Unlucky Wolves fan receives team shirt with upside-down logo... And an upside-down letter of apology

One unlucky Wolves fan has been left scratching his head after his Wolves home shirt arrived with the badge sewed on upside down.

Richard Gough should have been smiling when he tried on his new shirt but instead his grin was turned upside down when he noticed the badge was on the wrong way.

But the club have put things right by sending him a letter - also written upside down.

Pictures of the shirt and the letter have been retweeted thousands of times since last night.

Mr Gough, who is originally from Cannock but now lives in Macclesfield, said: "When I first got the shirt I didn't notice it because I had got one for my daughter so put hers on her first.

"I took mine off and then tried it on a bit later, and I was about to send a snapchat to one of my mates.

"I noticed it was upside down but thought it was because I was taking a selfie in a mirror but when I looked at it, it was looking back at me."

Wolves tweeted Mr Gough to show him the humorous letter they were about to send out to him.

He said: "I haven't actually had it sent out to me yet, but when I saw it, I did find it quite funny.

"I've got auto-rotate on my phone so when I looked at the picture it turned the wrong way again, so I turned my phone back and it went upside again.

"It was pretty funny, I had to turn it off to read it."

The letter shows the paper with the Wolves masthead at the top, but with the words printed on upside down.

Written by Wolves' Head of Communications Matt Grayson, it reads: "Although we've been riding on the crest of a wave recently, in terms of results, we pride ourselves on the quality of our shirts and we certainly don't get a badge of honour on this occasion."

The letter offers the fan a free ticket to the clash against Shrewsbury, and also the chance to meet the players to get the infamous shirt signed.

It also points out things aren't always bad when they are upside down.

"The world can sometimes look better upside down - least year's league table being one example," the letter reads.

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Comments for: "Unlucky Wolves fan receives team shirt with upside-down logo... And an upside-down letter of apology"


My advice to Mr Gough is get the shirt signed by the players and put it away in a drawer along with the letter to show provenance. At some point in the future it will increase in value.


If its a one-off, ide say hes lucky, a collectors item.


Hang on to them both Richard, they'll be worth a packet one day. Great to see the club matches the occasion. Well done Wulfies, see ya soon for your annual hammering.

Good job he doesn't support your lot Cyril, He would have got a dozen free tickets.


Mr. Nemo. We are a very generous club at WBA, I do agree. Especially when we make the rare error.


when you took the selfie why would you think the mirror had turned the badge upside down when the rest of you was still the right way up ?

Captain Mardon International

I was just about the type the same thing.


Need you really ask why he thought this?


Seems like Matt Grayson has a good sense of humour, the upside down letter was inspired :D


Looking at things upside down has i am sure appealed to Wolves fans in the past. The fact they are top of some obscure division means this is not so this year. Old habits die hard i suppose


are you too embarrassed to go on your own site sorry your a sandwell town fan you haven't not got one.


My old mucka bazza. Original as ever i see


Mildly amusing!!


On a par with the lack of socks I'd say! :o)



Or the seats at the Moulinex - they're the wrong way round as they're facing the pitch ; )

Stearmans overhead kick

Who told you that one Max Miller?


The new badge looks a little like a transformer and you are at the very beginnings of transforming into something that resembles a football team . So perhaps it is rather apt.


I'd salute you for your wit, sir, but you'd probably want me to do it with a quenelle,


In which case i will not recognise it, then when told i should be, be offended by it.


You'd never catch a Wolves player doing that, lad. Good people at our club. Young, hungry, packed with potential. No five match bans over nonsense at the Golden Palace. Just upward, upward, ever upward momentum. Which, again, is a bit like an upside down version of something - namely, Thuh Baggayz!


And if they did the likelihood is that lack of television coverage means it would not be seen anyway. They may all be doing it every week who knows?


Pete, yow'm yampy !


maybe its an omen that they will soon be transported to play in an Australian minor league.


I've just watched this as a news item on TV in Vietnam. Needless to say, I'd no idea what it was about until I checked here. The feature showed the offending shirt, letter and a still of Sako bearing down on the goal, all with commentary in Vietnamese. Nice one!

Lobo para siempre

I hope the ticket was printed the right way up!!!

Stearmans overhead kick

Cyril ,Don't know about the annual or the hammering ? We have not played each other for a few year sand past few games have been tighter than an hammering.Yes, both teams both deserve to be in the championship next season.As for being generous Albion have to be they are struggling to put bums on seats and I mean bums in more ways than one. Should change your post name to daft baggie or something I mean Cyril? Honestly.


"past few games have been tighter than a hammering". What do you call 5-1, which I believe was the result the last time we played?

Stearmans overhead kick

Is that an annual hammering ?


It's not "annual" due to obvious reasons!!!

Stearmans overhead kick

Goodnight dafter baggie and put daft baggie Cyril to bed while your at it.

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