be very unhelpful. Council tax is rising in Wolverhampton and people are getting reduced services.

"I already have plenty of people complaining to me about the centres anyway."

It was announced earlier this year that 31 recycling sites in the city would be closed as part of the £123 million savings the council needs to make.

All 31 of the so-called ‘bring sites’ currently located outside pubs, supermarkets, shops and other public premises were scrapped on March 31.

Council bosses said the move would help save £110,000.

They said the recycling bins, many of which have been in place since the 1990s, are underused and have become ‘redundant’ thanks to kerbside recycling.


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Comments for: "Two Wolverhampton tips to cut hours during the summer"


Brilliant, we have to suffer more reduction is service while the councilors are still getting they expenses and pension contributions.

How much would be saved by them NOT claiming expenses and perhaps even reducing their pensions. Put it back into the city. Civic duty does not exist anymore, career politicians who don't know how to run a bath, let alone a city!

Bet this does not affect any of the councilors.

What's the worst that can happen !

What a genius idea !

And how much will it cost the council to remove all of the fly tipped rubbish ?


SUPRISE , SUPRISE Fly tipping increases in Wolverhampton over the summer months due to cut in tip opening hours.

SUPRISE , SUPRISE Fly tipping costs more to clean up than keeping tip open on full hours.

You wonder why wolverhampton are BANKRUPT


It is ridiculous to cut these or any tip's April - September opening hours when we all know that folk tend to use these facilities more. If fly tippers ever wanted an excuse for what they do then this will be it.

I have always thought that if there were no charge for rubbish disposal (as long as it is at a properly licenced tip) then maybe there would not be so much fly tipping.

They could find it might work out cheaper not to have to fund the resources to find the culprits or clean up fly tipping sites.


So to save money the environment now has to suffer. You can see there will be more fly tipping, which will then cost the tax payer more money to clean up.

The council bosses are thick, cuts like these are not tangible, it will just shift the bill elsewhere.


How stupid of the council we will have rubbish dumped everywhere, it really does not surprise me that this stupid council come up with idea's like this, Just get rid of 10 so called top Managers and that will pay for tips to extend their existing hours let alone shorten them

Yet another stupid idea, they save the Central Baths used by less than 6000 people and Bantock House again used by insufficient numbers of people to keep it going. They do not understand and then they make a big song and dance about saving £110,000 by reducing a service that a huge number of people use. Who is running this City because they appear to not understand the meaning of the word austerity, they spent millions of pounds more this year than last. I expect they are waiting for the money tree they planted last year to bear fruit.

Ricky Tee

Ricky Tee

lets change the situation then! #itsourwolverhampton


Blaming fly-tipping on the tip closing before 8pm is ridiculous. The kind of people who dump their rubbish in fields have no intention whatsoever of going to the tip.

Down here, the tip closes at 4.30pm Mon-Sat and 2pm on Sundays, so I thought Wolverhampton's hours were pretty good!


Dear Council - look at the above. Not rocket science is it?

Ricky Tee

Wendy Thompson, city councillor for Tettenhall Wightwick, said: "We have residents who do a lot of gardening and the tip is extremely useful.

Why not try composting ???

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