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This is excellent news!

Hit those people who like to read and obtain information or study. Or those who have to search for jobs as part of the Govt demands to keep Job Seekers Allowance. If you can not seek, you can not find!

Hence you get nowhere


All you people affected and disgusted at these cuts, make a stand and tell your MP enough is enough!

The Govt cuts are the cause and Wolverhampton's demise is the effect.

Get in touch with Mr Uppal and tell him, wherever he is, that he is out of office next time in 2015.

Ask him if he will like being made into a non-worker. He could be that already, I do not know

Tell him

Do it, Do it now and until 2015, so he and the rest of the Tory toffs get the message

Get on a roll all you readers.

We, the people, can Make a Difference - we will with your help!

Make a change happen


This latest Labour attack on the working classes is appalling. how low can Labour get?

Will they sack a single well paid manager NO

Will they stop spending on political jokes NO

Will they accept they have failed NO

Labour Sack 51 librarians who do excellent community work for a pittance and at the same time fund a team go on a all expenses jolly to India and spend £millions on a new Kremlin

Labour doesn’t care one jot about the workers, down on George Orwell's Animal Farm