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here we go again! - change the record Labour, you are as usual playing the blame game and accusing the Government of the day (unless I must admit they are pretty useless themselves) for the cuts yopu are having to inflict. Actually it is years of Labour's profligate spending on wasteful pet schemes schemes such as the so-called "fountain" in Queen Square, which is mostly used for kids having a wash and other sllighly dubious activities.

How much did that cost Mr Lawrence? I bet the figure you wasted would have saved at least 10 jobs today! This feature does nothing to improve the City Centre, might as well not have bothered! City centre's bereft of any decent department stores with the exceptionof House of Fraser, and I did wonder how long this will be open. Dont winge now just accept your fate, although of course, it is not the likes of Mr L:awrence and Mr Johnson who are going to lose their jobs is it? never mind, looks like the plans for doing up the Civic Centre will now have to be rubbished!

Wasteful Labour Council blaming Government cuts - who would they blame if that wasnt the reason? I wonder.

Blue Boy

2000 people face losing their jobs but only a dozen or so people demonstrating at the Civic - if they don't care why should we?


Introducing Sunday parking charges perhaps. Typical. Tell you what councillors ... you can stick your town centre


Any chance of a commemorative DVD of all the local council budget cut meetings being made available so that those of us too busy to be able to attend can enjoy them too?


A|ll these cuts and new apprentices start on Monday?

Come on council - WAKE UP - reduce the number of Councillors per ward - that will save a lot!

You make staff redundant - now make a third of staff redundant - may I suggest Mr. Lawrence & the Mayor to start with?

Stop blaming Cameron the millionaire - do something positive RESIGN!!!!!! (and take him with you)


Number of councillors reduced = ZERO.

Amount of councillors allowances reduced = ZERO.

Number of senior council employees salary reductions = ZERO

Council employees increase in pension contributions = ZERO

They are laughing all the way to the bank......and probably the COOP ! That other superbly run Labour Party affiliated organisation.

They used to say that the Labour Party owed more to Methodism than Marxism. Now it owes more to ketamine, cocaine and never-held-a proper-job-in-their lives people.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is in his counting house counting his millions.

Alistair Campbell is not drawing up another dodgy dossier, though he is probably writing another book making him millions saying how he did not write the first dodgy dossier.

Harman. Hewitt and Dromey deny aiding the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Otherwise all's well that ends.......

Pity the latest asteroid sped by and missed the town hall when they were all meeting.


I bet the Grand Theatre are worried.

No need for a Pantomime this year we already have one in the Kremlin

Where's all the money gone boys and girls?

It's behind you.

Oh no it's not.

Oh no it's actually not.

Quick start rubbing that lamp and planting the magic beans.

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